He ate my heart....

We first met in the grocery store around the corner from my apartment. He was browsing the bakery isle with a half empty cart and confusion stamped on his face. I kindly walked over to him and offered my assistance. He smiled and blushed as he admitted that he had no idea how to cook for himself since he got back from the war and moved away from home. We talked as I helped him shop and I even offered to cool for him. He took me up on my offer and our relationship kicked off.

 In the beginning he always came to my place and we ate dinner or we went out to a movie and a cup of coffee. He was very handsome and very polite, a man to bring home to mother. I wasn’t wed yet and at twenty-four I was becoming an old maid. He asked me over one night and I was sure he was to ask for my hand in marriage. I curled my black hair and lined my eye with a new eyeliner. I colored my lips bright red and wore my most expensive dress, a royal blue satin dress with a tight waist and pencil skirt bottom. I looked ravishing.

 When I arrived at his house just outside of town it was not what I expected at all. It was old and large for just one person. I figured maybe it was his families or maybe he planned on fixing it up. He walked me inside and it was dark except for candles that lined the walls in every room. It was romantic. He ushered me to the dining room where he had a meal awaiting us. I commented on how he didn’t need my lessons anymore and he laughed. We ate our meal with little talk except for odd comments he made every few moments. He commented on the rarity of the meat and how juicy it was. I couldn’t quite make out if it were beef or pork, but it was delicious.

 After dinner he said that he wanted to just look at me in the candle light, all of me. Being a virgin I had my worries but at that moment it felt right. He was going to ask me to be his wife, why shouldn’t he be able to see what he is getting? I removed my dress and stood in front of him in my brazier and under garments. He smiled a heart breaking smile as he moved forward to get a closer look. His strong warm hands slid up my thigh and gently unclipped my graders rolling the stalkings down and off of my feet. I allowed him to undress me further. My chest rose in excitement with each breathe. I felt something come over me as he moved to my neck, gently kissing it while he removed my earrings and necklace.

 Soon enough I was completely nude standing in front of him. He eyed me, but not on the way I thought he would. Instead he looked me over as if I were something he were buying to use. He touched my body here and there poking and pinching at slight pockets of fat and muscle. He nodded and mumbled to himself. I felt very uncomfortable in that moment. I drew my arms up and covered my breasts. He immediately tugged them back down and to my sides. I began to shake and plead for him to stop. He didn’t even listen.

 He had lured me here for some sick plan, not up ask for my hand. He moved behind me and placed one hand on my hip and the other on my shoulder. His lips touched my ear as he spoke. I remember his words to this day,” You will make a fine meal.”

 My eyes wide and my heart racing I tried to fight him. He had grabbed me by the waist with one arm and the neck with another. His fingers sinking into my throat. I gasped for air and fought to scream as he lifted me off if my feet. I wiggled and fought hard against him as he drug me towards his kitchen. The room was like a butcher shop, metal counter tops, tile walls and floors. Everything was covered in blood. I looked at the large freezer to my left and saw chunks of meat hanging from hooks. I let out small raspy screams as he pulled be up the metal counter against the far wall.

 He slammed me down on the cold dirty counter hard. So hard that my head slammed with a loud bang. My vision went blurry for a moment and my head ached. He held me down with one strong hand and reached for a weapon with the other. His hand returned momentarily with a large sharp cleaver. I screamed as loud as I could as my entire body began to tremble. He slammed the cleaver down into my chest between my breasts. A burning throbbing pain shot threw me. Warm blood leaked from around the blade and my breasts to my neck. I felt nothing but extreme pain. He ripped it out and plunged it back in, but this time he gashed open my stomach. I felt my life fading as the pain grew stronger. Blood came up the back if my throat and into my mouth. I began to choke on it as he continued to hack away at me.

 I’m not sure when shock set in and I passed out or of I finally passed. But the pain was gone and I was laying on that same counter motionless. A tall thin man walked into the room from an entrance that wasn’t there. He reached through his chest and grabbed my hand. He pulled me up and out of my body. I stood there next to him looking down at my mutated corpse. I quickly lurched over and vomited. The man removed his long trench coat and placed over my shoulders. I quickly wrapped it around me and rose to say thank you. Suddenly the room was completely white. All that was in it were the man and myself. He spoke softly in a deep voice,” The pain is over. You are now dead.”