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What shall we do with the drunken sailor? (Or the drunken Sandy, for that matter.)

Put him on the long-boat ‘till he’s sober.

Or, for maximum hilarity, point him towards the nearest conversation. Alcohol takes away the myriad of filters Sandy’s built up over the years, and leaves him much more open and emotional. Among friends, he’s quite the happy, friendly sort. Of course, there’s always the risk that something will make him lose his temper or send him into a spiral of sorrow, but he’ll probably say some wacky things before that happens. :3

November 15

Well my dream recall hasn’t been very effective lately. I suspect my erratic sleeping habits are to blame. I typically get between 5-6 hours of sleep or even less during the week because of my work and school .schedule. I’ve also noticed that drink before I sleep really effects what and if I remember my dreams when I wake up. I also remembered my dream this working but it slipped away too quickly before I had the chance to jot it down.

That cell hasn't replaced itself - Moo

Each month, you won’t notice,
but each of your cells
replaces itself.
Thirty days ago,
you were someone else.
Winter is coming,
summer forgets.

Each month, I didn’t notice,
but each of my cells,
except - that one,
replaced itself.
Thirty years ago,
I was someone else.
Winter is coming,
and I cannot forget.