Hi everyone! It’s been a while… 

I’ve received several messages asking me if I could draw some non everlark art, and I can’t forget that one from aurora-sleeping-killer asking me for a Gadge scene for her birthday (i’m ashamedly late for that, but I hope this art makes up for it).

I’m always open for new challenges so wanted to give it a try. I really have no preferences for Gale’s partner but I really like to think of this scene as canon. 

Hope you like my choice too :)


  The British Camp.

A few of Barney on his way up the British Camp a couple of weeks ago. The hill is the site of an Iron Age hill fort, so it’s a really cool place to walk…

However, as we live at almost the opposite end of the Malvern Hills from the Camp, I rarely bring the pup up here. Plus, there are often sheep grazing on this hill & sheep are some of the only animals I simply can’t trust Barney to 100% ignore when off lead - he’s too much a sheepdog!  I’ve persuaded him to ignore cows, horses,chickens, cats & he’s easily called off from squirrels & bunnies but he cannot help but eye & stalk sheep & I suspect, if they bolted, he might well do too!

When we go on the Malvern Hills, we’re mostly on The Beacon (where a lot of my photos are taken), which is the last big hill you can see in the distance behind Barney in that final shot.

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When your ship becomes canon.

Friendly reminder that my roommate and I were watching some anime and one of the characters told another character “I need you” and my roommate who didn’t know anything about Spn said “That’s always code for I love you and want your babies”