Here’s my dodgy Cantonese version of Sakura’s chapter 693 confession ><

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Lay speaking Cantonese
  • Lay speaking Cantonese
  • Zhang Yixing

1.) “Hello everyone, I am Exo’s Lay. I’m very happy to be in Hong Kong. You guys are very passionate! Its very impressive! … .Do you guys wanna be our babies?. . Do you guys wanna be our babies?!?! Okay, I say “1 2 3” you guys say “I love you”…ready? 1 2 3! [Fans] “I LOVE YOU”. Whoaaa…very good very good. I love you too! Today…Today, the concert, add oil! Thank you everyone!”

2.) [Mandarin] Hi everyone, I’m Exo’s Lay! Do you want me to speak in Cantonese? [Cantonese] Today… I wanna tell everyone a secret but I’m very shy!… Do I have to say it?… Do you guys wanna hear it?! . . I really like you guys!… Okay, today, the concert, add more oil!

3.) "Exo-k . . Exo-m.  . .Which one do you like?" [the fan answered exo-m then i think lay faintly asked "who do you want?" as in member i think. I couldn’t hear over chanyeol, chen and fans]

-Add oil is a term in Chinese for encouragement, basically it’s like fighting/hwaiting or jiayou.

trans credit: @zietao

Useful Sites to Learn Cantonese

One of my friends asked if I had any useful sites for learning Cantonese, so I figured instead of just sending them to him, I would send it out to all you guys who want to learn Cantonese :) hope this helps. 

  • Two basic sites with basic vocabulary, grammar, etc. Your typical beginners sites with useful information. Here’s the first one, and here’s the second one
  • Oops, another basic site. Very neat. Here it is
  • Popup Cantonese - “Learn Cantonese with Free Cantonese Podcasts” 
  • Cantonese on Memrise because I just like Memrise that much. 
  • Digital Dialects on Cantonese Language - simple games to help your learning.
  • Disney songs on Youtube are also good too. Like this one. =] 

Happy New Year and Love You All . 

Furaha Ya Mwaka Mpya

Feliz Ano Novo


Akemashite omedetōgozaimasu

Bonne Année

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Xin Nian Kuai Le, 新年快乐 

Gong Hei Fard Choy, 恭喜发财 

새해 복 많이 받으세요 

(seh heh bok mahn ee bahd euh sae yo) 

नया साल मुबारक हो

nayā sāla mubāraka hō

Chúc mừng năm mới

Melkam Addis Amet!

Glückliches neues Jahr!

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The Cantonese version of “Love Is An Open Door” is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.