DIY: Claw Nails

please remember that although otherkin get a lot of hate that they shouldn’t, we are not oppressed!!
otherkin do not get killed or impacted very negatively for being otherkin
do not equate being otherkin to being trans. trans people face an awful lot and its very offensive to consider otherkin on the same level.
a large amount of otherkin are also trans so please remember that as well!
have a nice day! i love you all!

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hello! this is a gentle reminder to all otherkin/therians that:

  • your identity is valid
  • we are here for you
  • you should never be made to feel unsafe
  • dont engage with those who are out to hurt you
  • support and uplift your fellow kin
  • dont speak for or over other kin
  • explore, change and grow
  • be kind to yourself

this community is a safe place, don’t let anyone or anything change that, and do your best to keep it safe.

love you guys!! ( ^ u ^)/)

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so uhh i made a dogkin/caninekin/general nonhuman mix on 8tracks, for all my dogkin friends!

go easy on me, this is my first mix ever oAo; so its probably not that great heh


Track List

1. Who You Really Are by Adam Berry (Balto II Soundtrack)

2. Animal by Miike Snow

3. Furr by Blitzen Trapper

4. Shape Shifter by Local Natives

5. Where We Belong by Passion Pit

6. Howl by Florence + The Machine

7. Howlin’ For You by The Black Keys

8. Heartlines by Florence + The Machine

9. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cutie

10. Walking the Dog (RAC Mix) by Fun.

11. Wild Pack of Family Dogs by Modest Mouse


- reblog to enter

- no likes

- must be otherkin

- must be willing to give me your address

- if you could help with the shipping that would be great, but it’s not required !

- there will only be one winner


- one drawing of your kintype/kinsona by me

- one patch to do with your kintype by me

- one pin to do with your kintype by me

- two little extra things to do with your kintype (like a pencil or something)

have fun entering !