Q: Do you have anything for gay or lesbian students?

A: Yes, UNITY is a student organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students and allies.  Find out more by visiting the UNITY office in SC220 or calling them x5337.

So I got fired for no reason. to be honest with you, the work world is a fucking mess. i wish I could get paid to just stay home. I have anxiety and ibs for fucks sake and the fact I was even pushing myself to go to work everyday was amazing. the main boss had it out for me since day one. I have no idea why. Everyday it was something. So I filed a harassment report against her. I just talked to the co owner a few days ago and she told me she liked me and can switch to nights. Go into work yesterday and I had a write up and was being fired for some made up reasons. “Not enough effort, lack of respect, attitude” these were all bullshit lies. I went to the owners because I was afraid of losing my job over bullshit in the first place and was being harassed. Who the fuck wants to go to work everyday and then get nitpicked. So I asked the owner who never even met me that she believed the main boss oh well. She made up lies and made up texts I’m not joking. I fucking replete harassment and they did nothing. Turned around and fired me. My other managers are appalled. They loved me. Fuck me right? Nothing ever goes right.

anonymous said:

i'm only like halfway through act 1, and i laugh every like 3 lines - it's a rlly stupid story (no offense shakespeare) i miss my friends, but one of them ditched me for africa, the others are too busy, the bums. i don't know how i feel about retreat bc on one hand, it'd be nice to get to know some of the other people in the grade. im going to canisus - where are you going?

Pretty sure everyones talked shit about shakespeare , don’t think he’d mind. I’m going to Kiah Ridge, it’ll be fun and yeah new friends yay! I feel like our grade has become a lot closer this year and I hope we can all continue to strengthen and build that friendship.