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My Contribution For Abbie Mills Appreciation Week There is so many words to describe how wonderful Abbie Mills is Strong Intelligent Beautiful Funny Fearless Her don’t start none won’t be none attitude will kick your arse in a minute I can go on and on about Abbie Mills And the lovely Nicole Beharie who plays her character but I’m pretty sure all the sleepyhead know this already lol


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Can i have BTS's reaction to askinh their gf what she does for a living and she says she's a boxer


“Oh? How long have you been a boxer? Aren’t you worried about getting hurt? What if I’m not there to protect you?”


“So… are you going to invite me to one of your matches so I can watch you kick some ass?

Rap Monster

“My girlfriend is a tough boxer, eh? That’s… actually pretty sexy.”


“Oh my God! Remind me not to get on your bad side!”


“You’re not going to test your boxing skills on me now… right?”


“Does that mean you can beat me up? That’s so cool… and terrifying… but mostly cool!”


“Oh yeah? Well have you ever boxed someone who’s this strong?”

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So will Mr. Son be leaving Bangtan as their choreographer forever or is he just taking a break?? Ill be super sad if he leaves for good because his choreo is just so kick ass and I can't imagine Bangtan having somebody else...

lol i just answered a similar ask. he says he’s taking a break and that bts begins is the last thing he’ll be doing until he returns

idk tho i just know im about to follow him on Instagram bc he’s fly af


Hey guys, I know I’ve never really posted something like this before, but this is serious. My friend is  in danger of being homeless and starvation because his parents refuse to feed him, and also threaten him that if he doesn’t get a job, he will be kicked out.

I want to try everything I can (which isn’t a lot) to help him, and I think this will help him. I care about him a lot and it would tear me up inside if I didn’t try SOMETHING to help.

There is the link to his gofundme, please help him out and spread this around. He shouldn’t be kicked out just because he cant find a job after RELENTLESS job hunting, he shouldn’t be starved just because he doesn’t have a job. Please help my friend, I care about him to much to see him go.

I am at the movie with my brother who is dark skinned and I had to leave the theater because the white lady behind us was saying shit. She was calling me an N lover,saying I need to stick with my own kind, and calling him all kinds of slurs. Well bitch I am with my “own kind” and if my brother wasn’t a prominent pastor in our area that white lady would have gotten soda poured over her head. It baffles me that A: people don’t get how genetics work and B. how brave they get with the racism. I’m out here in the lobby trying to breath and calm down because I’m so pissed I’m almost crying and I’m shaking. I’m about to go tell the manager of the the theater what just happened and see if I can get our money back or at east her kicked out. 

  • FF Type-0 Translator:I'm going to make this moogle use Ze and Hir because why not.
  • Some dude on reddit:Jesus FUCKING christ I can't BELIEVE this social justice bullshit!!!!! *begins kicking in chair, grabbing and shaking desk. a copy of dark souls can be heard spinning down in the distance*

My favourite fight scene in anything ever. Every movie. Every game. (Yes, maaaybe even Mass Effect. I don’t know. Let’s not push it.)

Invading the Palace of Ba Sing Se (link leads to OST for this scene)