Never Send A Rabbit To Do A Dogs Job. Unless They Are This Good At It.

Sheep herding is a long standing and respected career for dogs. The majesty, the esteem, and the admiration of humans and fellow animals (probably). No other animal could do the job! Right? Well this rabbit didn’t get the memo! He can herd better than his canine counterparts, and it’s incredibly impressive! Go Rabbit, Go!

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You are a try hard motherfucker. Man you are 25 years old, up here acting like a 17 year old. I guess its true when they say addicts stop emotionally maturing beyond the age they get addicted, I can only assume you started drugs young as hell based off how you act. Grow the fuck up, you are five years away from 30, posting photos of yourself, middle fingers up like a teenager. Truly gives me the worst second hand embarrassment.

  1. beyond flipping off the camera, how else do i act 17? 
  2. why is acting 17 an insult to you? 
  3. how is my perceived immaturity any better than your bitter ass anonymous policing of my behavior on a social media site? 
  4. this message is more embarrassing than anything i’ve ever done in my entire life
  5. your view of addiction is seriously flawed/hurtful 
  6. why should i care what embarrasses you?
  7. it seems like you’ve “grown up” enough for all of us
  8. you made me laugh, thanks
"Hammer Time" with Niklas Hjalmarsson

Somewhere along the line, sacrificing your body became a huge part of your mindset. You led the Blackhawks last year with 157 blocked shots, which is almost two a game.
It seems like the shots are getting harder and harder. Players are getting bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. I guess the bruises get bigger and bigger, too. You have to pick your spots, and I think I’ve been better at that than when I used to try to block shots all the time. You can almost feel that this guy’s shot is not going to hit the net, so you don’t have to try to block it. But you also have to try to make sure, if you go to block a shot, that you are not screening your own goalie.

How does Elina feel about all this?
Well, every once in a while she says to me, “You can’t keep doing this…You can’t keep doing what you’re doing.” I tell her that it’s my job. I will heal.

Since you’ve become a husband and a father, it’s not like you’ve backed off. You’re as fearless as ever.
I want to be a good role model for my son. Always play hard and do your best.

You want Theo to grow up and throw his body in front of pucks, too?
He’s not even 1 year old, and he’s already grabbing the hockey stick and fooling around with it. But to be honest with you, I think somewhere along the line I will show him a soccer ball.

Does any facet of blocking shots worry you?
Oh, you get banged up and frustrated. You get home late at night, and it hurts to walk up to your bed. It’s frustration, though. I don’t get scared.

You obviously don’t play that way. But against the Minnesota Wild in the playoffs last spring, you got hit square in the throat. Players have lost their voice like that, forever. You didn’t have to talk to us for two weeks, which had to feel nice, but that didn’t frighten you even a little bit?
I remember that game. I got hit, and it became harder and harder to breathe. If it had gone on much longer, I could not have played any more shifts. The breathing got worse. But I never worried about losing my voice. The newspapers made a lot out of it, but it honestly didn’t feel that bad. Doctors told me just not to talk for a couple weeks.

There was also an incident in Toronto early last November.
I got hit with a puck near my eye. I texted Elina that I got hit in the face, but I was all right. When we got home, she was asleep. She didn’t really see me until the next morning. Freaked her out a little bit.

- Blackhawks Magazine March/April 2015 Issue [X]


"Oh, God, I am so sorry!" says the voice of the boy who just bumped into you, spilling the coffee you were carrying all over you and the New York sidewalk.

You sigh and bend down to pick up the cup and throw it in the trashcan.

"That’s okay, I always hated this shirt anyways," you say, squeezing some of the coffee out of your white work blouse.

You look up at the boy who bumped into you. He has brown, almost blond, hair, perfect cheekbones, and hazelly eyes. He’s a few inches taller than you, and he’s wearing a jean jacket, with a Ramones shirt underneath, and black jeans on.

He looks at you, staring into your eyes and smiling, showing off his dimples.

"I can buy you some more, if you want," he says, clearly hopeful.

You laugh a little at his attempt. “I actually better be getting to work, I’m gonna be late, especially now that I have to go home and change,” you say back cheekily.

"Aw man, I’m sorry, this is my fault. Here, don’t go home and change, you can wear my jacket over," he says, pulling his jacket off and handing it to you, revealing large muscles.

His hand is still outstretched, offering you the jacket. You are really tempted to take it, just because this is the most cliche meeting ever, and would make for a really cute story some day. You smile a little smile and take the jacket. You can’t believe the classic “coffee-spill in the street” thing is happening to you.

"How am I supposed to get this back to you?"

"Well, I guess I will just have to give you my number," he says, taking out a pen and grabbing your hand. He writes his name and number on your palm, releases your hand, winks, and walks right on past you.

6 Months Later:

"Ashton! Hurry up! We’re going to be late!" you shout from the front door, zipping up your boots.

He runs up to the door, sliding the last few feet on his socks, grabbing your waist and stepping up close to you, kissing you softly, too softly, teasing you.

He throws on his shoes, and opens the door for you. You two are on your way to dinner with your parents. 

After a long cab ride of you trying to calm his nerves, you and Ashton arrive at the Italian bistro, walking in to see your parents sitting at a table on the other side of the restaurant. You squeeze Ashton’s hand and lead him across the room, sitting down on the side of the table that’s unoccupied. 

Ashton introduces himself to your parents, smiling the whole time. You put your hand on his thigh to provide comfort. He rests his hand on top of yours, occasionally looking over at you and showing you his beautiful dimples.

"So, Ashton," your father says to him, changing the joking, light hearted tone of the conversation to a more serious one. 

"Yes, sir?" Ashton says, turning his focus away from you to your father.

And there your dad goes, asking the most basic dad question of all time:

"So what exactly are your intentions with my daughter?"

"Really, Dad?" you say, raising your eyebrows at him.

"What? It’s a fair question!" he says to you, and then turns his eyes back to Ashton.

You feel Ashton squeeze your hand, still on his thigh.

"Well, sir, to be perfectly frank, I intend to marry your daughter."

Silence. Just silence falls over the table, Ashton with a smug look on his face, your parents an astonished look, and you a blank one.

Ashton looks over at you to see your shy smile and eyes wide with wonder. You two have never talked about where  your relationship is going, it all still seemed new, but there’s a strange comfort to knowing just how serious Ashton is about your relationship. 

In silent response, you twist your hand so that your fingers are now intertwined, showing him your reply without having to say anything.

1 year after that:

You and Ashton are walking down the street in Italy, smelling the mixture of a hundred different smells from the street vendors around you.

Ashton’s arm is around your waist, holding you close. Although you two decided to leave the villa just for a casual evening walk, he starts to lead you purposefully into a street that opens up into a park at the end. You pull away from his waist hold and lace your fingers with his. 

"So… where are we going?" you ask him as you check the time. 8:30, but the sun is still out, the beginning of summer starting to take effect on day length.

"Just thought this park was pretty when I was here a few days ago," he says.

You look ahead to see a big hill, blocking the sun, with wooden stairs leading up to it. There’s a huge tree off to one side on the top of the hill, making a perfect scene, so naturally, you pause to take a picture of the landscape.

"Want to go up there?" Ashton asks you hopefully.

"Sure, it looks gorgeous," you respond.

As you two walk towards the wooden stairs, he swings your laced fingers back and forth, making you smile and look down at the ground.

As you reach the top of the hill, you see a picnic blanket laid out with a picnic basket.

"Why… what on Earth could that be doing there?" Ashton says, faking a gasp.

You stop walking and pull Ashton right up close in front of you, placing your hands on his shoulder/neck area, and feeling his breath on you as he places his hands on your hips.

You tip toe a little to reach up and kiss him. He pulls you into him as you get more into the kiss, finally pulling away and going over to sit on the picnic blanket. Ashton follows you and sits next to you, putting his arm around you. 

You look off into the distance, into the Italian sunset, the sky clear with the exception of a few small clouds.

Ashton reaches forwards and grabs the picnic basket, opening the top, reaching in and digging around for something.

"Ash, as much as I would love to share a picnic right now, we just are, like 20 minutes ago," you say.

"That’s okay," he says, placing the picnic next to him and closing it. "Let me show you something," he says, standing up and offering you his hands to help you up.

You take his hands and stand up. He leads you over to the side of the hill so that you’re both looking out over the city, the sun setting in the distance. He points somewhere in the city;

"Look. See it?" he says to you.

You squint but still have no idea what he’s pointing to. “Uh… no? What am I looking for?”

He stops pointing and describes it.

"The white thing… look down there… near that red building… it’s kind of small… but if you look closely…" 

You keep squinting, trying to find the red building and the white thing, but have no idea where you’re even supposed to be looking.

Ashton isn’t next to you anymore. You start to turn around to see Ashton.

"Ashton, I still don’t kno-"

You finish turning to see Ashton on one knee, looking up at you, the light of the sun set glinting in his dirty blond hair.

Your eyes widen and you can feel yourself blushing.

"(Y/N), let me start by saying I love you. I knew from the first moment I bumped into you that I wanted to marry you. And here we are, a year and half later, and, at least for me, nothing’s changed," he reaches into his pocket and takes out a velvet box. "So, would you, please, for the love of all that is good and holy, do me the absolute honor of marrying me?" 

He opens the box, revealing a thin, silver band with a diamond perfectly set on top. A simple design, the kind you have always admired. He knows you so well.

"Yes, of course I will, Ash," you say, smiling sweetly at him.

He lets out a big breath and stands up, fumbling to get the ring out of the box and onto your finger.

You put your arms around his neck, squeezing tightly, feeling his arms wrap firmly around your back and pick you off the ground. He spins you around, faster and faster. You can tell he’s enjoying himself, he’s giggling into your hair. He releases you, but as soon as your feet hit the ground, he pulls you in again for another kiss, placing his large hands on the back of your neck.

"I love you," he says as he pulls away.

"Yeah, you’re okay, I guess," you say back with a smile.

1 month later:

"Hey, let’s do something tonight," Ashton says, pausing the TV and looking at you.

"Like what?" you say back, curious as to what he has in mind.

"Like… get married."

"Wait, what?" you say, taken aback.

"Why don’t we just get married tonight?"

"Well… because… I thought… don’t  you want a big wedding?"

"No, not really. If you do, it’s not big deal, we can wait, I just don’t want to wait any longer to be married to you," he says, shrugging. "We have our marriage license, anyways."

You turn your head and look down at your engagement ring. This seemed so much less complicated, and would be so simple and easy.

"Okay, let’s do it," you say, smiling.

 4 months later:

You hear the front door open and shut, and the sound of Ashton’s shoes coming off and hitting the floor.

"Baby?" he calls out through the house.

"In the bedroom!" you call from the bed. You’re too comfy to move, wearing Ashton’s boxers and old t-shirt.

He appears in the door way, gazing at you in the pale light of the gray outside sky. He hops onto the bed with you as you lock your phone and toss it softly to one side.

You smile at what you’re planning.

"Hey, babe, would you go get me some floss from the bathroom?" you say casually. 

"Yeah, sure," he says, getting off the bed and walking into the bathroom.

You wait and listen.

"Oh my fucking God. Are you serious?! Is this a prank?!" he says, practically shouting and holding something in his hand, walking out of the bathroom quickly and staring at you. "If this is a prank, it’s mean and wrong! Very wrong!"

He holds up the positive pregnancy test you purposely left on the bathroom counter for him to find and points to it dramatically.

"Is this serious? Or are you fucking with me?"

You grin at him. “It’s serious,” you say. “I’m pregnant.”

He drops the pregnancy test, jumps on the bed and grabs your face, kissing you all over.

 Sorry this is kinda weird, not sure how I feel about it, just thought I would try something new. :) have an amazing night and remember you are all special and wonderful!

Because I don’t want to think about the possibility of Lexa not surviving the series finale, I’ve been thinking about harm befalling the other half of the OTP.  Obviously Clarke’s not going anywhere, but what if she got seriously injured, and Lexa thought she was dead or going to die?  She sees Clarke fall and cries out her name, rushing to her, but she stops dead a couple of steps away.  ’Not again!' she's thinking 'this can’t be happening again!'  

And she’s just standing there breathing heavily and looking broken, until finally she registers the cries of ‘Heda! Heda! Heda!’ around her.  As that builds in volume her broken expression hardens, then turns into intense rage, and she raises her sword as she turns and just roars in wordless fury.  Her people echo her, and then she plunges in battle like a wild animal, because she was weak, she shouldn’t have been weak, she should have known better, but she won’t be weak anymore. She will be the strong and ruthless leader her people need her to be.

She will make the Mountain Men bleed every last drop of their blood until they beg for death. 


To put this in perspective. Shaq is 7 feet 1 inch (2.16 m) OR 85 inches. Between Jan 24 and today March 4 we have had almost 95 inches of snow. 7 feet 11 inches basically the height of that little girl on that guy’s shoulders. IN FIVE WEEKS. Well over double our average annual snowfall of 44 inches, which we would normally get between Nov. - March.  

I’m sorry I keep posting about this, but it’s still hard to grasp and I’ve been here and seen it the whole time. But still. I look out the window and am amazed at how much damn snow there is. 

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As someone who can remember an SCP name better than its number, I've always wondered if new hires would keep getting written up for improperly addressing the SCPs.




Something that's been on my mind

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that you can be whatever you want to be if you work towards it. You can be an artist or whatever you want if you never give up on it.

Don’t look at artists that are better than you and see something you’ll never be able to accomplish. See a goal. Look at your favorite artist and the feelings their work gives you and take that as inspiration. Make it a goal to someday be able to give that feeling to someone else. 

Don’t compare yourself in your beginning stages to someone who’s had years of experience. Look at them and get excited for when you reach that point. 

I’m not saying improvement is fast or easy. You most likely won’t get much feedback in your first few attempts, but that shouldn’t matter. Know one day that if you keep it up and keep striving to improve without putting yourself down, you will be able to inspire others.

Don’t view yourself as someone without talent, look at yourself as potential that’s waiting to be released to the world. Get inspired by things you love, not discouraged. Learn things, one at a time. Give feedback to other aspiring artists. Continue to grow in your own special way. 

I’ve received some of the most amazing and beautiful messages about how I’ve been able to inspire others. And it’s the greatest, most humbling thing I could ever receive. I’ve seen some amazing things from you guys. I want you to be able to continue and inspire others in the same way. l believe in all of you. 

Never stop growing.

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bitch, how about you fucking prove that armin ships eremika? you can't so shut the fuck up

This post by asukaaikari describes it better than I could:

If you can’t see this, please go get your eyes checked.

Monthly DLA-instagram review - February

February went fast. As usual - a short review of instagram-shots - featuring a few wiwt-lookdowns and a few others.

As said earlier I don’t update the feed on a daily basis - even though recently I’ve been a bit more active there - but some sneak peeks of what I wear and what I do as well and some other things I find personally interesting can be found from there on more regular pace.

So for more wiwt- and other pics - check and follow @dresslikea

On the first week of february I visited Stockholm for business and took the advantage to go and see the new extended shop of Rose&Born, which is now looking better than ever. Also found a blazer and some trousers from their sales which will be featured as soon as I get them back from my tailor.

Shades of gray look down. G.Abo Napoli suit, Proper Cloth (mtm) shirt, Berg&Berg woolen tie and Alfred Sargent midnight blue single monks.

Another work day look down - featuring a suit by Caruso, shirt from Suitsupply, tie by Drake’s London and shoes from Alfred Sargent.

Visited Brussels last week and this is how I travelled. MTM-suit by Herrainpukimo, Kamakura shirt, Viola Milano tie and brown oxfords made by Crockett&Jones.

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i wish i was as positive as you when i was 16. i hope you're happy as well.

I just always think it’s better to think of the positive side than the negative but that doesn’t mean I don’t overthink and get sad either but I figured out that it’s okay to get sad because we’re only human and we have emotions and sadness is one of them but you need to realize that happiness is also one of those emotions and you can’t stay sad forever. thinking positive might sound silly when some people say it can change who you are but it honestly can. even if you’re completely lying to yourself when you think the positive thoughts, soon you’ll start to believe it. everyone deserves to be happy but honestly it’s impossible to be completely happy 24/7 because we will all have those days where you would rather stay in bed than face the day but the sun will always rise tomorrow and you will get another chance. don’t think down on yourself for not being positive or as happy as you could be in a time of your life because that’s okay!! you can start right now. love u pal

(I decided to try /r/SketchDaily and of course the first prompt I land on is personal projects :))

So!  As you can see, my arm is out of the cast and the pins are removed! (photos of said pins coming eventually).  It’s been a week of careful going to get my hand limbered up enough to hold a stylus, but it’s going quite well!  Better than I could have hoped, actually.

That means, new pages for my webcomic White Noise will resume this Sunday!  I have one almost done but I’m gonna hang on to it until then to give myself plenty of time for the next one.  Last thing I want is to re-injure myself.  Once page 29 goes live, WN will be going back to a once a week update schedule!  For realz.

Thanks for sticking with me!  Have some sketches of new characters coming in book three!  Which, my god, I’ll be getting to in like a month. 0_o

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Also, vote to see a preview of page 29

Your life shouldn't be short-lived

If you are struggling in recovery right now and want to relapse, remind yourself that you will have to get better at some point in your life so you might as well fight the battle now, rather than later. Your eating disorder is not sustainable and the benefits are short-lived. You can devote your life to losing weight again and you can even get thinner than before, but all that will do is set you up to go through the process of gaining again. Any weight that you artificially lose now will have to be gained back at some point. You have to ask yourself whether it is worth it to waste even more invaluable time of your life away in that vicious cycle. You have to ask yourself how far it has gotten you in life so far. 

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I don't know if you still do character analysis for AA but I was wondering what are you least favorite fandom portrayals of Phoenix Wright?

There are a few different fandom Phoenixes that bother me, actually.

I really dislike super nice, innocent and naive Phoenixes. I see this most often in Wrightworth fanfiction simply because Phoenix so often gets put into the role of the “uke”. Yaoi stereotypes are really damaging, of course, because they enforce traditional gender stereotyping and are, in fact, homophobic in nature. Written as slash, Wrightworth does much better because there is no power imbalance in their relationship, but I digress.

Phoenix is NOT an innocent little child who can do no wrong. He is a grown man who is quite sarcastic and has a constantly snarky, if not outright rude and mean, internal dialogue. Phoenix is a bit more jaded than people give him credit for being. It’s interested that Edgeworth is the more inwardly hopeful one when his outward expression is so grim while Phoenix, though appearing outwardly friendly and verbose, is actually quite cynical. An interesting juxtaposition. 

The other fandom Phoenix that bothers me are Phoenixes who do the opposite and make him too harsh and edgy, especially during the 7 year gap. Writing his character is a balancing act, one that must balance his belief in his friends and the spirit of the law with his annoyance and dislike of people. When pressured, Phoenix is a very angry, bitter, person, but usually he’s just slightly annoyed by everything and yet lets his good heart guide him to do the morally correct thing. 

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Do you have advice on how to start drawing ? I really loved it as a kid but i stop because i was very insecure about my drawings and noe i want to start drawing again but every time i try i just get unmotivated and more insecure...

hh„honestly im kinda bad at stuff like this

often enough this stuff roots back to self esteem issues (which almost everyone on here should work tbh) which I cant help you with sadly. i woULD IF I COULD

but well..i cant say much else than a lot of other people already have!! draw as much as you can!! you motivate yourself if you have to!! fucking hype yourself up to draw. draw stuff thats fun for you and maybe even only you. who gives a shit. produce like tons of garbage at first but every single time something about it will get better and better and after some time you will notice it too! allow urself to draw bad. even your favorite artists draws shit once in a while they just dont post it. yeah i got u all figured out B)

edit: im gonna POST a dandy improvement shot in a sec cause i know thats what u really want and tumblr is absolute shit B));;;

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How about their builds in the anime? For example: Levi seems to be VERY skinny in the anime and has a thigh gap. Actually, a lot of the characters have thigh gaps. I think even /Mike/ has one.

 I completely forgot about that anon! I do have a lot of problems with the builds actually. Levi’s design in particular is rather vexing. Despite being an Ackerman and thus having a deceptive build,Levi still has a strong body. He has a thick neck, muscled arms, and a solid back in the manga. 

Some of the official art for Levi can be particularly bad:

This is official art for the compilation films and Levi’s thighs and arms here are much too thin! It’s unfortunately a trend in a lot of other official art as well. Some get his body type down better than most, but then there are instances like this. ^^;

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perfect mate uhhhhhh shit someone who can be my girl but the main homie at the same time like u just develop that bond thats wayyyy more than “hey this is my GIRLFRIEND ha-YUK” like you can joke together but they know when to bust u in ya ass and tell u to cut the shit and they just make u wanna be a better version of u like the best u that u can be but u still get that youthful sense of being geeked when u knock on their door and anticipate seeing them


Does it annoy and irritate anyone that people think that they can haggle with you for the price of their room?

Im sorry, but do you go into buy your groceries or a TV and get to the checkout and go “mmm thats to expensive, you can make that cheaper” or “Is that really the best price you can do for me?” YES, IT IS. when you go to a store there is a price tag on that damn TV, when you ask me how much a night is I’m TELLING YOU the price tag. There is no “better deal” for you. Nor is there “anything I can do for you”, despite what you think you are not more important than anyone else, and the world (and my hotel) does not revolve around you. Take it or I’ll find someone else to.