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  • Hudson:i kinda like u as much as absolum likes his pipe and how much the jabberwocky likes setting people on fire and how much the red queen likes beheading people and pigs
  • Hudson:also i have a new backpack for u

My face looks gross when i smile but i looked good tonight and i actually had a really great time. Im transferring colleges for a number of reasons, one of them definitely being that i never really found friends. But now, right at the end, i seem to have found people that are pretty nice. So leaving now is going to be kind of bittersweet, but i’m happy that i actually found a place to mesh in.

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Big sis! Is it weird I'm 36D and 13! I try to be confident and stuff but it's so hard to when ur friend are complaining about being flat and u have two big rocks on ur chest :((( sorry this isn't a question

ah i get that!! being different to your friends can suck no matter which end of the spectrum youre on - just try to remember that its totally fine that you have bigger breasts than your friends and that you look great and some of your friends will end up with similar breast sizes to yours and others never will and no matter the size its all cool and its all gorgeous so try not to worry about it, love

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Erwin hadn’t meant for the words to slip out. A feeling of regret creeped up on him and etched itself onto his countenance, his hand almost flying up to cover his mouth.

He had his eyes on the smaller man since he set foot in that store, casually traipsing through while scrutinizing the stranger. Maybe he shouldn’t have inched closer to the man, and maybe he shouldn’t have riveted his gaze to a pair of black stilettos while still in a state of awe of how tiny the man was compared to him.“I am so sorry,” Erwin apologizes, a nervous and brief laugh escaping his lips, hoping it will lighten up the atmosphere surrounding the both of them. It probably doesn’t.

Levi rolls his eyes. He would have slapped the man, but decided against it. He glances down, trying to ignore the tall blond. He was fucking pissed. How dare someone just walk up to someone he didn’t even know and call them short?

He had noticed the man’s eyes were on him since he first walked in. A lot of people stared at him as they walked in the store. He worked at a shoe store so lots of people came in. It pissed him off how many people were pining for his dick. “Sure you are,” mutters Levi, arranging a box of sneakers into another spot. He crouched down, making sure things were in order. “If you’re planning on asking; I’m not interested in dating strangers.”

satoko @ chuunin exams

satoko uses kage bunshin no jutsu and surrounds her opponent.

her opponent expects a predictable assault.

satoko starts. she stomps her feet twice and then claps.

stomp stomp clap. stomp stomp clap.

her opponent looks at her, confused and expecting a technique they’ve never seen before. 

she makes direct eye contact and starts to speak.

“buddy you’re a boy make a big noise playin’ on the street gonna be a big man some day–”

the clones join in, and the beat rises in volume.


the room shakes to the beat, and they all say at once:



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