Cassie Ainsworth || Twenty One || FC: Hannah Murray || TAKEN

Cassie has always been fondly remembered by those of Bristol as the loveable, spaced-out crazy bitch who wouldn’t eat. But it wasn’t therapy that had a profound affect on her outlook on life - it was the death of her flatmate and best friend, Chris. Fleeing to New York and taking a job as a waitress and taking over the rent of an abandoned apartment, it wasn’t long after Sid chased after her that they found eachother again, and he moved in, and everything was lovely. Oh, wow. A happy ever after for the girl with her head in the clouds. Only one thing led to another, and eventually, Cassie found herself putting on weight despite her strict diet, which lead her to buy a pregnancy test, and the terror of discovering it was positive. Terrified of the prospect of parenthood, especially since she could barely take care of herself, Cassie had an abortion, keeping it from Sid until it was too late, and then she found herself alone. And it was all too much to bare for Cassie, and she had a breakdown, freaking out at the customers at work, refusing to eat all over again, and when her friends walked into the kitchen to find her passed out on the floor with a bottle of pills in her hand, they knew they had to do something. Her stomach pumped, Cassie was sent back to her mother - until she in turn sent her back to the clinic in Bristol to fix her up all over again.

  • Cassie has been a waitress in the same diner in New York for the past few years.
  • She and Sid were together until she had an abortion behind his back, and he left.
  • She tried to kill herself after her mental health spiralled out of control.
  • Is at a clinic in Bristol until she shows improvement.

SNOW WHITE is known in the town of Storybrooke as MARY MARGARET BLANCHARD. She is around 36 years old and looks a lot like GINNIFER GOODWIN. She is OPEN. 

Snow White was born to Queen Eva and King Leopold during the harshest winter in the kingdom. She was raised to be good and kind to all manner of people. One day, she was saved by Regina, and came to know a secret from the woman—a secret that she would then tell, spawning a long war of hatred between the two, leading to Snow White’s years living as a bandit while hiding from Regina, the Evil Queen. It was during these years that she met (and fell in love) a prince by the name of David—or as she would grow to call him, Charming. 

Together, they waged a war against the Evil Queen, eventually winning back their kingdom against all odds, and living happily ever after—getting married, having a child— That’s right. Snow White is the mother to the Savior, Emma Swan. But the happiness was not to last, for the Evil Queen’s curse was coming, and as it was cast, Snow White became separated from her husband and her child… 

And Mary Margaret Blanchard was born. 

Mary Margaret is a quiet and shy fourth-grade school teacher, who also volunteers at the hospital and goes on dates with the single men the town of Storybrooke can provide, always looking for true love. She’s a romantic at heart, believing in the possibility of a true and happy ending—and she believes she’s found it in a coma patient by the name of David Nolan. Especially after the two begin seeing each other when he awakens, spawning an affair in the small town of Storybrooke, Maine. She becomes good friends with Emma Swan upon the other’s arrival into the town, a friendly face and welcoming presence. 

Jocelyn (Treadway) McCoy | 29 [Human] | Starfleet Diplomat and Registered Translator | TAKEN | Karen Gillan

☆ Protective, Passionate, Intelligent

★ Stern, Stubborn, Impulsive


Born in the sunny state of Georgia the young Jocelyn grew up with everything she could have wanted. A petite Southern belle she was always at the top of her class, with her boyfriend Clay Darnell always at the front of her mind. The one imperfection in Jocelyn’s seemingly perfect world was her health. Always a bit of a fragile flower she often found herself too sick or weak to keep up with her peers. However she was happy to sit on the sidelines and cheer everyone on. 

By high school graduation Jocelyn’s interests had changed just a bit and she was no longer completely focused on Clay, but on the face of another boy with a different personality, a Leonard McCoy. He brought out the fighter in her and she found herself straying further and further from her beaten path and forging a career for herself. 

The two attended Starfleet academy together much to the scorn of Darnell who remained in Georgia. Marrying young Jocelyn soon found herself pregnant with Joanna and rather than inform McCoy in person, fled back to Georgia only to find that Darnell wasn’t waiting for her with the open arms she imagined. Turned away she had no choice but to tell McCoy that she was pregnant with his daughter, and had run from him. A divorce and lack of communication ensued as a result. 

Nearly dying in childbirth she spent the next few years building back her strength, raising a child, and studying to regain her place at the top of her division. Now she has been assigned to a ship and has her daughter in tow. However she is unaware that her ex-husband is also aboard. 

Jocelyn is the loving and devoted mother of Joanna McCoy and although a bit overprotective, she would do anything for her daughter. She is also the ex-wife of Leonard McCoy who is yet unaware of her presence aboard the ship, and she unaware of his. Jocelyn works closely with Nyota Uhura and the two often team up to keep the boys on the bridge in check. 


ERICA REYES IS 17, an individual of the BETA variety, and often gets annoyed at being mistaken for GAGE GOLIGHTLY[OPEN]

"Fuck you."

If the nerds of the school were dirt, then Erica Reyes had always been beneath that. Humiliated constantly from an early age, she came to see herself as worthless, as nothing more than the disease she could not control that allowed others to mock her as they pleased. She had grown familiar with mortifying images of herself placed all over the internet, to be shared over and over until she couldn’t escape the derisive comments, the endless laughter, and images of herself that she would’ve done anything to keep from the world. And the worst part was that those videos were the only time anyone noticed her. Her peers didn’t even realize she was there until she had an epileptic attack. No crush was ever returned, no friend stayed around for long, even eye contact seemed to evade her grasp. And the teachers were no better. And all she had to look forward to were times where maybe things would get better, start looking up. But never, never, could she even dare to imagine that she would free herself of her sickness. Until Derek came, with his horrifyingly beautiful bite.

As a werewolf, Erica laughs at how easy it is to be noticed. Every eye is on her as she struts through the halls, every head turning as they wonder why she seems familiar. She exudes confidence, oozes strength, and she knows that she’s stunning. Best of all, no attack can hold her in its clutches ever again. And if all that means she has to be one of Derek’s lackeys—fine. At least she’s free. Free to live, free to be, and free to rain hell.

✵ Erica has connections to Derek Hale, her Alpha; Isaac Lahey, her Pack Member; Vernon Boyd, her Pack Member; and Peter Hale, her Pack Member

Fortunately, Erica is confident, strong, and brave. 
Unfortunately, Erica is temperamental, rash, and vengeful.


Elizabeth “Effy” Stonem || Nineteen || FC: Kaya Scodelario || OPEN

Effy Stonem is a girl very much detached from reality, and in doing so, can easily blur the lines of what is right and wrong. She found solace in clubbing, partying, having sex and taking drugs, and it’s probably a combination of those things that led to her illness. Her attempts at recovery in the psychiatric hospital were addled by John Foster, and though she thought herself recovered after her release, the news of Freddie’s murder, John’s involvement, and in turn his own murder only sent her into a catatonic state, refusing to speak, and spending most of her time in her room. After a few months though, she discovered a polaroid camera under her bed, and going into the garden, she started taking pictures with it. The polaroid camera over time turned into a professional one, and soon she was taking pictures all over Bristol, some of a professional standard, selling to people for money. She still doesn’t speak much, but instead, she expresses herself through her photos.

  • After Freddie and John’s deaths, she stopped speaking altogether.
  • She hasn’t been out partying for two years, because she isn’t trusted out on her own.
  • Anthea tried to make her go to therapy, but even at the suggestion of it, Effy lashed out at her.
  • She’s taken a keen interest in photography, selling her photographs as a career.

JO HARVELLE is a HUNTER. She appears to be around 30 years old and looks a lot like ALONA TAL. She is OPEN. 

Jo (Joanna Beth) Harvelle was born to Ellen and Bill Harvelle. She was raised in the hunter’s life, but kept mostly out of the day-to-day, as her family owned a bar called The Roadhouse, where hunters would stop by and trade stories, get tips, etc. As such, she grew up with the glorified side of hunting, and rarely saw the downside— That is, until she lost her father to a hellspawn when she was a little girl. 

She was determined to pick up hunting herself as a life, which caused friction between her and her mother, Ellen. But Jo was going to do it anyway, and she took off on her own for a time, until she ended up joining up with her mother, and the two hunted together, occasionally joining up with the Winchester brothers. 

When she arrives in Storybrooke, she’s not surprised to find the Winchesters already on the case. It’s not surprising, considering a town just appeared out of nowhere and sent a radar off all through the supernatural and hunting world, of a sorts. She’s a little quicker to believe in the truth of the town than Dean is, because there’s still a part of her that’s an innocent little girl who lost a father. Who would love to believe in happy endings and fairy tales. 

Saavik | 61 [Vulcan/Romulan] | Navigator | OPEN | Rachel Weisz

☆ Inquisitive, Intelligent, Courageous

★ Blunt, Skeptical, Cold 

Hailing from Vulcan with mixed Romulan ancestry that often proved troublesome with her stoic peers, Saavik was mentored by Spock at Starfleet Academy. she underwent the Kobayashi Maru scenario, and despite an in-depth awareness of Starfleet regulations, she chose – during the test – to violate Neutral Zone Treaty by venturing across the Klingon Neutral Zone in an attempt to rescue the freighter Kobayashi Maru, an action that resulted in the imitated deaths of all other officers in the bridge simulator. Afterwards, Saavik related to Captain Kirk that she doubted the non-winnable simulation had been a fair test of her command abilities, though Saavik also conceded that she had not considered how possible such a situation was in reality.

Saavik was thereafter assigned aboard the Enterprise as second navigator under Captain Kirk, firstly in a cruise that was then prematurely terminated due to Kirk’s violation of the Prime Directive. She was reassigned not long after so that the ship and crew could respond to John Harrison’s distress call. During these missions, Saavik was the highest-ranking cadet from a training crew on board the vessel. As such, she occasionally occupied the ship’s command chair and was even permitted to supervise the vessel’s departure from spacedock, which she had never done before.

After Khan’s defeat, Saavik graduated the Academy with honors and was assigned once more to the Enterprise. She was recently promoted to a junior-grade lieutenant for tactical work during an away mission and completion of the bridge officer’s examination.

Saavik is curious about human behaviors, although her approach to it often bothers or even offends her fellow officers. James T. Kirk is easily the most understanding of her plight, but doesn’t have much help to offer. Typically, she works as Alfred Strathmore's navigator during beta shift, although she's filled in and worked with Hikaru Sulu as well. Since she shadowed Spock as a cadet, she’s familiar with him, but doesn’t see him as anything but a mentor. 


ALLISON ARGENT is 18, an individual of the HUNTER variety, and often gets annoyed at being mistaken for CRYSTAL REED. [OPEN]

“I will not be a scared, little girl anymore.”

Kept in the dark for seventeen years, Allison Argent never even knew there was a supernatural world, much less that her family was dedicated to hunting half of it. Unbeknownst to her, she was conditioned her entire life for life as a hunter, put into gymnastics classes, told to take archery, and taught the ability to track animals in all settings. For as long as she can remember, she’s moved from place to place for what she thinks is work, though her family knows better. Having to pack up everything she owns nearly every time she’s finished unpacking has caused Allison to develop some rebellious behaviors, like sneaking out at night, breaking curfews, and skipping school from time to time. Finally, her family has landed in Beacon Hills, where they seem to have finally settled down, a town that seems to be the pinnacle for all things supernatural. Entering a forbidden love with Scott McCall as she’s thrown into the midst of the “family business,” Allison must find a way to try and juggle her life as a teen with her new life as a hunter. Unfortunately, it seems to bring nothing but knowing that secrets are constantly being kept from her and being caught in tragedy after tragedy. Used by her grandfather for his own purposes in the wake of her mother’s death, Allison was brainwashed into believing the only way to avenge her loss would be to kill Derek Hale and any of his pack members who tried to defend him. Blinded by her rage and the need to prove she can defend herself, Allison nearly ended up killing two of her peers simply because they were a part of the Hale pack. After her grandfather’s disappearance, Allison realized what she’d become and decided she needed a break from Beacon Hills and from Scott. Ending their relationship, Allison left for the summer to clear her head and gather herself together so she could come back for a year devoid of the supernatural. Or, at least, she hopes.

Even though Allison is determined to salvage what’s left of her teen years, staying isolated may not be as easy as she wants. Constantly surrounded by the supernatural world, and no longer able to retreat into a shell of ignorance, Allison is much more caught up in it than she would like. But with a thirst to prove herself to the world and a knife hidden in her boot, she isn’t exactly unprepared, either. She may be hopeful for a life where she can stay away from it all, but she knows it has a way of sinking its claws in, and she refuses to be defenseless ever again. No matter what.

✵ Allison has connections to Scott McCall, her Ex-Boyfriend; Lydia Martin, her Best Friend; and Adrian Parrish, a fellow hunter & roommate

Fortunately, Allison is determined, strong, and friendly.
Unfortunately, Allison is vengeful, rash, and cynical.


Sam - 18 years old - College Freshman - The Girl - Closed

After her parent’s rough divorce, her mom remarried and she gained a stepbrother, Patrick, whom she has grown to love and care for deeply.  During her early years in high school, she obtained a bad reputation due to her habits of partying and promiscuity. However, now that it’s her senior year of high school, she is focusing on her plans for the future, which she hopes include acceptance into Penn State – University Park Campus.  Part of reaching the goal of rebuilding herself includes fostering an introverted freshman, Charlie.  With the help of Patrick, she is determined to allow Charlie to break out of his shell and teach him that in her, he always has a friend who truly loves him. Now that she’s working on becoming established in college, she’s focusing on the more important things in life like academics, family, and friends. She may even have a future with Charlie.


Emily Fitch || Nineteen || FC: Kathryn Prescott || OPEN

While it took Emily Fitch a long time to find herself outside of her sister’s shadow, she managed to pull through and cast a shadow of her own. Throughout college the shy and quiet girl turned into a confident woman. Even though she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do with her life, she knows that she’ll be happy as long as she has Naomi at her side. After completing college, she left to travel Goa, though that trip extended into a year long journey travelling around the world, and ending up wherever they felt like next. But soon, the money ran out, and they were forced to grow up and come home. While her parents pushed for her to go to university, even pointing out that Naomi was, Emily knew deep down there was one reason she couldn’t leave - Katie. The cracks were appearing in her sister’s marriage long before the split was announced, so Emily knew that her sister would come running home, and would need her. So after a chance meeting with Maxxie, she joined the Gay-Straight alliance youth group, offering a kind word and a friendly face to those that come through their doors. While at first she was just an assistant, she’s now worked her way up to second-in-command under Maxxie. She never wants any of the youth of Bristol to feel the way she and Naomi had felt when they realised just who they were.

  • Travelled the world with Naomi for a year before their money ran out.
  • Decided to stay in Bristol for when Katie would inevitably come back and need her around.
  • She works under Maxxie at the Gay-Straight alliance youth group.
  • She hates Katie’s reality show - she thinks it’s tacky, cheap, and that her sister is worth so much more, and refuses to be on it just because of that.

ARIEL is known in the small town of Storybrooke as MELINDA WATERS. She is around 34 years old and looks a lot like JOANNA GARCIA. She is OPEN. 

Ariel is the youngest of King Triton’s daughters, and she is fascinated by the life of humanity, by those living on land and walking with legs. It’s all strange and new to her and a whole new world. She falls in love with a human after she rescues him from a sea storm and later, with the help of Snow White and offer by Ursula, gets to meet him at the ball, by walking on land with her new legs. 

When she went back on a deal made with “Ursula”, however, she ended up having her voice taken away, and was unable to call out to her prince, Eric, to get him to recognize her from the sea to which he looked. She was left alone and abandoned… and then the curse came… 

And Melinda Waters was born. 

Melinda Waters was a singer who lost her voice one day, and never fully recovered her career. She now teaches music lessons to young students, teaching them how to play the piano, etc. She teaches what she can no longer do herself, but it is still her passion to be around music, and so she gives her heart and soul into the very thing that she no longer has. 


Oliva ‘Liv’ Malone || Seventeen || FC: Laya Lewis || OPEN

Liv Malone has always been impulsive. She doesn’t think, she just does. But despite her impulsive nature and less than healthy party habits, that’s not all defines her. She is protective – a lioness.  She is always there for her friends, always offering watch, protect and love, although, she sometimes does make mistakes. She loves others in fierce amounts; she just wishes the love would be returned as fully. Of course, she’d never admit that. In all honesty, she just doesn’t want to be alone. The idea of facing her future alone terrifies her, she has no idea what she wants or how she’ll get there, but most importantly; she doesn’t know if she can leave anyone behind her. She is a protector; she can’t do her job if she leaves Bristol. So for the time being she has decided to take a gap year, taking the time to take care of those she loves, in particular her little sister. She is also taking this gap year as a chance to find herself and work of the courage to finally leave the nest.

  • Completed her education and Roundview with satisfactory results.
  • Has finally come to an acceptance of Grace’s death.
  • Wants to keep the group close together and is weary of new comers. 
  • Is taking a gap year to care for her sister.

RED RIDING HOOD (or RED) is known in the small town of Storybrooke as RUBY LUCAS. She is around 31 years old and looks a lot like MEGHAN ORY. She is OPEN. 

For all she knew, Red was an ordinary villager in the Enchanter Forest, who lived with her Granny, who was paranoid over the wolf that haunted their village. What Red didn’t know was that she was the wolf, and only her red cloak was protecting her from changing, a fact her grandmother had kept hidden from her, to keep her from having to bear such a burden. It isn’t until she (accidentally of sort) kills her boyfriend, Peter, and has to go on the run with Snow White that Red must come to grips with who she really is.

While on the run with Snow, they become very good friends, and she’s one of Snow’s advisers and helpers later on, when they retake the kingdom from Regina. However, it isn’t long before Regina casts the curse… 

And Ruby Lucas is born. 

Ruby Lucas is the town flirt, working in her Granny’s diner as a waitress and constantly at odds with her grandmother. She’s constantly complaining about the small town living in Storybrooke, and dreaming of bigger and better things outside the town. Dreaming of getting away. 


BELLE FRENCH is known in the town of the Storybrooke as LACEY BELLE. She is around 32 years old and looks a lot like EMILIE DE RAVEN. She is OPEN. 

Belle was a princess in the Enchanted Forest, and for the safety of her kingdom, she agreed to a deal with the Dark One on behalf of her father. She would go and live with him, be a servant to him, in exchange for his help against the wars that were plaguing her father’s kingdom. 

In the process, she started to fall in love with him. She started to fall in love with the man beneath the monster, the man beneath the beast. She saw “good” in him, where all others had only seen evil and darkness. Of course, Rumpelstiltskin (the Dark One) could not have that, and forced her to leave. 

Regina later imprisoned her, telling Rumpelstiltskin that she was dead. She was kept in Regina’s castle all the way up until the curse was cast… 

And Lacey Belle was born. 

Lacey Belle is a wild child and barfly at the Rabbit Hole, the local seedy bar in Storybrooke; she loves the dangerous side of things and getting drunk with the best of them. At first, she doesn’t see anything in Rumpelstiltskin—until he shows her his dark side. And then she is thrilled with him, loving the danger that he presents. 


THE SAVIOR is known in the small town of Storybrooke as EMMA SWAN. She is around 35 years of age and looks a lot like JENNIFER MORRISON. She is OPEN. 

Emma Swan is the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, and as such, the product of True Love. It makes her the Savior to breaking the curse that has trapped all of Storybrooke in their unhappy lives, and she’s supposed to, as her son says, “bring back the happy endings.” She is the birth mother of Henry Mills, who she gave up for adoption after giving birth to him in prison, where she was serving out a sentence for a crime she didn’t commit. 

Emma has a hard time believing in things such as a town full of fairy tale creatures, and it takes a great deal to make her believe, to make her take that final step. But she believes in her son, and believes in what her son sees in her. And she doesn’t want to disappoint him. 


REGINA MILLS (or THE EVIL QUEEN) is known in the small town of Storybrooke as REGINA MILLS. She is around 36 years of age and looks a lot like LANA PARRILLA. She is OPEN.

Regina Mills was born to Cora and Henry, and she loved a stable boy named Daniel. She was afraid of her mother’s magic, and didn’t want to become like her. Especially after her mother ended up killing her love, Daniel, by ripping out and crushing his heart before they were to run away together. And to make matters worse? It was all Snow White’s fault. For it was Snow White who had been charged with keeping such a secret of Regina and Daniel’s plans from Cora, but the young child failed to do so, and the consequences were paid. This turned Regina against Snow White for years, even going so far as to declare her a murder and oust her from her own kingdom.

Regina studied magic under the tutelage of Rumpelstiltskin, just like her mother did, and became a very gifted pupil. It was with this gift that she decided to get her ultimate revenge—casting such a curse that would take away the happiness of everyone save herself. The happiness of all those in the Enchanted Forest and every other realm would be swept away to a land without magic, to Storybrooke, Maine. So she cast that curse…

And Regina Mills, Mayor of Storybrooke, was born.

Mayor Regina Mills basically runs the town of Storybrooke for the years it’s under the curse. Everyone respects her, and she gets what she wants—a happy ending for herself. Especially when she adopts her son, Henry and raises him for ten years before the child goes in search of his birth mother. It isn’t until Emma Swan comes to town that there are problems for Regina. 


Pandora Moon || Nineteen || FC: Lisa Blackwell || OPEN

Pandora has always been described by people as naive and immature, with a love of the more rebellious side of life, and it’s a miracle that as overprotective as her mother is, she was finally allowed to fly the nest - literally, by attending Harvard University on a history scholarship, even though she hated the subject. But the bonus was that Thomas was there, too… for a while at least, until he was expelled for dealing drugs, and broke up with Pandora, to save her the heartache of a long-distance relationship. And while she stayed there for a few months after he left, it was only for the social side of university - her dislike of History, now that it was her main subject, was even more apparent. At weekends she would end up getting high, and then making cupcakes while hungover for her and her friends. It was during one of these post-high cupcakes that her friends started to tell her she should make a living out of it. So being impulsive and bored of History, Pandora too dropped out of Harvard, and headed back to Bristol, with a business plan in hand (wrote for her by a business student of course), and a new leash of life - she was going to open her first store in two years time, and get back to living the life of a young Bristolian.

  • Went to Harvard University on a history scholarship, despite hating History.
  • She and Thomas stayed together until he was expelled, and he ended things to avoid a long-distance relationship.
  • She left Harvard after discovering a talent for cupcake making.
  • She has a business plan, and wants to open her first cake shop within two years.

Katherine “Katie” Fitch || Nineteen || FC: Megan Prescott || OPEN

Katie Fitch, on the outside at least, has always appeared to be a very confident, and in control person, who needs everything and everyone to play by her own rules. But inside, she hates being alone. So when Emily left for Goa with Naomi, Katie coped in the only way she knew how - going to a club, and drinking until she couldn’t feel any more. But this time she found herself leaving on the arm of an attractive guy, who turned out to be a starting player of a premiership football club. Six months later, she was engaged to him, marrying shortly after in a fairytale wedding, all paid for by the highest bidding magazine, of course. But it wasn’t long into the marriage before the cracks started to show, and the final straw was when photos were leaked to the press of her husband kissing another woman, and once again, Katie took charge. She took the first train back to Bristol, hired a publicist and a lawyer, and started divorce proceedings, and signed a reality TV deal to document everything and show up her ‘loving’ husband for the pig that he really is. After all, anyone with sense knows you don’t fuck with Katie Fitch.

  • Rather than get a job or go to college, Katie has spent her time living off her second-hand fame.
  • She’s in the middle of divorce proceedings after photos were leaked of her husband kissing another woman.
  • She’s moved back to Bristol to get away from the prying eyes of the press, retaking her maiden name.
  • She has a reality show, titled “The Sitch on Fitch”, which follows her around her daily life.