'kay anon i could've done better at this palette challenge thing. I KNOW. ahahaa i hate colouring so i spent like only an hour on this sorry ( ´∀`;)

I was tagged by bootyhontas and lottielabuff and possibly other people for the 20 amazing women (and men) challenge so here’s a 2am drunk selfie

Most people have probably done this and my memory is currently super terrible and sentences may be incoherent. but I’ll tag disneyismyescape, s0meimagination, amazinglyanimated, empresstoneless, demigodmaui, maidmarians, lighttningmcqueen, tianamulan, wildfairyboy, xfilesmom, agrabahprincess, tumbleupondisney, secondstartotherightxo, alice—n—wonderland, kihori, and is that 20? That’s probably 20

Have you ever noticed the word “partner” on census’s “relation [to head of house]” field? It has given so many hobby genealogists such gay panics! Historically, if somebody was related to the “head” of the household their familial relationship—son or daughter, most often—would be listed here, and if they were married it would say “wife” or, possibly I guess, “husband.” The head of the household was not always the homeowner, of course, but in renter/leaser relationship in many cases this field would say “lodger.” X was a “lodger” of the head of the household, Y was their wife, etc. Sometimes you see “partner,” and what that meant in most cases was the relationship was non-familial, non-marital, and not exactly financial—basically just roomies. Unmarried couples, sometimes! Including, of course, same-sex life partners. Genealogists love to tell you that “partner” is a recent gay construct, that gayness itself is a recent construct (NEVER LOOK FOR GAY PEOPLE IN THE HISTORIC RECORD, right?), and that…you know, there’s nothing gay about two men living together for thirty years. It’s something else! (The census started using “unmarried partner” in 1990—here's a factsheet on same-sex couples in the census.) (Always check the details of enumeration for the year that you are referring to! Don’t make assumptions about how the census determined categories.)

Genealbloggers offers a great, great overview of issues in gay genealogy—you should read it!

Anyway what I am trying to get at is

you can pry Goetsch/Winckler from my cold dead hands

So they’re moving. But that means my cat gets to live with me for a month or two while they sell the house. I’m so excited, holy shit. We spent every day of the first 3 years of his life together before I moved away for college. Now I only see him on holidays. He’s the best thing in my entire life and we’re being reunited.

headcanon where Klaus is more of an asshole to Jackson than usual so Hayley decides to fuck with him by texting him a selfie of her and Jackson kissing with the caption “this could be us but you playing”  just to piss him off.