Also I think I’m going to have my boobies done once I reach my goal weight, I’m not going to get implants because there will still be plenty to work with but I do want to get them perked up a bit.

And there is nothing wrong with that, if it will make me feel confident and secure in my body then there’s no reason I shouldn’t.

hey assholes if it’s above 75 degrees and humid: DON’T WALK YOUR FUCKING DOG OUTSIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY

dogs have fur and can’t withstand heat the way that humans can. especially if they are bigger/fluffier dogs

please please care for your dogs they love you more than you will ever know please respect their cute little bodies and walk them in the early morning or once it starts getting dark in the evening <3

and also make sure your pups have plenty of water !!!!!!

(this is especially relevant in the northeast where we don’t have wild heat all year round so dogs aren’t accustomed to these temperatures the way they might be in other parts of the country)

it’s gross how people actually look forward to exo fucking up like I understand you’re a disgustingly bitter person who’s only joy in life comes from the pain and disappoint of others but someone making a colorist or fatphobic remark shouldn’t make you happy because you get to go around telling their fans how they’re fav idols are problematic and why you hate them (which btw we all know you don’t really care about idols finding dark skin unattractive you just want to make your hate seem justifiable)