"Tell me one thing. All those facts and figures I saw of the Doctor’s life, you were never alone. All those bright and shining companions. But not any more?" "They leave. Because they should or because they find someone else. And some of them, some of them… forget me. I suppose in the end, they break my heart."

jinki watching jongtae from afar

jinki thinking about how close they got esp since taem and jinki stopped communicating during sherlock

jinki giving jong advice when he excitedly asks for jinkis opinion on what hes writing for taem

jinki silently wishing he could compose or that taem would ask him for singing lessons

jinki not being able to speak bc of his surgery during taems first performance and only being able to jump up and down excitedly and squishie taem but not say the endless congratulations he wants but taem getting excited and distracted when someone else talks to him and being pulled away before their hug was even over

jinki shoving all of it down and smiling like a good sport so he can be the receptive supportive leader his members need when taem gets buried under a pile of proud staff hugs

jinki feelinlike a jerk bc hes not a jealous person but he feels like hes losin his maknae

jinki aching on the inside but putting himself second bc thats all he really remembers how to do

if you feel like committing suicide, please don’t. 

you are beautiful and even if you don’t feel loved, there are people who love you. 

you can make it through today, even if it’s difficult. 

things might feel like they’ll never get better, but they will!!

anyone who needs support, please reach out. 

((RIP Leelah Alcorn))

feelings are gross why do we have them.

"How can you be so pretty but then open your mouth and be so manly and cynical and annoying?"

lol you’ve made a serious mistake if you underestimate my ability to be manly and cynical and annoying