It’s early in the morning and you wake up to a strange pecking sound on your window. After adjusting to the glare of the sun you realize that is it a white dove that has perched itself on your windowsill. Curious, you open the window and upon closer inspection you find a large post card sized ticket in its beak. On the front are instructions while on the back there is a space for a number and a small marker clipped to the top.
You have been invited to participate in Love Week!

If you would like to opt out of this event please message me so that I know to take you off the list.

Love Week is an event similar to the curses that took place during Halloween and orchestrated by me and my muse Camie. It is centered in the Detective Conan fandom, but is open to any Fandom and OC’s that would like to take part so everyone is welcome. Please be aware that the pairings will be chosen via roulette so there is a fair chance that you will be paired with any of the other muses that choose to take part, regardless of gender.

How it works:

If you choose to accept this invitation, have your muse write any number  from 1 to 20 on the enchanted ticket received, the number written will choose whether they are the shooter or the receiver of the “Cupids Arrow.” The receiver will be under the spell of the arrow, and will do what they can to woo their “shooter” during the week of Valentines. Meanwhile the shooter will remain unaffected. More details will be explained once the shooters and receivers are announced.


1. Please accept or decline by February 9th, this is when the pairings will be picked.

2. Please attempt to  make contact with your chosen partner at least once per day (if possible) during love week, (Feb 10-feb 14) Your replies may be as long or as short as you would like, have fun with it!

3. Please don’t be afraid to contact me if you have any questions.


{ Kaito accepted the invitation gracefully, writing a simple “19” on the back of his card. }

Fly away now~