Tales of Herstia: The Lovers’ Story - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 of the Lovers’ Story!

So, I feel I haven’t done as good a job on this as I was hoping, but I wanted to get this done, so here we go! I felt pretty ambitious with this picture, even with the background, which btw, is something that I’m actually not very good at, so even if this bg is mediocre at best, I feel proud of it.

So, the series begins, or at least, on deviantART it does. Sooner or later I’ll find somewhere else better suited to host the series, especially seeing as there will be some content I won’t be able to post on here. The chapter, I feel, isn’t very strongly written either, but I’ll likely be re-writing that eventually. As for the picture, well, it won’t be alone either. Once I find a better hosting space I’ll be drawing multiple pieces of art for each chapter.

There’s swearing and perhaps very mild trigger material in the text below, under the cut; just a warning! Enjoy!

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What I'm Listening to at 4:30

So, since u have no access to a computer the only solution is to type it out.

TITLE: Overture/ Happy Harbor
ARTIST: Zip Souza
ALBUM: Candescence

When it first starts it sounds like the beginning to The Social Network, but as the song progresses it slowly turns from a looming sense of negativity to the “light at the end of the tunnel” feel. Good song, yup yup! You can ask him to post it later!

to speak of money was to speak

for notjustcookies

there’s a bullwhip in my left hand.
it was night— as i have recently been
hired as a nocturnal creature— &
i bought it at a garage sale.

behind tattered gambling table,
a woman with hair, candescent
chrome scalp. she had yr face,
i thought for a flicker of time

but she had no face at all. Precious
Moments porcelain fingers, rubber
band ball hand & a wave in my
direction. coodle-doo! coodle-doo!

o! did words flow from my mouth?
hole with unmoving lips, flitting tongue.
vowels alone thrumming drone
mimic the cow & the wolf & loon’s

muddy croon. tried to ask how much,
to speak of money was to speak Her
name. the woman laughed & passed
some gas, opened the lockbox of

green & grey, offered me cookies
offered a friend in the devil. she winked
as i filched, flaked away on the wind. so,
this is for you, as i have her shivering.

Just for people who don’t get it yet, I freely talk about how i am against the FA movement to my overweight mother, However; my mother has lost at least 40 pounds over the last couple of months and is looking better and healthier by the day, she has less back pains and knee pains. She’s rarely getting sick, My mother whom in her beautifully candescent adulthood, worked up the courage, no, an agreeance with her body to remain healthy so if one thing gets her down in life it won’t be her weight. And for that I freely remark about how proud of her I truly. Which is why i take no shit from the FA movement.


Si… stiu ca e ceva normal la varsta mea sa te indragostesti visand ca totul poate fi asa cum poate ai vazut in filme sau cum ai citit in carti ..dar nu pot intelege de ce este atat de greu sa iti exprimi sentimentele pentru o anumita persoana .Eu ,sincer,am o teama ,desi este destul de ascunsa ca nimeni sa nu o observe ,imi naruie toate sperantele..Ma da peste cap si ma readuce de unde am pornit! Nu pot sa ma prefac ca nu il cunosc .. sau ca nu mi-am dorit niciodata sa il strang in brate dar pana acum doar zambetul lui mi-a fost de ajuns.Mi-a alimentat doar si cu un simplu ”Buna” sentimentele. Ba chiar m-a facut sa ma candesc la ”noi” ,ca si cum am forma ceva ,ceva frumos ,ceva ce poate dura ….Dar sunt multe sentimente nutrite intr-un singur gand ce piere odata cu invrangerea mea, in ceea ce priveste somnul …si reapare in visele pe care doar noaptea le poate intelege …

Data barns loom like sublime cities in the desert, each housing a hundred trillion indexed points. We circle the colossus, dwarfed, drawn in by the mirrored candescence of inexhaustible machines performing calculations at a rate beyond imagination. Within, stacks of data, their lifetimes transient yet precisely accounted, pile furiously, and yet the machines continue to tame them. We suspect their mastery hints at our own latent capacities: for greater comprehension, for control. 

candescent said:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. (non-negotiable)

Hmm ok 5 things I like about myself
1. my hair ofc
2. my eyes
3. my clothes
4. my fab personality
5. my taste in music is 10/10

candescent said:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. (non-negotiable)

Ahhh oh god, alright

1. I have really soft hair

2. My eyes are like hella cool

3. I’m pretty good at speaking Spanglish

4. I’m amazing at staying in my room all day

5. I can make ramen

Thank youuuu

candescent said:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. (non-negotiable)

- my hair
- my eyes
- my skin (tans easily)
- my taste in friends
- my taste in music

That’s all :) x