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“I was [a competitive swimmer] for a while, but it hurt my ears too much. To this day, I can’t get my head more than a couple of feet underwater before it feels like my head’s going to explode. I eventually had to stop, which is when my mom urged me to go into high school theater. I was so competitive in swimming that I became just as competitive at acting. I did theater in high school, went to Juilliard, did theater, got film, got TV, and here I am. The truth is, if I had better ears, I might never have become an actor.

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Another thing since I find Black conservatives to be rare: how do you think the Black community can rid of its negative stereotypes? And what specific part of liberalism made you go: stop? For me it was when a "progressive" told me Asian people do not experience racism because people assume "nice" things about us unlike Black and Mexicans ._.

I think the black community can work to change the stereotypes simply by challenging them. Work hard. Go to school. Get a good job. These things may not be easy but they are infinitely better than sitting around blaming other people for your problems. Oh, and stop bagging on black people who do choose to do things for themselves. The first thing you see when a black person uses good vocabulary or works hard to educate themselves is a lot of their contemporaries making fun of them for “acting white”. As for the liberalism question, I guess it was a lot of factors. But mostly things like feeding victim complexes, socialist tendencies (ie taking other people’s money for the “greater good”), and redefinition of things like racism, much like you pointed out.


Whatever it is that you’re doing, stop. If you can, get to a bookstore and buy Red Rising right the fuck now. If you can’t, put it on your motherfucking list.

This series is Hunger Games + Game of Thrones, but about 67 times better than either of them. Darrow is Katniss but WAY MORE AWESOME. I say this even as a raging feminist who thought the HP series would have been more properly named “Hermione Granger and the…”

I will now proceed to tag all of my fandoms because I love you all and believe your lives incomplete without this book.

Thank you. We’ll now return to your regularly scheduled dash.

Recent observations n tingzzzz

Ive seen a few posts floating around the last couple of days and I just wanted to share my opinion of it.

A lot of people that haven’t met Taylor or don’t have a Taylor follow have expressed a sadness that they feel left out or ignored of the fandom and it’s really upset me.

I get a lot of messages every day but I always try and reply to as many as I can, and nearly always reply to them eventually, even if it takes me a while.

It makes me sad that people are leaving others out just because they’ve met Taylor and have a lot of followers.

Meeting Taylor doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. It’s an amazing thing to have happened but I think it’s wrong to shut people out once it’s happened and to only speak to people that have met her.

Anyways, my box is always open for anyone to chat to me if they want and I hope if you’re feeling left out, that people make you feel included and loved soon.

Treat people how Taylor would treat you, and the world would be a better place 💜

“Quick drawing” art challenge / #04 In Kigurumis

So, let’s say some very influential noble sent costumes to Skyhold and Josie wants everybody to wear them while he visits. Of course some people welcomed the idea better than others… ;)

Omg, this one was hard. First of all, I had to google “kigurumis”. Second, I kind of broke the overall atmosphere I built with the other arts of the challenge, but with this kind of prompt I couldn’t really think of anything different from this. And I guess the very point of doing a challenge is to get the chance to try different things, isn’t it?

way more than 1 hour sketch, no reference used.

You can check the rest of the art challenge here :3

Okay, I want to clear something up. I do not hate Malia. I’m actually quite fond of her, but I do not ship Stalia. You can like Malia and not ship Stalia at the same time. Yes, I want Stiles and Lydia to be together, but I don’t want Malia to get hurt and I don’t want Stiles to get hurt. I also hope that noone cheats on anyone. I think that would really take their characters to a low place and I think they’re both better than that. I hope Malia finds her mother and gets out into world and just puts any kind of romantic relationships on hold. Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially when you have just returned to the real world. She needs to find herself before she’s in a serious relationship. Any anti Stalia stuff I post IS NOT AGAINST MALIA it’s against the ship itself. That is all.

I hope that people who liked him resist the temptation to turn his life and death into some dumb romantic fantasy, he was so much better than that. Not everyone can get up and sing something they take a liking to and make it their own, sing true to their heart and be curious about all different strains of music. Corpus Christi Carol was a completely conceived interpretation. I’d never heard the piece before and when I heard the original I realized what Jeff had done was even more amazing. He’d taken it into his own world. That’s something my favorite classical musicians can do, be themselves but use all that expertise to make the music more beautiful. Jeff did that naturally. Only a handful of people are capable of that.
—  Elvis Costello

You know what’s really rare about this pepe for real though? We live in a society that romanticizes the apocalypse, failure, and depression. These days everyone chooses to frown and quit because it’s easier rather than stand up and change the world for the better. The world will only get worse and people love it. They love watching everything die so that they can no longer exist. Carelessness is expected and optimistic views are ridiculed. This pepe is hope. The original pepe is what will save us. We must eradicate our anger towards memes. Our hatred is only relevant because we let it. We’re afraid of a better future. Please accept smiles, dreams, and a bright world we can one day cherish. Just remember these wise words: “Feels. Good. Man.”

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if your still taking prompts... hurt Bitty and the entire team freaking out. I wanna see the team be protective of Bitty and not the other way around.

I love prompts, I will answer almost all that I get! 

I can’t bring myself to really hurt Bitty tho, so let’s go back to his concussion, and the team’s reactions there! Thank you for the prompt, anon! =)


Lardo: The team manager is well-versed in what to do when a player gets a concussion. Whereas the medical staff and coaches simply tell him, “No electronics for a while,” it’s Lardo who wrestles the phone from Bitty’s hand. 

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T&D JOI Challenge to start 5/26

Right after the long weekend (in the US).

I’ll schedule daily JOI posts for 8 p.m. EDT.

Better get off while you can, boys <3

Also, if you have requests for niche/fetish/extra content related to the JOI Challenge, you can email 

While the central JOI challenge will be created totally free, I will be charging for extras that cater to specific interests (which will still be posted, I believe). I don’t have a set price for the stuff, it will depend on how long/detailed/etc things are, I can let you know when you email. It shouldn’t be any more than my usual rates for custom audio and maybe even less, since I’m pretty excited about this project!

the reason i love loïc so much is because he stays true to himself. he doesn’t want to be ‘liked’ by the press, audience,… by going to all the parties and smile all the time. he said he wrote the song for himself and not for eurovision and you can hear he put his heart and soul into it. he is not fake like so many other countries who are just trying to get the most likeable performer and song, but he has this ‘love me or hate me’ thing over him that i appreciate so much. i have a lot of feelings for this guy. europe, don’t let me down (again).

Can you imagine a leverage ot3 high school AU tho? Where they meet in detention and decide to break out together?

Eliot is the quarterback with a temper who keeps getting detentions for beating up people who piss him off or harass women or are just bullies in general. Because of him, most of the school bullies aren’t football players - they’re all too scared he’d kick their asses. The teachers don’t usually like him because he tends to be better at their subjects than them. Eliot also has a guitar and chef’s knife that the teacher gave him (because SHE likes him, obviously), and he secretly likes music and cooking just as much as football.

Hardison is a geek, obviously. But he’s a cool geek. He comes to school when he feels like it and never attends classes he doesn’t like. But because the attendance charts and grading systems are computerized, he’s still the top of his class. They catch him when they discover that all of the school’s orange soda orders for the past year have been delivered to his address instead of the school cafeteria. That lands him in detention for a few weeks. The incident with the history teacher’s laptop projecting the Wrath of Khan instead of the documentary on World War Two gets him a month in detention.

Parker is a pickpocket, locker burglar, and general annoyance. She never gets in trouble for stealing because they can’t catch her in the act - instead she gets detention for climbing the ropes in the gym all the way to the ceiling and sitting on the rafters, or for sneaking in after hours and resetting all of the clocks, or for replacing a teacher’s pointer with a light up Harry Potter wand. Generally she pickpockets for fun, but she does keep money for lunch, because her foster parents never send enough with her.

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A while back a friend of mine brought in those rainbow sugar covered fruit-rollup style things (how do describe), and jokingly called them 'gay candy.' Now, I'm queer and am unsure whether I'm Lesbian or Bisexual (thinking it's the latter) and I thought it was absolutely hilarious.. Until she got mad at me for it. I'm not out to anyone. I was about to come out when I stopped myself and sat back down and shut up for pretty much the rest of the time. Do you have any advice?

If it won’t compromise your safety, come out!  It can be difficult at first, but it’s better than staying closeted.

Besides, then you get your membership card and your pores all start to produce glitter.  It’s pretty boss.

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LMFAO at "Volterra. To die." I could totally see Edward being like that and everybody else just like tf?!

Edward just starts lamenting and telling this poor stranger his life story (he’s going to die in a few hours so who cares about secrecy anymore) and it’s filled with comments like “AND I CAN’T EVEN SHED TEARS FOR HER!!” and the other passengers are just getting more and more uneasy about this mentally disturbed high school kid who thinks he’s a vampire.  

“Are your parents traveling with you?”


“So that’s a no?” 

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly (2015)

Somedays I work at a family-owned restaurant in western Vermont. In speaking about To Pimp a Butterfly with some co-workers days after its release, the owner’s daughter summed up the album better than Rolling Stone or Pitchfork ever could. But before we get to her summation you need to know she’s a hard-working, heavyset farm girl from Vermont, white as paper inside and out. I was gushing about this album halfway through my first listen. When I asked her her thoughts she said, simply: “I think it’s too black for me.” Well ain’t that the point of it? 

Kendrick Lamar can rap. We all knew that. We’ve known that. We also knew, that when focused, he could really say something. But I don’t think anyone predicted how much he had to say. To Pimp a Butterfly is the second-most dense hip hop album I’ve ever heard (Cannibal Ox’s the Cold Vein being first), it’s also the funkiest, jazziest, most brutally honest portrayal of Black America I’ve ever witnessed. For all those white kids, like me, who were introduced to hip hop through the media’s obsession with Eminem some decade-and-a-half ago, for all those kids who were called wiggers by their own parents, who studied the sub-culture of hip hop, who fell in love with the Harlem Renaissance, Malcolm X, Dr. King, the NBA, Do the Right Thing, Things Fall Apart (the book and the album), etc… this album is STILL too black. But isn’t that the point?


obligatory sappy post

ahaha ahaha well ok i just feel it’s good for me to write a little bit about myself and what working on this comic has been like, cause anniversary and all. Might get a little sappy? Probably? WEll anyway haha…

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