Katie Costello: How Social media fits into the mix tips

Brianna Feggins


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Katie Costello is a public relations representative and she has provided key points on how social media fits into the mix. Costello is a Canisus college graduate of the year 2012 and will not hesitate to tweet #GoGriffs, in representation of her college days. Costello used to do marketing, to then get into the public relations field. Costello says that she does very well with building relationships, and public relations helped her in that department in a huge way. Costello was also very busy running the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and Eric Mower and Associates group (EMA).

The big question that people asked Costello is why social? Costello answers by saying “Social networking is the top of the online activity in the United States, the average American spends up to thirty-seven minutes a day on social media networks.” Costello also says “Seventy two percent of all internet users are now active on social, and eighty nine percent is between the age brackets of 18-29.” Costello feels that people will always remain being people when she said “At the bottom of all the social media, they’re just people and social media is just another piece of the big puzzle.”

Different components of social media varies from press releases, hyperlinks, hash tags, online marketing, shared online registration and blog posts etc. People within the public relations field goals are to build brand recognition, builds influence, gives authority, creates community and gives competitive advantages. Costello was asked about debates on social media and she says “You never want to disrupt that platform, you always want to become a part of that platform.” Costello’s example of being a part of social is coming up with unique posts and hers happens to be her “Snow survival kit” post which was of beer, toilet paper and bacon which is relatable, true and amusing to other viewers.

Costello’s advice on how to properly use Twitter is to send one to four tweets a day, tweet at times where your target audience is active on Twitter, especially during the day. Tweet on the weekends and use plenty of hashtags, images and videos. Her Facebook advice was “Acknowledge all of your customers on business pages through Facebook.” Costello had also mentioned that at times there will be confusing content and one thing that struck her attention was “Wishing you and yours a bright and festive holiday season.” And the image was just a large square shaped light.

. Costello says “it is not a bad thing to see what you competitors are doing, because you want to have competitive advantage.” Goals should be specific, measureable, attainable and timely. Most of all people can track failure before it happens through social networks. Costello thinks that optimizing social media, creating content plans and editorial calendars are important things to focus on while posting though social networks.  Costello’s tips to social media success is to listen to the audience, share others comments and be engaged with the news feed.  The most striking and useful quote Costello gave was “Don’t be naïve, be aware of what is going on in the world and know who your pitching your story to “BE HUMAN.”

Shantina Addison

 Katie Costello


On February 24, 2015, Canisus College graduate Katie Costello visited the Social Media Strategies Class. She is a recent graduate, she has only been out of college for approximately three years and she is now working for Eric Mower and Assoc. (EMS), one of the top marketing agencies in the area all through networking, skill and perfect timing

 Social networking has emerged into a marketing and journalistic phenomenon that a lot of businesses are now using to their advantage. Labatt Beer, one of Katie’s clients through EMS pays attention to what is trending on social media and what is taking place locally to advertise and get recognition. For example, Kim Kardashian posted a nude picture of herself with a glass of champagne shooting from her butt and titled it “Break the Internet.” Katie and the others on her team saw that this picture of Kim Kardashian had gone viral and everyone was talking about it. As a result they decided to take a parody picture of the Labatt Blue Bear mascot doing the same pose that Kim did and title it the same thing. They received instant customer feedback and people thought it was very funny. This picture resulted in a significant growth in Twitter followers, FaceBook friends and overall engagement of their target audience.


Another way Katie and her team used current events to advertise through social media is by posting a picture of toilet paper, Labatt Beer and bacon and titled it “Snow Survival Kit”. They posted the picture during the November snow storm when people were snowed in-doors. Once again, people reacted to this post in a positive way and people were even posting their own pictures sitting out in the snow drinking a Labatt Blue Beer in beach chairs. If that isn’t using social media to its advantage I don’t know what is. Companies literally have free advertising on their social media sites from real life consumers. It takes little to no work and can be shared and reposted in seconds.  


Katie helped the class understand just how vital social media is for a business by showing us facts and figures, because numbers do not lie. 70% of marketers used FaceBook to gain new customers, 47%, almost half, of Americans said that FaceBook influences their purchases, and FaceBook has 1.15 billion users and that number is growing every day. These numbers prove that it is necessary that every business utilizes the social market.

 Social networking is a great communication device to help businesses, individuals and companies engage with others on a daily basis, however Katie also stressed the importance of personal networking as well. If it were not for her internships and her using her interpersonal communication skills, she may have not landed the job that she has now. Katie stressed that although this generation is used to interacting with each other behind a mobile or electronic device, it is very important to still talk to people, get to know people, and ask professional people questions because you never know what opportunity can come out of good ole’ face-to-face communication.

Katie Costello

Brigethia Guins-Jamison

Social Media Strategies

February 28, 2015

               Katie Costello is a 2012 graduate of Canisus College and is one of my favorite guest speakers that we’ve had thus far. Katie shared many of her experiences that she had in the work force and she was such a positive person. Katie started her career off with Buffalo News and then went on with Amherst Chambers of Commerce, Emerging Business Leaders, and most recently Eric Mower & Associates. She discussed how she started off as an intern and how internships are a great thing to do because it helps you figure you what you want to do.

               Katie works in the Public Relations field currently with Eric Mower& Associates. She showed of some of her bodies of work in her presentation which were during the November storm. He talked about how if you want to keep your company relevant use the situations that are currently going on to draw traffic to your media content. Katie and her coworkers used some humor related to this horrific storm and came up with funny pictures.

We also got some advice on running social media accounts. Katie really stressed to us that “Social media are people”. She said that you have to remember that the accounts that you interact with her people just like you and you have to treat them with kindness and respect. Another tip was know your audience and what they like you to post. This is very important when you’re in the process of building a relationship with your customers. She said that you have deliver relevant content that relates to both your product and your followers.

She also talked about a time when she was on the Labatt Blue Facebook page and there was a message insulting Labatt Blue for only having 80,000 followers and likes; when Labatt’s biggest competitors Budweiser had toward one million followers and likes. Costello said that she dealt with the complaint civilly by saying “I’d rather have 80,000 loyal fans of our product than one million that liked the page just for the sake of liking it.” To me this means that you quality is better than quantity. It’s better to have 80,000 active fans then having one million inactive fans.

Katie recommended that if you want to have an effective Twitter presence you should tweet at least once per day to provide updates about the product or company. Replying to the followers tweets she stressed helps your public relations presence by thanking the person or even solving your customer’s problem. She also said that using images help with the relationship of the customers.

Katie Costello was a great speaker and she really gave us a lot of useful information about the field of social media and public relations.  Everything that she told our class I feel as though I can use her advice in my everyday life and career.

Mike Harrington: The climb to becoming a successful sports reporter

Brianna Feggins


Mike Harrington is a Buffalo News baseball columnist, Bison’s and Sabers beat reporter and was also a part of the Buffalo Bills live game day chatter. Harrington had begun writing when the media, had more control over what would be delivered to the people. Harrington never had any issues with getting acclimated, to the changes within the media field. Harrington has been affiliated with sports reporting for thirty years and has become a professional in the journalism field. Sports just so happen to had come along with the job, which made it even more enjoyable for Harrington.

Mike Harrington’s passion for sporting reporting begun in high school, for the school’s paper between the years 1987-1992.  Harrington then carried on his passion to college, for the Canisus college school paper. His first and biggest story in the year 1993, was about a small plane crashing at 4am and he reported it first thing. Harrington then moved up and became a Buffalo Bison’s beat reporter and an MLB columnist, starting in 2007, and he currently still does it. Harrington then worked his way up to becoming a columnist, for the Buffalo Sabers columnist in the year 2013 and still is doing so.

Harrington make sure to stay up to date with the latest news and technology, that way nothing and no one can bi-pass him. Harrington says “I don’t care if the Sabers win or lose, I’m there for the story.” Harrington knows that his job is a writing job, not sports but it just so happens to be about sports. Harrington also recommends not to under-estimate in sports, it’s all about time and score. Harrington also makes sure to write down whatever there is he says “No rain and no extra endings in baseball games.”

Harrington has become very successful and has completed his dreams of becoming a sports writer. He wants others to remember that “Twitter is just noise, it is not a source.” This quote was striking, because it’s factual. People have to sort through the noise, just to find out the current and the latest news. Twitter has made a change because people can find out news quickly within social media, versus waiting a week to read the newspaper. The worst game Harrington had ever experienced and that effected his career for the worst was the St. Louis game, because it was long and not as entertaining as usual. Harrington did get something out of the bad, which was the game went into overtime which brought entertainment and saved his career.  

Harrington says “At the bottom of all social media, there just people.” My interpretation of this quote is that everyone is human, and that everyone has an outlook of different news and situations. If there is a debate online Harrington also advised “You never want to disrupt the platform, become a part of that platform.” I agree with this quote because bringing negative or disruptive opinions on a post online will not make you look interesting but becoming a part of the conversation in a positive and inspiring way.

Mike Harrington

Mike Harrington is a baseball columnist and Sabres beat writer for the Buffalo News. Although Harrington writes the sports section he does not like sports. He is only there for the story. He loves what he does and can always get a good story. He loves to Tweet what is going on at the games and keeps everyone updated. Harrington started his journey after he graduated from Canisus College in 1987 pursuing a career in journalism. Harrington started off as a high school reporter from 1987 to 1992. Harrington knows all the about sports because he has been in this field for about 30 years.

Harrington said a lot of important things about social media one thing that he said that I think is important is that “print is not dying, print is evolving”.  Its an important quote because people think print media will go away because of the internet but Mike does not believe that will happen.

Harrington is a very active person in the Buffalo sports teams. He has covered the Buffalo Bills for years and the Sabres as well. Harrington has also covered the World series for a number of years. He has done so much for the sports field it is different and to say that he does not have a favorite sports team was interesting. I don’t know if I could write for years about something I did not love. Sports are something that you can love or hate. Pick a team and then rip apart the other team but Mike is not that kind of person and I give him credit for that.    

If you look at Harrington’s Twitter feed you can see how much he watches sports and keeps up with them. Minute by minute of a Sabres game, knowing what happened when it happened. Harrington did say that you have to make sure the information is truthful and that it is creditably. He does not care if someone beats him to the punch as long as his story is truth and correct then he is happy. When asked what his most memorable moment over the years he said it was the 2001 World Series game. It was month after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers. The game was in New York City. The one memory that Harrington will never forget on that day is during the 7th inning stretch, God Bless America was played and fans were holding up pictures to the sky. 

Harrington gave a lot of information about social media and how to use it to keep up with the times. He has many years in the field and was very helpful on what to look for and how to keep a smart Twitter feed.

Elaine Montgomery 

Mike Harrington

Brigethia Guins-Jamison

Social Media Strategies

February 20, 2015

Buffalo News baseball columnist and Sabers Beat Writer Mike Harrington is the one you go to if you have any questions about what journalism is. Mike knows all the ins and outs because he has been in this field for about 30 years. He started his journey soon after he graduated from Canisus College in 1987 pursuing a career in journalism. Harrington started off as a high school reporter from 1987 to 1992.Soon after he finished working with high school he went on to reporting college sports. Now today Harrington reports many different sports events. Such as World Series, men’s basketball, hockey games, baseball games, and many more.

One of the things to me that stood out about Mike’s speech is that he really stressed the issue of making sure that a journalist should be telling the truth and getting all of the facts before they report a story. Also, to not rush to get the story out before other news outlets. There has been many mistakes and false information that was given out simply because reports are not taking their time to find out all details. Harrington also said that you want to remain creditable at all times. You want your readers to be able to trust you and the information that you are giving out.

Harrington talked about when using social media sites like Twitter remember that your credibility is very important. He told our class about this fake Twitter account @HockeyyInsiderr that was putting unfactual information out on Twitter. He said to be aware of where you get your sources from because many times they will not be legit. Although, Harrington admitted that social media plays a big role in his career because so many people go to social media news instead of reading an actual newspaper. He also said that he had no problem blocking people on twitter that are disrespectful and use profanity towards him.

Mike was asked about the most significant sports event that he covered and he said the 2001 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks.  It was significant because it took place a month after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers and the games were in New York City. The one memory that Mike will never forget the day during the 7th inning stretch, God Bless America was played and fans were holding up pictures to the sky. The people in the pictures were of those who died during the terrorist attacks.  He said it was one of the most moving events he has been to and it really touched him.

Mike Harrington is a successful journalist that has been in the business for a long time. His visit to our class gave us a lot of insight on the world of journalism. He has experienced many things in his career that made him even better. Harrington is very passionate about his job and you can definitely tell he loves every minute of it.