Speculation on Lewis’s heart.

So here’s a question: can Lewis turn fully intangible?

Now this may seem like a silly question, because, well, he’s a ghost. Ghosts are kinda known for intangibility. However, it’s quite possible that at least one part of him is not, and you can probably figure out which I mean.

That’s right: the locket. It seems like the general consensus in the fandom is that the locket is a physical object which Lewis owned prior to his death, and usually what I’ve seen is that it’s his anchor in the world of the living. Could he turn that intangible too? Or if he ever had to walk through a wall, would he have to leave the locket behind in Vivi’s/Arthur’s care or something?

Which brings me to another question: how far away can Lewis get from his locket? Does he get weaker as his distance from it increases? To what degree does damage to the locket affect Lewis? So many questions and only five minutes of canon….

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Hey! : - ) I just wanted to get your thoughts on Greg and Andrew abandoning Arrow for the other shows. I don't want to believe they would do that. Or maybe they did. Thoughts?

Hey nonnie!

I think abandon may be a little harsh. I know that they haven’t been promoting the show nearly as much as last year, but I just think it’s because they’re busy handling 4 shows now.

Also, I know some people in the fandom think this season hasn’t been all that great but for me, I’ve loved almost all of it, tbh. Of course there are aspects I haven’t liked, similar to season 2, but overall, I really have liked this season.

In my opinion, I just think they’re focused on making the flash, the spinoff and supergirl as best as they can. The flash may not be as good as it is now, they’ll be taking risks in future, but they need to establish the first season and make it as likeable as possible. They need to gain numbers, afterall, it’s about the money in the end. I find the flash to be really safe, if that makes sense. It’s of course a very good show, but it’s not been all that risky, where as this season of Arrow has, which I admire a lot.

They may have ‘let go’ of Arrow this season because they believe that the viewership won’t increase and the fandom won’t jump ship if they do try changing the pace.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that, no, I don’t think they’ve abandoned Arrow. But, that’s just my opinion.


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I made a thing of the thing I need. Is it Fall 2014 yet?


Laser grids. Why is it always laser grids?


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