Here’s a sneak peek into the layout process for The Collected By Crom! I’m using it to lure you into a GIANT THANK YOU POST.

Firstly, to EVERYONE who has preordered the book or the pdf, to everyone who has grabbed a Vol. 1 book or pdf, to everyone who has reblogged or linked or spread the word, thank you so very much! 

Next, to everyone I met at the PCAC’s conference last week, and to all the excellent conversations on stories and media and framing devices and fan culture, and to the PCAC itself, thanks and thanks again!

And finally, to Friendship Edition who hosted By Crom at TCAF and to every single person I interacted with there, thank you! To be in the land of my heroes, and have people want to talk about Conan with me, well, that’s about as great a day as a girl can have, I think. 

So yeah! Woo! You all rock! Thanks so much!

Tomorrow: ANOTHER COMIC. And then a giant news post about what’s coming up next for By Crom.

(just a hint - it’s VanCAF!)


Barenaked Ladies - “Odds Are”. It is just seems to be this kind of day today.

Photos by Lindsey Byrnes.

Heartthrobs: Canadian sister act Tegan and Sara provide this year’s summer soundtrack with new album

By Brianna Davidson, The Big Issue Australia

Tegan and Sara Quin have long had a cult following, a troupe of admirers that has swollen both in numbers and devotion with every album released since their 1999 debut, Under Feet like Ours. Yet, after 14 years in the business, it seems the Canadian 32-year-old twin sisters have just chipped a hole in the shell of the mainstream commercial audience.

The duo released their seventh studio album in January and it has been incredibly well received. Reviewer Marc Burrows declared it a “thumping good pop record” in UK webzine (web magazine) Drowned in Sound. And there have been similarly glowing epithets in NME and Rolling Stone. Co-produced with Greg Kurstin (Pink, Lily Allen, Ke$ha), Heartthrob is a 36-minute confession peppered with shiny synths, seamless call-and-responses and traces of Cyndi Lauper and Robyn.

There’s a sense of cautious optimism about some of the tracks on Heartthrob; others make you want to lie on your tummy on your bedroom floor and read every journal entry you wrote in Grade 9. But somehow there’s a cohesiveness to Heartthrob, too, a thread that weaves through all of Tegan and Sara’s albums.

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