Please Read No.6!

You can read the novel translations here. They’re downloadable in a variety of formats, or you can just read them online. Personally, I downloaded them in epub format and read them on my phone.

I highly recommend this series. It’s much more popular as an anime, but that adaptation erases a lot of the things I love so much about it. The series notably includes a canon QP relationship between two boys (with no ‘gay panic’) as well as a canon NB character (although they are referred to with ‘he’ pronouns in this translation).

You can read the manga here, and the summaries for the unscanned portion here, if you’d like. I wouldn’t recommend the anime, but if you really want to watch it, you can find it here.


Yesterday, I finished making my Enjolras cosplay shirt, and after hearing some interest, I’m making them to sell. 

So, for your Les Amis, pirate, or general costume needs I am selling these handmade, custom tailored shirts at $35 each on Etsy (x). If I sell more than 20, I will make a shirt to give away for free, and all reblogs of this post will be counted as entries! (No need to follow me, though of course I’d love it if you did.)

If I can sell enough of them, my partner and I can travel to see a Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder in New York City for my birthday, so please signal boost (plus, you’ll be counted as an entry in the potential giveaway)!


Video version of pure #happiness. My challenge to you, teach your dog to do nothing. This is what it looks like. A #rottie, two #pitties, a #GSD and a #dobe. All fulfilled, calm state of mind, just relaxin, chillin like true #Californians. Just a moment in the life of this #dogtrainer. Pure joy. #attheendofyourleash .com - creating balance. 🙏❤️🐶🐾 #BFF #VIP #caninecompanions #CanineGoodCitizen #happydog #gratitude #forcefree #dognerd #dogsofinstagram #socal #superdogs #superheroes #allgoodthings #packsocialization #obedience #inlandempire #rottweilersofinstagram #riverside (at At the end of your leash! Balanced Dog Training & Rehabilitation Center)

**Snake!** 🐍
Do you see it!? It’s a dead, smooshed snake! While on our #packwalk this morning, Kathy, Patty and I saw this in the middle of the road. I have no idea what kind of #snake it is, or if its dangerous or not, but it’s a snake! That’s all I need to know. I’m not afraid of snakes, but I want my #dogs to be afraid of it and avoid them at all costs. That’s why I’m hosting the world renown Erick Briggs of Natural Solutions for #RattlesnakeAversion #dogtraining here #attheendofyourleash .com in just a couple of weeks. If you live in #socal and you walk your dogs, you need this. Please sign-up here: Don’t take chances with your #caninecompanions life. 🐍❤👍 (at At the end of your leash! Balanced dog training and rehabilitation center for complete canine wellness.)