• Wth, why are ereri and eruri shippers throwing shade so much all of a sudden? I knew this sort of happened somewhat before now, but it seems to have ramped up out of nowhere.
  • I can throw shade with the best of them if I so choose, but I find starting shit over Fictional Pairings to be fucking childish. I don't give a rat's ass what ships someone likes, because it's just a personal preference.
  • So what if someone likes my notp? Good for them. So what if someone doesn't like my opt? Oh well, just isn't for them. I see people gloating over a lame ship hate post they make and I just roll my eyes.
  • How about if you don't fucking like it, ignore it? I don't go on here for bullshit drama, I get enough of that in my actual life. Let's just enjoy our own ships, and bitch about the ones we don't like over tea with friends, in private. <3

Literally the first person to comment called him daddy on both posts! CAN WE NOT?! Please?!

Mark is still a person and should be treated as one. He’s someone who we should treat as a friend and a inspiration to thousands. Not as some egotistical celebrity that likes being called daddy -_- I don’t think he wants to see that kind of thing..

I replaced the picture of the girl’s tweets. She shouldn’t deserve the hate even if she was being disrespectful. 

I love you guys. Thank you for agreeing with my opinion, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. 

can we talk about how for the last year of the first war lily and james were in hiding and remus was in deep cover with the werewolves, so it was most likely peter and sirius who were probably most often paired together for missions.

sirius sitting in azkaban replaying every single conversation he had with peter over the course of that year–all the ‘there’s a spy, wormy’ and them speculating and peter laying out very subtle aspersions against remus that slowly started to take hold–and blaming himself because it was his damned idea to make peter secret keeper and they spent so much time together that year and he really ought to have known

reason #92803 why sirius black breaks my heart

I sincerely do not understand why people repost fics to other sites, crediting the original author, but not actually getting permission first??

Like, I’ve had fics translated to French, Russian, Chinese, German, others.  I’ve had people ask if they could post a fic to a message board that is affiliated with the original fandom.  Someone even recorded podfics of a few of the Merlin ones.

And you know what they all have in common?  THEY ASKED ME FIRST.  AND I SAID YES TO ALL OF THESE PEOPLE.  Literally all I ask for in return is the common courtesy of asking me first and then providing me with a link to wherever it ends up.  THAT IS IT.  IT’S THAT EASY.

Preston burke manipulated cristina so much that she even admitted that he changed her so much that she didn’t even recognize herself… “the love of her life” meanwhile owen practically tore his entire heart out of his body trying to readjust his own needs to fit with cristinas and then in the end had to let her go because he didnt want her to have to do something that would make her unhappy for him…but i mean burkes the love of her life HA HAahahAHh

Can I just say...

Jake used his Hope powers to protect ALL his friends, not just ‘his Dirk’. All the art and speculation of this pisses me off.

Jane and Roxy got injured too, why does their well being mean shit… but Jake is all like “Oh no! My boyfriend! Fuck my friends who have always been there for me and been through things with me, I only care about a RELATIONSHIP!!”

Does this mean when Jake got STABBED for Jane in Game Over that he accidentally thought she was Dirk too and it’s the only reason he does anything anymore to the fandom eyes?

So let’s say you, two of you bestfriends from childhood, and your boyfriend are all getting the fuck beat out of you. It’s the equivalent of flipping the bird to your friends up until your boyfriend starts getting hurt that you even do something.

I hope to god you people IRL aren’t this petty

Dirk certainly wasn’t just doing it for Jake, he got back up SEVERAL times to fight through out the whole debacle. This is something he just does, he is obviously the strongest or atleast the most determined. We’ve seen it when he had to cut off his own HEAD to get shit done, and he did it with limited hesitation (if any).

Yes Jake saved him, but Jake saved EVERYBODY. PERIOD.