Does Shin-ah know how to read?

I thought about it, and I think that Shin-ah is the only one in the group who probably doesn’t know how to read. One doesn’t do much reading while living under a rock cave, right? So during the times when the group is resting I’d like to think that Yun teaches him and everyone gradually becomes quiet to hear Shin-ah read aloud. Eventually all of them can take turns reading with him (because Yun needs time to prep and cook their meals,) helping him with how to read the words he gets stuck on.

There would be one time when Jae-ha is bad, bad boy and tries to remove Shin-ah’s mask while he is focused with reading. Shin-ah stops reading with Jae-ha for awhile because of that until he is the only available option because everyone else is busy. Since Shin-ah is wary of Jae-ha, he holds onto his mask. He becomes conflicted because he can’t hold onto his mask and turn the page, but luckily Ao pops up and does it for him (●ºωº●)

i swear to god if only i could secure a time machine, i would go back and fight nietzsche. i’d put up flyers if i had to. all through the streets;

"Friedrich Nietzsche:
Ihre lokale Nihilist will kämpfen.
Treffen Sie mich in der verdammten Grube, Arschgeige.”

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life

AU where everyone gets a really badass tattoo


"When I was growing up I was looking for something to fill the hole and for me that something was playing in the band", he says. "Now it’s almost like it’s a requirement. Even if you pretend it doesn’t, some part of you goes into each of the songs you write. So writing songs is something I’ve got to do, or I feel strange - it’s a compulsion!”  (x)


Andy Dwyer Presents: D.C. 101 with Professor Andrew Dwyer (x)

What do you see? What do you think is our enemy?


"You picked the wrong side, agent"

"Depends on where you’re standing"


so uh here is part 2…