Alex Henley || Eighteen || FC: Sam Jackson || OPEN

Alex Henley is someone who has always literally - lived by the roll of a dice. Promiscuous, troublemaking, but a good friend, it was by pure chance that he became friends with Liv in the first place. And though she needed him to help her cope with Grace’s death, chance eventually lead to him running away to Thailand and leaving everything behind him. He didn’t have his grandmother anymore, he didn’t care what his dad thought - he just went where the wind took him. After a few months of sleeping around, couch hopping, gambling, and generally getting into trouble, it’s another roll of the dice telling him to come home, to make sure that the friends he left behind are coping well without him being there.

  • He decided to go to Thailand through a roll of his dice.
  • He never had anywhere to stay while he was there, just relying on the kindness of guys he slept with, or friends he’s made.
  • He texts Liv every morning with a joke, and texts her her address every night just in case she’s too drunk to tell it to a cab driver.
  • He’s back in Bristol, for how long or what he wants to do with his life, he has no idea.

PETER PAN is known in the small town of Storybrooke as MALCOLM ROBERTS. He appears to be around 18 years old and looks a lot like ROBBIE KAY. He is OPEN. 

Peter Pan isn’t all he seems. In truth, he’s the father of Rumpelstiltskin, who traded his boy for that of eternal youth once the two of them arrived on Neverland. And he possesses all the powers of the island, for he has all the knowledge of the island; he’s had years upon years to learn its secrets. He doesn’t age, as is the power of Neverland, and he gathers to him the Lost Boys—boys who have longed for freedom and adventure and thus have found their way to Neverland through the Shadow, and Pan’s flute. 

While on Neverland, he reigns supreme as basically the king of the island; no one leaves without his permission, etc. It is during this time that Regina casts the curse… 

And Malcolm Roberts is born. 

Malcolm Roberts is a troublesome lad. He’s an orphaned boy that refuses to grow up and take responsibility for his actions, always blaming them on the guy or girl next to him. He didn’t know his parents; he was abandoned outside the hospital, and he tends to lash out when people try and show him kindness, expecting they want something from him. Because that’s what he’s learned from the world; no one gives anything away for free—unless you take it from them. 


PETER HALE is 34, an individual of the BETA variety, and often gets annoyed at being mistaken for IAN BOHEN[OPEN]

"Even the devil was once an angel."

Peter Hale had always known what was “right” and what was “wrong.” He just didn’t care. From an early age, it was clear that his interests were purely selfish, and that when he helped, it was only in ways that would serve his own purposes. He lived in an area of gray that he had no intention of leaving. Why would he, when everything he wanted he eventually got? His only setback was not of his own doing—a fire that destroyed half of his body, leaving him helpless and alone for years to come. Slowly, slowly, he healed himself, putting his body back together piece by piece, living in agonizing pain that consumed him as he tried to return to what he’d once been. And if along the way he had to kill his niece, well, okay. He needed the power of the Alpha, just like he needed a pack. Strength was all that he sought, so if a few teenagers got in the way, he could just remove them. Or add them to his pack. Until his plan went awry, and he was once again burned to a crisp before his nephew killed him. But that was only temporary. It wasn’t like Peter was stupid; he’d had a back-up all along in Lydia. Her immunity was his salvation, and it only took a little manipulation to put him back on the living side of the universe again. Just in time, too, it would seem, as he was a key role in stopping the kanima.

Peter’s plan is known only to Peter. But for right now, the pack is his safety net as the Alphas close in. Numbers mean strength, especially to a wolf, and Peter knows he’s going to need all the strength he can muster.

✵ Peter has connections to Derek Hale, his Alpha and Nephew; Erica Reyes, his Pack Member; Isaac Lahey, his Pack Memberand Vernon Boyd, his Pack Member

Fortunately, Peter is cunning, strong, and confident.
Unfortunately, Peter is untrustworthy, changeable, and selfish.

Pavel A. Chekov | 18 [Human] | Navigator | TAKEN | Anton Yelchin

 Bright, Positive, Imaginative

 Inexperienced, Immature, Gullible


Born in Tagnarog, Russia on Earth, Pavel Chekov also spent a few years living in the Luna colony of Mare Imbrium. A child prodigy, he graduated Moscow State University at 15 and enlisted in Starfleet that same year. He was the second youngest freshman to ever join the academy. The teenager never fail to show his talents in the academy, excelling in all his studies and graduating Starfleet Academy at 17.

He was assigned aboard the Enterprise as the navigator when Vulcan was in need. Although the youngest on the ship, Chekov proved his prowess when he quickly was able to figure out a formula to save both Kirk and Sulu while they were free-falling on Vulcan.

Once the Romulan that threatened the Federations was defeated, the navigator remained on the Enterprise, often shadowing Scotty in engineering. When Scotty resigned from the ship, Kirk promoted Chekov to chief engineer. However, as soon as the Scotsman returned aboard, Chekov gladly returned to his old position, preferring his place and company on the bridge.

He is considerably close to Hikaru SuluMontgomery Scott, and Daniel Hadley


Maxxie Oliver || Twenty Two || FC: Mitch Hewer || OPEN

Maxxie Oliver has always been well-liked and well-adjusted; it’s just always been in his nature. That’s probably why adapting to a life in London was so easy for him. Naturally, Maxxie melted into the lifestyle of a Londoner, and of course, he became very familiar with the gay night life. In all honesty, things just kept going the right way for Maxxie. He got an agent in London, landing himself a few parts and adverts - Really, he was heading in the right direction to make it big. So, it was a bit of a surprise when everything came to a sudden halt; especially when it was voluntary. Although Maxxie had always wanted this, he’d worked his ass off for it, when he was finally getting there… it felt empty, unrewarding. He began to think about it, the night life, the shows; it was all empty. He tried to remember the times in his life where he felt truly rewarded, where he felt good, like had accomplished something. He found himself recalling the times he had spent with the youth in Bristol, offering them advice and guidance. It was in remembering the youth in Bristol when something stirred in Maxxie. He remembered how he and others like him were treated, and he knew it was time to change that. So he decided to go back to where it all started, where his story began. He was going to go back, and Maxxie Oliver was going to make it right.

  • Maxxie had a successful career in London but decided to return to Bristol for personal matters.
  • He has now created a Gay-Straight alliance youth group.
  • Owns a small rundown dance studio in Bristol.
  • Is a better person than you.


THE TRUEST BELIEVER is known in the small town of Storybrooke as HENRY MILLS. He is around 11 years old and looks a lot like JARED GILMORE. He is OPEN. 

Henry Mills is the adoptive son of Regina Mills, but was born to Emma Swan. His father is Neal Cassidy, or Baelfire. Regina adopted Henry when he was but a baby, and he grew up thinking he was normal for a time, until he realized he was aging and changing while no one else was. He was down and sad, and Miss Blanchard gave him a book of fairy tales, thus spawning Henry’s belief that the town of Storybrooke was filled with fairy tale characters all under a curse, and his birth mother, Emma, was the Savior. 

It was Henry’s unwavering belief in this idea that ultimately led to Emma’s own transformation and seeing the truth. It was his belief in her, in the curse itself, that led him to eat a poisoned apple turnover and voluntarily enter the sleeping curse to save Emma, and thereby get her to believe. She saved him with True Love’s Kiss. 


DEREK HALE is 24, an individual of the ALPHA variety, and often gets annoyed at being mistaken for TYLER HOECHLIN. [OPEN]

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Born into a pack of wolves, Derek grew up on close relationships, trust, and love. He was nurtured into a very caring boy, eager to please and ready to help. He wore his heart on his sleeve, wishing well to all who touched his life. So it was no surprise when Kate Argent was able to pluck that heart up to play with as she pleased. Derek fell for her instantly, believing in her kindness and her sincerity, trusting her, growing to love her, even. And if at times she seemed more distant than he liked, it was okay, because he would do anything to make her happy. It wasn’t until too late that the only thing that he realized what made her happy was his destruction. After everything he’d given her, everything he did for her, she used it all as the kindling to start a fire that would take everything from him. She burned his house to the ground, with those he loved inside of it, and she did it with a smile on her face. Forced to run, Derek took off to New York with his sister, leaving the shattered remains of his heart in Beacon Hills and swearing never to love again. It wasn’t until his sister’s death that he returned to his hometown, reigniting a war with the Argents and then his own uncle. Staying has caused him to have to battle hunters, family, and, worst of all, teenagers. But it’s also given him the power of an Alpha, and a new pack.

After defeating Jackson, Derek thought that their troubles would be over. But it seems he isn’t the only Alpha in town anymore. A whole pack of them is on the move to Beacon Hills, and Derek knows that it’s in his hands to take care of them and keep his pack protected. But as he deals with outside forces, the internal ones don’t get any better. He’s still struggling to be a good leader for his pack, a strong Alpha that they can follow. But self-doubt is ever looming and he doesn’t know if he can handle it as well as he thought he might. Only time will tell.

✵ Derek has connections to Erica Reyes, his Pack Member; Isaac Lahey, his Pack Member; Vernon Boyd, his Pack Member; and Peter Hale, his Pack Member & Uncle

Fortunately, Derek is strong, decisive, and straightforward.
Unfortunately, Derek is distrustful, temperamental, and ill-mannered.


Charlie - 16 years old - Sophmore - Straight - The Wallflower - Closed

Charlie has always been an outsider.  After the tragic suicide of his best and only friend the year prior, he was left with no choice but to begin his high school career alone.  Despite his lack of friendships with his peers, he has an incredible bond with his family, including his older brother, Chris, and his older sister, Candace.  Charlie is the boy that would rather observe than participate and would rather spend the night reading a book and writing his own story on his typewriter than being at a school dance.  However, shortly after the start of the school year, he meets two senior stepsiblings, Sam and Patrick, who take him under their wings and show him that everyone in their own way is a bit of a wallflower. Now that he’s survived his freshman year, Patrick and Sam are still keeping an eye on him, their friendship still growing strong. Charlie might even have a chance with Sam.


James Cook || Twenty || FC: Jack O’Connell || OPEN

As aggressive and arrogant as James Cook can be, it’s his loyalty to his friends that shines out above the rest. Namely, his three musketeers. So when Cook discovered Freddie’s blood stained clothes in John Foster’s home, and was goaded into attack, he saw red, and beat the man continuously until he was dead. And then he ran as fast and as far away from Bristol as he could, throwing his phone away, and planning on never coming back. A police investigation was launched, Cook’s DNA was found at the scene, and they pieced together the truth about what had happened - and when Cook was eventually found, it matched his description of events. Freddie’s blood was found on the baseball bat covered in John’s fingerprints. Cook plead self defence, but was still imprisoned for twelve months, before being released on parole. He has a curfew, and has to check in at the police station once a week, but apart from that, he’s a free man, and sees himself as a hero. No-one fucks with his friends and gets away with it.

  • Ran out of Bristol after killing John Foster.
  • When he was arrested he pleaded self defence, and that he was provoked.
  • Spent a year in prison.
  • He is serving the rest of his sentence externally, with a curfew, and weekly check-ins with the police.

Luke Penison || Eighteen || FC: Joe Cole || OPEN

Luke is constantly like a firework on the brink of being set off. He’s a chameleon, acting in whatever way he needs to to get what he wants, and if you don’t want to play his little mind games, then he turns on you, not even hesitating before using physical and verbal abuse. He’s a boy only interested in the possessions he owns, and the drugs he sells. After being warned away from Franky, he went back to his drug dealing ways, finding other unsuspecting girls to lure into his seedy lifestyle, but he never forgave Franky for humiliating him, swearing that one day he would get revenge on her for turning him down. But in recent months, his anger has turned to another of her friends - Matty. The police investigated Luke for drugs possession on a tip-off that could only have come from him, and he sweet talked them away, they found no drugs as they were stored in another location, so now, he’s sure that Matty, Franky, and all of their friends will pay for nearly costing him his career.

  • He travels back and forth between Morocco and Bristol, mainly on drug runs.
  • He never forgave Franky for turning him down.
  • The police raided his flat looking for drugs, on a tip off from Matty, but found nothing.
  • He’s back in Bristol for the time being, looking for revenge.

Sidney “Sid” Jenkins || Twenty One || FC: Mike Bailey || OPEN

Sid Jenkins has always been unlucky, he’s about as unfortunate as you can get. However, things started to work in Sid’s favour once he moved to New York. By some series of - for once - fortunate events, he found Cassie - she was at the very diner he had passed for everyday for weeks. The two were happy together; genuinely, honestly happy. Sid could see everything working out for them eventually; Cassie could take over the diner, he could join her on the business font, maybe it could even become a family business. Family – That was when Sid’s luck ran out. A family was something Sid began to realize he wanted. He brought the subject up with Cassie on many occasions, however each time she’d get skittish and change the subject. Sid just assumed Cassie didn’t want to have kids and firmly settle down, looking back now he wishes that was all it had been. Cassie revealed to him that she had an abortion behind his back, the fact that Sid had had a child, a child who he never got to meet, crushed him. For the longest time he couldn’t stand to see the sight of Cassie, their trust had been broken. Eventually it became too much, their trust had been broken and Sid couldn’t continue playing house with the woman who had taken away his child before he even had a chance to give his input. So, he left. He got scared and walked away. He’s now back in Bristol, currently staying with Tony and trying to get his life back together.

  • Miraculously managed to complete his education, finally getting his ass into gear.
  • Stayed in New York with Cassie for a few years.
  • Left after Cassie revealed she had an abortion behind his back.
  • Is back in Bristol to try and sort out the mess that is currently his life.

SAM WINCHESTER is a HUNTER. He appears to be around 32 years old and looks a lot like JARED PADALECKI. He is OPEN. 

Sam Winchester was born to Mary and John Winchester, and he is the younger brother to Dean Winchester. Upon the death of their mother to a demon, John raised them in the life as hunters (not knowing that they were from a family of hunters on their mother’s side already)—killers of the evil, of the supernatural, that existed in the world. And for years, that is what they did; moving from place as they grew up, always going from one hunt to the next—but always on the look out for the demon that killed their mother. Sam, however, wanted out of the life when he got older, and so went on to college at Stanford, with plans to become a lawyer after attending law school. 

Upon the death of his girlfriend, Jessica, however, he ended up hitting the road with his brother on his own revenge quest for the demon, now spawned by his own feelings. Sam was special; chosen by the demon at an incredibly young age, and thus gifted with visions— a gift that, due to the gifts given to other kids, ultimately led to his death in a showdown run by the demon. 

He found comfort in the arms of a female demon, Ruby, upon the death of his brother, and became addicted to her blood, realizing it made him stronger, allowed him to access powers he didn’t know he had until she showed him. But it also had its drawbacks, and upon Dean’s return, with the apocalypse in full swing, it put the brothers at odds. 

Arriving in Storybrooke, Sam hopes it will be just like any other case. A mysterious town that popped up out of nowhere needs to be investigated, right? On top of that, there’re supposedly fairy tale creatures living here! Sam is a bit more quick to believe than Dean is, but his blood withdraw does start to get to him when he can’t immediately get a hold of Ruby at times, and he becomes agitated. 


Rich Hardbeck || Seventeen || FC: Alexander Arnold || TAKEN

Ever since Grace’s death, Rich has found himself just floating through life, going between phases of wanting his friends close, and wanting to get away from them completely. And though time away from Bristol helped him to clear his head, she was still with him a lot of the time, but when he got his acceptance letter to Bradbury College, he saw it as a fresh start - a new home, new people around, and no-one who would look at him with sad eyes, and know him as “that poor boy”. But the sooner the time to leave came, the more anxious Rich was about leaving. He needed Alo around, and going off to university and knowing that Grace never could… it felt wrong. He’d let her go, but he still wasn’t completely ready to live the life that she should be living. So he contacted the university, and they agreed he could defer for a year, and start the following year. So now, Rich is using the time to find who he really is, and what he really wants to do. Being a Metal Head is only a hobby, after all, it can’t be a way of life.

  • He was planning on studying at Bradbury College, but ended up deferring for a year.
  • Though he’s let go of his grief over Grace’s death, he still thinks about her a lot, and hates that he’s getting to live where she can’t.
  • He’s working at the record store for the time being full time.
  • Part of his plan of getting his life together is to start dating again, even though he hasn’t done so yet.

ROBIN HOOD is known in the small town of Storybrooke as MARTIN ROBINS. He is around 38 years old and looks a lot like SEAN MAGUIRE. He is OPEN. 

When Tinkerbell tried to help Regina find her True Love with pixie dust, it was to Robin Hood that the pixie dust led, though neither of them knew it. They just knew it was “the man with the lion tattoo.” Regina, however, never meets this man at the tavern when Tinkerbell shows him to her, thus depriving them both of their “true love”. 

Robin Hood’s code is that they are not thieves, because they do not steal for themselves, but for the people of the kingdom. It is something he is sure to impart on all new recruits to the Merry Men.

Robin Hood ended up falling in love with Marian, and they ran away together, but when Marian became with child, she fell ill. He therefore broke into the Dark One’s castle to steal a magic wand and was caught, held prisoner and tortured, only to be set free by Belle (and later spared by Rumpelstiltskin). Marian is then healed with the magic he stole, and she gives birth to a son named Roland. 

However, all is not to be happy, for Marian is captured by the Evil Queen’s guards and never returns home. She is presumed dead, leaving Robin Hood to raise his son on his own—just as the curse starts to arrive… 

And Martin Robins was born. 

Martin Robins is a mechanic at the local garage, but he also spends a good deal of time in his second job—a waiter at the fine dining establishment in town. Both jobs are needed to support himself and his young son, Roland, whose mother passed away in childbirth. He’s usually fairly exhausted and has little time for dating, but occasionally, he can be talked in to a moment’s relaxation with a friend or so. 


CASTIEL is an ANGEL. He is of unlimited age but appears to be around 39 years old and looks a lot like MISHA COLLINS. He is OPEN.

Castiel is a young angel and a soldier of the Lord. He pulled Dean Winchester from Hell, and is one of the guiding forces when it comes to keeping the Winchesters in check and on the path that they are meant to be on. At least, he tries his best (the Winchesters are stubborn). Though if push came to shove, he would choose the Winchesters over his own family, as Sam and Dean start to teach him what it is like to care; what it is like to be human. 

Upon arriving in Storybrooke, it’s to reports that something is going on. Something is about to happen. and Heaven wants to be aware as to what. The apocalypse isn’t something they want to be surprised about, after all.  


MICHAEL is an ARCHANGEL. He is of unlimited age but appears to be around 31 years old and looks a lot like MATT COHEN. He is OPEN. 

Michael is the soldier, the loyal son to his Father’s wishes and orders. He is also Lucifer’s big brother, and the eldest of all the angels and archangels. He raised Lucifer, teaching him everything, being everything one would expect from a “big brother” (even amongst angel-kind), yet at the same time, always being the good and loyal soldier to his Father, to God. 

When it comes time to cast Lucifer out, though he is torn, he does what he is ordered to do, for he is a “good son” and will not disobey. So he casts out his beloved brother, simply for feeling as so many of the angels do about humanity. (Though Lucifer was a bit more vocal about it, of course). 

He arrives in Storybrooke on the trail of what he thinks is about to be a major catastrophe. This town suddenly appeared, something he and Heaven were unaware of—which is troubling, especially in the time of such turmoil of the apocalypse. There is a sense of evil there, as well, and he wonders if it is Lucifer’s doing, hence his very personal involvement. 


LUCIFER is an ARCHANGEL. He is of unlimited age but appears to be around 49 and looks a lot like MARK PELLEGRINO. He is OPEN. 

Lucifer is the Morningstar, the Lightbringer, the most beautiful of all God’s angels, and God’s favorite—until that day he rebelled because he felt humanity undeserving of the gift they were giving. Until that day when he launched a war against Heaven, going to his Father and Michael and sharing his disgust with the newest creations, with humanity—only to be turned away and shunned, as if he was in the wrong. So twisted was his hate that he turned and corrupted the first human soul—a woman, Lilith—into the first of demon-kind. And for his punishment, he was defeated and cast out, locked away in the deepest pits of Hell, where he was left alone for millennia… 

Until the day the Seals began to break, and he knew his release was nearing. He was the god of the demons, and they were coming to set him free, were working to break the 66 Seals that kept him chained and trapped—and he would be ready when they did, for he’d had plenty of time to think, and to plan, and to know the path of the apocalypse. 

His arrival in Storybrooke (after he’s broken free) is that of act of the apocalypse. An act so heinous must be committed there— but it’s necessary if the apocalypse is to move forward. And a town in the middle of nowhere, a town bursting to the brim with “imaginary” people that, in Lucifer’s mind, no one will miss, is the perfect place to “wipe off the map”. The question is.. will he succeed? 


GABRIEL is an ARCHANGEL. He is of unlimited age but appears to be around 43 years old and looks a lot like RICHARD SPEIGHT JR. He is OPEN. 

Gabriel is the youngest of the archangels, but older than all other regular angels. He ran away from Heaven when the fighting between Michael and Lucifer became quite bad, and pretended to be the pagan trickster god, Loki for centuries upon centuries. As Loki, he played tricks on mankind, giving them their “just desserts” and it is as the Trickster that the Winchesters first know him as. It isn’t until later that they come to recognize him as Gabriel. 

Gabriel wants nothing to do with his family’s bickering, or the apocalypse in general. He has a more general attitude of ‘let the world burn’ and he’ll sit back and watch it smolder—or not. Occasionally, he’ll get bouts of duty-boundness, and try and get things rolling as they should. 

Upon arriving in Storybrooke, Gabriel is just looking for another place to hide out away from his family, but also for more “victims” to play his tricks on. It’s a town he was unaware of until now, which is rare for someone as powerful and old as he is. It’s a whole new playground for the archangel. And he’s ready to play.