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“We are none of us more than twenty years old. But young? Youth? That is long ago.”
All Quiet on the Western Front


“Coffee is the fucking lifeline of my fucking job. STOP LOOKING AT ME!”

Another independently funded and filmed documentary on the Canadian experience in the Afghanistan war, filmed and produced by Canadian troops in the field and featuring actual helmet cam footage of the war in Afghanistan.


D-Day Then and Now V

70 years ago today, on June 6th, 1944 the Western Allies’ armies landed in the Normandy region of France, beginning their push through Europe for Germany that would, combined with the Soviet onslaught from the east, result in the fall of Nazi Germany within the next year. 

In 2014, as we approach the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion, Peter Chris Helgren returned to the invasion grounds to photograph the locations of some iconic - and lessor known - images from the Allied invasion. Presented here are some of the “Then” and “Now” photographs.