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what are the last words you heard from the signs

Aries - “you’re so annoying..”
Taurus - “remind Michelle to buy me bagels tommorow”
Gemini - “everyone knows im a hoe anyway” (one of my best friends just texted me this oh my god)
Cancer - “stop bullying me”
Leo - “ur a bad ass bitch” (me to myself because I don’t talk to any other Leos)
Virgo - “you need to do better”
Libra - “can u do my pre-calculus hw for me, make your handwriting really messy so mr. lieberman thinks its me” (I hate my friends..)
Scorpio - “can I borrow a dollar”
Sagittarius - “im sleeping over at ur house tommorow”
Capricorn - I don’t talk to many capricorns… but I’m sure if I do we’ll have poppin conversations about fossils..
Aquarius - “did you know that Snapple facts are actually not facts”
Pisces - “I’m 100% sure that ‘I can’t believe its not butter’ is actually butter how much do u want to bet”

I’m nice with metaphors but these are similes.
Street ministry, my poetry’s a penitentiary, track is visitation.
Sentences is life, I’m like chief up in this demonstration.

The lyrically chosen ones.

A Penny For My Thoughts
  • A Penny For My Thoughts
  • Common
  • Can I Borrow A Dollar?

Common Sense | A Penny For My Thoughts (No Intro)


Kembe X & Alex Wiley feat. Monster Mike - Dollar Please

My lil’ big homies Kembe and Alex went off with their Can I Borrow A Dollar EP.  Dollar Please features fellow Village member Monster Mike. These dudes are definitely part of a rising youth movement in Chicago. Watch out for Alex Wiley on Chance The Rapper’s 10 Day mixtape April 3rd!