As a thank you for all of the wonderful followers that Tumblr has given me, I’m doing a big fat, colour-themed giveaway. This box is full of magickal treasures and trinkets that I will ship ANYWHERE in the world! I’ve followed a red and white theme, so please enjoy both the items and the aesthetics.


  • You MUST be following me! This is a thank you to my followers, after all.
  • Do NOT tag this as a giveaway! It could be removed if you do.
  • No giveaway blogs, please and thank you. I’m always watching.
  • Only reblogs count, but only one will be counted (I don’t want you to spam your friends <3)
  • Must be willing to give me your address, otherwise I can’t send it to you. 
  • Have your ask open!
  • If you don’t reply to my ask in 48 hours, I will pick a runner up until I can send out the package. 
  • Ends on April 27th, at which point the winner will be randomly selected!


  • One white cloth satchel tied with red thread, filled with 6 tealight candles
  • Three boxes of incense cones in “Fresh Linen,” “Black Cherry,” and “Apple Cinnamon”
  • Two red memo, reporter-fold notebooks 
  • Two flameless, battery-operated tealight candles 
  • Two white taper candles and one red taper candle
  • One corked vial of dried hibiscus flowers
  • One medium quartz crystal
  • Three pouches of herb seeds for thyme, basil, and parsley 
  • One magickal Altoids Witchcraft/Altar kit which includes:
    • One black velvet bag 
    • One quartz crystal shard (not the one pictured; I’m still waiting for my shipment to here her with the real one)
    • Some hemp cord, #10
    • Two tiny corked glass bottles, one with Epsom salt 
    • One block of charcoal 
    • Two dragon’s blood dhoop cones 
    • A quarter for the incense cones to burn on
    • Four birthday candles (pink, blue, yellow, white)
    • Dried and pressed rosemary 
    • Dried bay leaf
    • Small bits of parchment paper
    • A handful of small seashell beads 
    • A small feather
    • If my shipment comes before sending this out, I’ll put a little pentagram necklace/charm in there, too
      • (this kit will not include matches due to shipping issues)

I hope you all have a fun time with this! Thank you for 300 followers, and I’m sure many more to come!