Name: Cam Wall

Location: Manly

Artwork name: Sloth Wants A Wife  |  Paint and Acrylic on Plywood

Description: This piece depicts a man with hope as he loses his home.

Reasoning of becoming part: I’ve met homeless people both old and young, most of them have been pretty friendly. I’m excited that MERE is finding a way to reach out and assist people in this situation, and am glad that I’ll have the opportunity to help as well.

Brief story how you became an artist: I’ve always been a scribbler, but in terms of art, I guess I started off exploring and painting on walls/abandoned buildings/drains around Sydney and then mucked around with ideas on canvas when there were no walls to paint

Describe your style: Oceanic?

Influences: Animals, Bricks, Outer Space, Underwater

Favourite music to work to: Nicolas Jaar

Favourite quote: Anything that EARSNOT says (watch the graffiti film – ‘Infamy’)

See Cam’s work in full at the From the Ground Up exhibition at District 01 Surry Hills, August 28 - 31.   |  @CamWall