mmmmmm, Love these cars, built like a pit bull with the wide body they just look like a brawler. This car was wrapped when it came in but….im thinking it was done by one of those back yard wrappers, you know the ones, (yeah I can do a special price) and then all that follows.
Anyway a strip and re-wrap was the fix and gives the owner a fresh look at the same time so off we went. Full re-wrap true blood candy and a rims respray to complete. Home run as far as I’m concerned!


Cock(tail) loving 😍 popping candy RIM 🙈😂 @charley_a_smith #london #tgifridays #bubblegum #daquiris #GhettoRomanceTour #damagewerecomingforya

Kim So Eun Bravely Tries a Candy Kiss with Song Jae Rim on “We Got Married”: Kim So Eun of “We Got Married” surprised her virtual partner Song Jae Rim with her audacity.

On the April 25 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Kim So Eun bravely attempts a candy kiss with Song Jae Rim.

The couple, who got a new house in the countryside, continue their rural life. Kim So Eun prepares an arrowroot juice and candy for Song Jae Rim, who is relaxing in the yard.

When Song Jae Rim finishes his cup of arrowroot juice, she looks at her husband with the candy between her teeth, as if to ask for a kiss. However, Song Jae Rim pushes the candy into her mouth with his finger, inciting laughter.

In the interview that follows, Song Jae Rim says, “Recently, Kim So Eun became sneaky. I’d rather bite her lip, not the candy. Harder.”

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