(Opisthocomus hoazin)

also referred to as the Hoactzin, Canje Pheasant or Stinkbird.literraly meaining “wearing long hair behind  (referring to it’s crest) is a species of bird that can be found in swamps and mangroves of the Amazon and surrounding areas in South America, like many animals i post here it is the only species in it’s genus, and surprisingly the only extant member in it’s family as well. they are unique because their chicks posses claws on their wing digits. they are around the average size of a pheasant at around 25 in, they have a blue faces and a maroon colored body with a vanilla colored underside. they thrive on a diet of plants that grow in the marshes they inhabit,  they are also known to be quite tame and are reluctant to scatter when approached. the chicks use their dinosaur like claws (even though birds are basically dinosaurs) to easily maneuver the wayward mangrove trees and if they fall they are also fairly good swimmers, they don’t keep their claws however and loose them in adulthood. they are also thought to be very closely related to dinosaurs.



*clades: Dinosauria, Theropoda 


Bong Buno- Caught Up

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Obtiene Tultitlán efectivos resultados en el Canje de Armas 2014

Obtiene Tultitlán efectivos resultados en el Canje de Armas 2014

Obtiene Tultitlán efectivos resultados en el Canje de Armas 2014 * Más de 10 mil armas de fuego han sido entregadas en el estado de México a través del programa en sus 2 años: Sandra Méndez


La alcaldesa Sandra Méndez en escuela primaria Estado de México, localizada en la colonia Fuentes del Valle, donde realizó la entrega de remodelación de sanitarios. Foto: C. S.


Tultitlán, Méx.,…

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