Reflection Canyon by Yanbing Shi on Flickr.

Reflection canyon is a remote side canyon of Lake Powell. And I believe it was Michael Melford’s awarded photo collection "A Dry Red Season" (taken in 2005, and initially published on National Geographic Magazine in April 2006) that revealed this incredible landscape to public. Fascinated by Michael’s pioneer work, many photographers and outdoor enthusiasts started to search the route to the view point he reached – a few of them succeeded indeed. However, the water level increased significantly since 2005, and the rock fins forming the stunning curves, regarding as the unique feature of the canyon, were partly submerged. Until this spring, the water level finally dropped down below 3600’, and the spectacle captured by Michael was expected to be shown again. After 2-hour drive on the Hole-in-the-Rock Rd before sunrise, I started the 16-mile round-trip day hike over rough pathless terrain, with the company of my two friends. Following the contours indicated by GPS, we tried to stay at the same height as long as possible, and crossed or walked around a few deep washes and canyons. We arrived at the view point right before noon. However, the entire sky was covered by storm clouds at that time. Let alone the lack-of-contrast canyon, we were more worried about possible flash flood that may cause the Hole-in-the-Rock Rd impassable. After waiting anxiously for an hour, miracles finally happened in front of us — the sky cleared up, the wind stopped, the sun broke through clouds and created speechlessly stunning reflection in the water! Such a spectacular scene of Reflection Canyon was NEVER shown by any photo before. So grateful that Mother Nature chose us as the witnesses!reflection-canyon-by-yanbing-shi/