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Right now, after reading your blog, I have an urge to make planner to improve myself, now I'm a freshman in high school, but I can't decide how many hours of study I need to do for a day. I have a total of 15 subjects that I need to study every week with a lot of homework for every subject. Could you give me some tips how to plan my time?

  1. The amount of recommended study varies between courses and level of education. It’s best to talk to your teachers to find out exactly how much revision you should be doing, but at high school, I think the general recommendation is 1-2 hours per hour spent in school. Just study until you have a general understanding of the topic.
  2. Prioritise. Do the homework that is due first, first, and recognise that more difficult tasks are going to need more time to complete. Here’s a document that will help you prioritise your tasks.
  3. Get a planner to organise your time. There’s a master post of planners here where you can see the pros and cons of the different styles.
  4. Create a timetable, detailing when you’re going to study and what you’re going to study. There’s a post here by studyandstuff about how to make a timetable.
  5. Not everyone likes planning their time out on paper; some people prefer using electronic planners. If you do, look at creating an online study planner like Examtime.
  6. Find out when important deadlines are and add them to your planner. Always be aware of when work is due in and allows yourself plenty of time to get it done.
  7. Do the most difficult work when your concentration is at it’s highest. Most people know if they’re a morning or an evening person; use this to your advantage. Here’s a quiz to find out what kind of person you are.
  8. Do easier tasks when your concentration is lower so that even in your lowly-attentive time, you’re still being productive.
  9. Remember to schedule in personal time. No one can study all the time, and if you try to, your health will suffer. Remember to take breaks and give yourself time to socialise as well.
  10. Be flexible. If you notice that a particular study pattern isn’t working well, don’t feel that you have to commit to it. Shake it up. It’s all about finding a system which works for you.

While Kurt and Robin were on their date, Antonie, Jax and Cloud relaxed in the hot tub. Antonie and Jax had become friends after working out together and were keen to rid themselves of the stress they felt at the thought of what was going on during the date.

Antonie: I can’t believe that Kurt won a challenge…well I can, deepthroating things seems like a hobby of his.

Jax: Don’t let it get to you, dude! Look at Cloud, he seems fine!

Cloud: I just don’t think that Robin would do anything…I feel like what we have is special.

Jax controls the urge to laugh at this and puts himself in Cloud’s shoes.

Jax: I’m sure it is but this is a dating competition and we’re dealing with Kurt.

Antonie:…and Kurt is pretty hot! I can’t believe he tricked me into kissing him!

Jax: Dude, just no. We all saw the footage!

Antonie: His eyes though, man! He did it with his eyes!

Cloud felt his stomach swoop and made his excuses, leaving Antonie and Jax in the tub.

another scout headcanon, because this is a sickness.

Restless Leg Sydrome.

  • You have a strong, often irresistible urge to move your legs, usually accompanied by uncomfortable sensations typically described as crawling, creeping, cramping, tingling or pulling.
  • Your symptoms start or get worse when you’re resting, such as sitting or lying down.
  • Your symptoms are partially or temporarily relieved by activity, such as walking or stretching.
  • Your symptoms are worse at night.
  • Symptoms can’t be explained solely by another medical or behavioral condition.

Aw, the poor thing, though. He’s always had it, never known it was a thing, has always had it put down to being fidgety and impatient. Keeps him up at night, generally he runs a little short on sleep, hence the severe caffeine addiction, which contributes to a mild iron deficiency, which makes the whole thing into a vicious cycle. 


i am heartbroken. not just as an animal lover & advocate but as a human with a beating heart.

the illegal dog meat trade is real and happening right now in thailand. this gruesome trade is absolutely horrific and despicable. every single one of our voices is extremely valuable; animals can’t speak for themselves. so please don’t ignore this. with enough people taking a stand, we have the power to change things.

i understand that nobody wants to hear about animals being relentlessly tortured… trust me, i’m at the top of that list. but pretending things like this don’t exist won’t make them stop.

i would urge you to watch the video provided in the link below to get more information. if you can’t do that, at least take 30 seconds to sign the petition. it only requires your name/email/country.

the petition & video can be found here: SAVEDOGS.SOIDOG

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You know, I have no idea where this is coming from, but I just got the sudden urge to tell you that I'm glad you're my friend, Kaitlyn, and it just always makes me happy to see you blogging things no matter how bad one of my days can be. Your presence is some sort of comforting thing that I honestly appreciate a lot and I think it needs to be said - I'm sure other people can easily identify with this sentiment and idk I just really had to say it. I need to share joy with friends more often!


142 days on T

Sex drive is really off the wall now. I find myself having to spank the monkey 3-4 times a day which is not healthy. There are days when I can control it but I get real horny when stressed for some odd reason. Being single is really difficult when this happens but I’m hoping I’ll adjust to this rampant sex drive. Having a crush on someone doesn’t help when they end up being the main character of my sexual fantasies. I remember reading erotic stories and they used to be enough to satisfy my urges before testosterone. As you can imagine, I’ve become more…visual with sex. Good thing my computer has 1 TB of storage, interpret that how you want.

Oh and I got 2 surprises that rocked my entire world tonight. My mom came home from work and told me that she bought me a men’s hoodie from Gap. She thought an XS would fit because I’m not as tall as most guys but my broad shoulders say otherwise. As if that didn’t raise my hopes, my dad came home from shopping and bought me a Snoopy T-shirt. Remember that me and him have been on a silent treatment since last June. This entire situation made me want to cry tears of joy because my parents might be coming around for real despite being Latino immigrants that believe in God and go to church every Saturday.

What a night of surprises, eh?

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Me and my boyfriend were cuddling tonight and he got super hard, like I could feel it through his sweat pants.. We made our a little and play fought and I kinda just wanted to have sex with him just to get it over with. I'm a virgin and he sadly isn't so he has even kinda sexual lately, we've been 2 months now and I can tell her really wants to take the next step but I kinda don't want to, but I understand a relationship is mental and physical so I'm trapped. Please help, I don't wanna lose him.

Don’t do anything you’re not ready to do. If he gets the urge tell him you want to wait for the right time and you want it to be really special. He knows you’re a virgin, thus he will expect this. He’ll make sure it’s special baby girl. But just don’t keep him waiting forever out of fear of not knowing how to please him. If you don’t know how just ask him to show you. He will gladly show you

I have A VERY INTENSE urge to cosplay Quicksilver

The Days of the Future Past version ( because evan peters is bae). I can’t fucking find the appropriate silver jacket aNYWHERE. the closest thing I found was like 150$ o - o;  I found everything else i’d need for it though. I maaaay just spray paint a faux leather jacket idk 

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I've started cutting my wrist but only a little right under a bracelet and I want to cut my arm so bad but I can't because I have to where a short sleeved shirt for gym but I want to so bad. I'm scared I'm going to lose control and then my parents will find out and I don't know what to do

Hun, if your urge is that bad then maybe your parents should know. I know how addictive it is, but you can’t live with those urges. You’ll go insane. I advice you to tell someone to they’ll be attentive towards you x

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I've been having the urgent cut fe the past few days. I'm three months clean and I'm so proud of that but the urge is so strong this week has been the hardest week in awhile and I need to cut I don't know why my mind goes to that option I feel so lost

Hey,sweetie,relax *hugs* . You made it this far and you can keep going. If you just wanna take a little break from life,then do it. Clear your thoughts and really see where you are, what you want, need and what you need to rule out of your life. Take it slow. It’s going to be okay as long as you try to make it okay.  I’m here for you and I believe in you <3

Thought #1

In the Alternian Empire, “kick the bucket” could still mean the same thing, except a lot cruder.  Everybody winces because it means “the drone was there and everything was going according to plan but you knocked over your pail before it could collect the slurry and now you’re messily eviscerated”.

So kind of like the human phrase but with the extra connotations of “wow, you buggered that up in a truly egregious way.”


"Eight was too peaceful to fight in the Time War"

"Eight was too pretty to hurt anyone"

"Eight couldn’t have killed the Time Lords"

"Eight would never"