signs as bastille songs

aries - daniel in the den
taurus - haunt
gemini - overjoyed
cancer - oblivion
leo - torn apart
virgo - sleepsong
libra - bite down
scorpio - blame
sagittarius - poet
capricorn - skulls
aquarius - laura palmer
pisces - icarus

The Signs- Best Personality Traits

Every zodiac sign is different and wonderful in their own way. Here is what is best about your sign and why everyone loves YOU! <3

Aries: Generosity. You are a extremely generous and caring person to everyone you love.


Taurus: Patience. You are the most patient out of all the signs. This makes you a amazing person to be around especially in a tense situation.


Gemini: Cleverness. You have sharp wit and an amazing sense of humor. You know exactly know what to do in every situation and this makes you a great person to be around.


Cancer: Loyalty. You always defend your loved ones and are a natural born protector and nurturer. Anyone would be lucky enough to have you as a friend.


Leo: Confidence. Everyone is jealous of your extreme confidence. You can take control over any situation your enthusiasm attracts almost everyone around you.


Virgo: Helpfulness. You are extremely reliable and everyone trusts you to give thoughtful opinions and solve difficult problems.


Libra: Peacefulness. We can all count on you to keep the peace and remain calm in hard situations. Your friends love you for this, especially because of your charm and gracefulness.


Scorpio: Passion. Your passionate nature can be a huge advantage in every day life. You will succeed in your career and any relationship you come across.


Sagittarius: Independence. Your crave for adventure and excitement is the most interesting thing a person can have. Everyone loves how you are always so independent and fearless.


Capricorn: Ambition. You are so hardworking and responsible. You are constantly there for your friends and still manage to stay on top of your endless activities. This is probably the most greatest asset a person can have.


Aquarius: Originality. No one could ever be the same as you. You are  incredibly unique and everyone idealizes you for it .


Pisces: Compassion. No matter what you always see other people’s side to the story. You will go out of your way to help a friend and this a great trait to have.



The Signs Best Physical Features: -

The Signs- Strengths and Weaknesses: -

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower Quotes for the Signs

Perks is like our favorite movie (and book), so this one was kind of destined to appear on our dash sooner or later ;D

I’ll include little explanations :3

Note: not actually the character the signs would be. Might do that later. Most of the quotes are Charlie

Also note that we’re basing this on the quote and not necessarily the situation.



Aries are fiercely protective of those they love. (like Scorpio, but I think sometimes more intensely. Depending on the individual)



Sometimes it’s hard to tell what a Taurus is thinking. Sometimes they’re not the best at explaining themselves and are misunderstood, and this frustrates them. (based on our experiences with Tauruses)



Could apply to a lot of Gemini situations. A major one is that Geminis are always trying to make a joke out of everything to keep the mood light. They don’t like things being serious all the time. (we’ve noticed that Libra kind of does this, but maybe not to such an extent as Gemini)



This one is hard to explain (it just seems very Cancer-ish to us), but we’ll try! Sorry in advance… I suppose that Cancers are very protective of their families, so this one could easily apply to them… Yeah we’re not sure how to word this sorry(: But it’s a good thing that it reminds us of Cancer, trust me!



This one is also just very Leo. They love to be admired, but they don’t like to be fake about it. They want people to really get to know them so that they can be surrounded by people who genuinely like them; this makes them feel important, and also, no one likes to feel like they’re surrounded by fake friends.



Virgos are very observant, and they’ll notice things like this way before anyone else. Virgos are fairly picky about who they date, so I guess it hurts them more when their significant other turns out to be not who they thought, since they think they waited long enough to know who they really are. They’re also very protective of their loved ones, just not in such a physical way as Aries, usually. (I hope this makes sense)



Libras love harmony, and they just want everyone to be happy, even (and usually) at the expense of their own happiness. They’ll do just about anything to keep the peace, even suppress their own feelings, which they do regularly. It’s often hard to tell how a Libra feels about even the small things because they hide their feelings thinking it will make others happy and not cause drama. (coming from a Libra, I can verify that this sucks sometimes most of the time)



It’s no secret that Scorpios are secretive. But it is pretty not-widely-known that they’re actually really self-conscious behind all their confidence. They’re scared of being judged even though they can be a bit judgmental without meaning to. They hide their true selves, and you’re really lucky if they truly open up to you (though I really don’t know why since I -Rachel- have two Scorpio friends and they are seriously the coolest people)



Sagittariuses are generally huge believers in the saying “you can’t learn to love others until you learn to love yourself.” They don’t like seeing their loved ones put themselves down. (fiercely protective also)



Capricorns are generally reserved, so it can come as a shock to them when people notice them out of a group of people. All the Capricorns we know seem to have self-confidence issues even though they’re awesome. (seriously. Caps rock)



Aquariuses pride themselves in being unique; they lovee being different. But, much like Scorpios, they can be pretty secretive. They’re self-conscious despite their uniqueness. (which is crazy since they’re also pretty damn cool)



Pisces are often called the crybaby of the zodiac, and while some do cry a lot, it’s much deeper than that. They are extremely empathetic. They feel others’ pain like their own and it’s very hard for them to not react to it. (it’s okay, Pisces. I know that feels -very empathetic Rachel-)

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Cancers tend to feel a constant longing, an urgency for something never actualized, a desperation they will never fill the missing spot. The space in Cancer that forever seems a black abyss can only be filled with self love.

The signs after a horror movie

Cancer: (shushes everyone) guys… Did you hear that…
Pisces: i heard nothing…ha hah a (sweats)
Aquarius: (says something nasty relating to the movie to scare everyone some more)
Taurus: ok no i think i can hear it too………. (tries to convince themselves otherwise)
Leo: (sighs dramatically) FINE i’ll go check it out
Scorpio: stop being such babies. It was just a movie. Chill
Virgo: ok honestly. The chances that we are going to be butchered to death tonight are very slim. (Does some statistics in their head)
Aries: fuck u all. I’m gonna crap myself RIGHT NOW immediately. Why haven’t we turned the lights on? FuCk the dark
Capricorn: guys where is Leo. They haven’t returned wtf (chews nails)
Sagittarius: (says some more nasty shit relating to the movie to make everyone nervous about Leo’s disappearance)
Libra: guys. Take a deep breath. They’ll be back. In the mean time let’s do something to take everyone’s mind off it
Gemini: (jumps out to scare everyone)

Zodiac + Visual Kei Aesthetic
  • Aries:the adorably androgynous, spiky-haired one
  • Taurus:the rose-loving kote kei prince type
  • Gemini:oshare/decora kei, look is always changing dramatically
  • Cancer:sexy vampire that is quite loving
  • Leo:popular, punky oshare kei cutie
  • Virgo:minimalist soft v-kei
  • Libra:elegant lolita/neo-kote kei
  • Scorpio:goth lolita all the way
  • Sagittarius:angry, drunken redhead that kicks ass on guitar
  • Capricorn:hardcore Nagoya kei rocker, secretly a huge dork
  • Aquarius:post-visual, very unique tastes but why u scream so much
  • Pisces:lots of glitter/jewelry, plus some fuzzy kitty ears bc why not

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How Your Astrological Moon Sign Describes your Mother...

Aries - Your relationship with your mother is never boring. She is strong, emotionally clear and direct. However, because of…(Click to read article)

Taurus - As a moon in Taurus person, you have high expectations of your mother’s ability to provide for your practical, every-day needs. You expect her to be…(Click to read article)

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Leo - A big presence, whether for the better or worse, describes your mother. She is expressive and doesn’t hold back her…(Click to read article)

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Aquarius - Your emotional maturity and strength is fully developed from such a young age that your mother’s ability to help you grow and support you is almost…(Click to read article)

Pisces - Its seems that your mother is forever surmounting difficulties. An emotional strength that isn’t always…(Click to rear article)

The Signs As Weather


heavy snow, blizzard like


a chilly but sunny day


bright sun and blistering heat


kind of a neutral day; not too sunny


a pretty nice day that starts to rain once it passes two pm


light snow; not much sun or anything


extremely cold day; no wind or rain


calm breeze and spring feel


very hot and humid; sticky air


feels wintery but has a lot of sun and is bright


really heavy rain


cloudy and a little bit of drizzling rain.
The Signs and Their Fetishes
  • Aries:Finds pleasure in raw and high-adrenaline experiences, such as wrestling, hair-pulling, and hardcore sex.
  • Taurus:Anything involving food and sex, deep kisses, and hickies (Taurus rules the neck).
  • Gemini:Objects and activities that satisfy their short attention-span, such as oral sex, blindfolds, quickies, sex toys and dirty talking.
  • Cancer:Slow and intense love-making, leather, fur, nipple-play, belly-rubbing, anything that reminds them that they are loved.
  • Leo:Exhibitionism is what makes these folks tick! Think biting, scratching, sex in public places, and strip teases.
  • Virgo:A sign of servitude, Virgos love to perfect and please in submissive roles, handcuffs, or a sexy (and classy) lingerie.
  • Libra:Their erogenous zone is the small of the back and the buttocks, so they'll enjoy spanking, butt play and role-playing.
  • Scorpio:These folks love a good mystery and pushing the envelope, so they delight in bondage, S/M, dungeon play, sex in public, and blindfolding.
  • Sagittarius:Adventure is Sagittarius' life blood, they're the ones most likely to try sex board games and Kamasutra positions.
  • Capricorn:Ambitious and earthy Capricorns are utterly spellbounded by high heels, corsets, boardroom sex, older men/women, forest or beach sex!
  • Aquarius:Aquarius will fetishize anything that seems futuristic, progressive or risqué, such as cyber/phone sex, group sex, caming, sex toys, or bad boy/girl types.
  • Pisces:Pisces rules the feet, so you can count on toe-sucking, foot-worship, shoes, as well as voyeurism.
A team led by UM doctoral student David Hauser asked 313 volunteers to read a description of colorectal cancer; some of the passages contained war metaphors like “enemy uprising,” while others featured drier descriptions without war metaphors. The volunteers were then asked to rate how likely they were to engage in certain cancer-prevention habits, like limiting alcohol and red meat, and they found that the people who’d been primed with the war metaphors were less likely to say they’d act according to the preventive measures.

These findings suggest that words like “enemy” or “fight” (tested in a separate experiment) emphasize aggression, and so they may cause people to place less importance on proven cancer-prevention measures that are more aligned with restraint, Hauser and colleagues say in the release for their new paper. While it’s always tricky to apply findings from a laboratory study to the messy real world, combining this study with Bach’s argument certainly makes a good case for ditching the martial metaphors.
zodiac signs as vines