Album Review: Cantoo


Cantoo’s debut, self-titled album released earlier this year is an amazing throwback to 60’s harmonies (similar to The Zombies, Simon & Garfunkle, etc.) mixed in with a twist of dark and foreboding synth.

The band features singer Aaron Parker (not the country singer), his wife Giselle Parker, Tim Batke and Brock Tyler. Both Aaron and Giselle Parker have amazing voices which create an eerie male/female harmony that suits the albums theme that “love is a really messed up thing” (see Aaron Parker’s interview with blogger of The Low Level Hum). The instrumental component of the bad is great as well, which gives the album the whole package! Harmonies, great synth and guitar, and painful ennui about love. Who could ask for more?

Go ahead, check them out.

Top Tracks: Ivory Eyes, He’s Our Man, Alabaster, I Want to Sing

Rating: 4.5/5


COLOUR & TEXTURE AT THE WINDOW: At the new Kettering Buccleuch Academy designers at Cantoo created a bold suspended feature on a simple drop wire system behind a large glazed facade.  Featuring a strong colour palette the designers worked with 3form Varia Textures to create a visually engaging and tactile design with surfaces and constructed reliefs that refract and reflect light with dramatic dimensional effect.

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  • Cantoo

Cantoo- Cantoo

Cantoo is a brand new band from Canada, debuting with this self titled album.  With a hint of a vintage and sporting a psychedelic sound, Cantoo mixes a variety of styles to create something entirely new.  Vocals throughout the album reminisce upon the 60’s but then a funky and futuristic synth is thrown into the mix.  Highlights from the album include tracks titled “Do The Worm,” and “January Smiles,” for their intriguing vibes.  This album is great for anyone looking for a band that strays from today’s trends and isn’t afraid to risk it all in the name of bringing something new to the table. With this said, I do believe that the risks taken have paid off for Cantoo, as this album is truly delectable. 

-Kayla Morgan

AA HSC BS PD Day 2012

Thanks to all who attended the Academic Attainment HSC Business Studies Teacher Professional Development Day (Day 1 of 2) at Petersham today. I know we will be talking about the rain this morning for the next month, but it really was a torrential downpour - so even more impressed with folks who braved 2 hrs in the car to attend!

Quite a chunk of the presentation materials can be found here.

I will work on posting some of the video links over the next few days that I referred to in my presentations.

Today I LOVED hearing from Annie Crawford - founder and director of CanToo! What an amazing women (perfect given it is International Womens Day!).

I also LOVED hearing from Georgette Dalla (legend!!!) about the PBL approach (based on Republic Polytechnic in Singapore) to learning that has been implemented at Parramatta Marist High School and how she is doing it in Business Studies - amazing and exciting stuff happening there. They also have a seminar day with the US folks on Project Based Learning coming up.