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So I didn’t know what the “Jersey Turnpike dance” was… and I googled it

and this charming boxing instructor is teaching me quite well

anonymous said:

Have you given up on replying to anonymous asks?

Only the rude ones. And sometimes I just cannit be arsed then forget to answer them later.

I have this school project called ‘mission impossible’ where I need to overstep boundaries a bit and have an active approach to life. Basically, I need to do something grant, something special, something for charity. Basically: do something nice for people, or something that can better their life.

Thing is, I CANNIT THINK OF ANYTHING TO DO. Because it needs to be free of costs, or at the very least as cheap as possible.

i f eel reslly spacey nad its annoting i cannit focus im so angry i wanannbash my hrsbdb into the wall inm

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