canihaveitallback said: YES. She was the only one who was willing to tell him the truth. He’d become such a selfish prick. I wanted to punch his adorable face. OTP I tell you.

get him right in his round baby face. lmao

but seriously, i’m so glad that silver is interacting with dixon again because pls 1. otp and 2. mama speaks the truth.


canihaveitallback replied to your post:

I love how passionate you guys are about Navid getting his education. They only want the best for you Navid. So sweet.

Right?! We’re only trying to encourage what is best for him. it also conveniently gets him out of the way of my otp but shhhh.

tunnelvisionmirrors-deactivated said:

Lol your anons are hilarious. Yes, Silver cheated on Dixon & Ethan cheated on Naomi & Naomi cheated on Max & Annie cheated on Charlie & Liam cheated on Naomi & Ade cheated on Navid & Teddy cheated on Silver & Navid cheated on Ade. Dixon's the only one who hasn't really cheated so everyone can stop making Silver out to be the devil. Difference is Navid is the only one who never even seemed apologetic about breaking Adrianna's heart. He has his good moments but he's been a douche since season 3.


Gurrrl, you know whats up.

tunnelvisionmirrors-deactivated said:

Good to know someone agrees. I feel like Max was just someone to help her become a better person after the whole rape situation but I never felt like it was some epic love that was supposed to last forever. I definitely prefer her with Austin. There dynamic is amazing. He just seems like the perfect kind of guy for Naomi imo. Plus his character is much more tolerable when he's with Naomi. So far, PJ is cool too.

Yes! I definitely agree! I did like her with Max for a little while, but that whole storyline definitely was just about making Naomi mature a bit and move on after the rape storyline as well. I think that she worked really well with Austin and the chemistry between them is amazing. Yeah, PJ is pretty cool too, but I mostly only like him because I already have a crush on Nick Zano. I hope the writers still give Naustin a chance, although it doesn’t look too good right now. :/

tunnelvisionmirrors-deactivated said:

Random: use 3 words to describe each of the following pairings: Liam & Annie, Liam & Silver, Ivy & Raj, Ivy & Dixon, Ade & Navid, Ade & Dixon, Dixon & Silver, Naomi & Austin, Naomi & Max, and Austin & Ade.

Liam & Annie: Adorable, Comfortable, Loving
Liam & Silver: Supportive (“Silver I’m there for you. Whatever you need… I’m your guy.”), Flawless, Electric (THEIR CHEMISTRY IS THROUGH THE ROOF.)
Ivy & Raj: TEARS, beautiful, mature
Ivy & Dixon: disappointing, ruined, BOB MARLEY
Ade & Navid: one sided, crazy, high school sweethearts
Ade & Dixon: EPIC, sweet, supportive, something about pinkies.
Dixon & Silver: Unpredictable, ruined (FU writers), perfect (WHILE IT LASTED)
Naomi & Austin: SEX, UNF, SEX
Naomi & Max: Challenging, intelligent, mature (but, I am perfectly content with them remaining in the past…)
Austin & Ade: Just threw up.

tunnelvisionmirrors-deactivated said:

"only suitable alternative to Addixon. actually preferred tbh" hahaha Agreed. I was all for addixon up until this season. But recently, all they've done is fuck each other over immensely, it's hard to ship them now. I love Lowndes and Tristan but nothing beats him and Stroup's chemistry for me. I ship Tressica almost as much as Sixon haha.

SAME SERIOUSLY. I mean in the history of shitty break ups, Sixon got the shittiest. All that stuff with Silver suddenly pining over Ethan? like WTH. Just because Dustin and Jessica were together in real life. that shit was purely fanservice and I didn’t have time for it. Sixon is BOTH Jess and Tristan’s otp, and they’ve been saying since day one they want them together so i’m seriously not surprised Sixon is making a comeback. addixon was beautiful, but then they got seriously fucked up and just fuck each over and not in the fun sexy way. sigh.

tunnelvisionmirrors-deactivated said:

BBY!!!!! I have not seen 90210 in weeks but I see Addixon is done. Is it for good or is there still hope?

bbs! missed you! check my new gifs! still some hope. IDK what’s to come though. I keep sorta thinking they may go soapy make ea. other vengeful, nasty/jealous and eventually screw up route w/ them. I saw a new promo of next weeks epi. that isn’t online yet during the commercials of HOD yesterday. 

tunnelvisionmirrors-deactivated said:

I meant to ask you the same thing I asked Mily. If Dixon being in a car accident is the case, what exactly do you think happens with Ade in the last 4 episodes, how do you think she'll react and what do you see happening with them next season?

Oh, boy. If Dixon really does get into an accident I know Ade will be crushed. We’ve seen how much she cares about her and even if the Ade x Ausin rumors are true, she’ll be the first one through the hospital doors. I’m still feeling confident that they will reunite next season. Car crash or not.


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Not to intrude or anything but I agree. I highly doubt Addixon is over. Their relationship is very different than his with Silver and Ivy. The only way I could see it being over is if they were revisiting her and Navid but that’s not the case so…

Amen. I’m with you on this one. I just can’t see them being over at all. Unless, like you said they were revisiting Navid & Ade, which doesn’t seem likely since they’re trying to set us up with a Navid x Silver x Liam triangle for the next few episodes. I highly doubt they’re going to give up on such a great couple so soon, so we just need to keep watching, so the ratings are good enough to get a fifth season.