The Rooster Teeth community is a powerhouse beyond comparison

When Burnie and Matt came to us with a dream for a full-scale, professional, feature-length movie, we raised over a million dollars for them and obliterated their original campaign goal in less than half a day

When Jack organised two campaigns to fundraise for children, we mustered together hundreds of thousands of dollars, most of which was solely donated and the rest of which was to purchase a poster, the returns for which would be entirely charitable, within the span of 24 hours

And now, when one of the people held in such high regard, not only by us in the community, but by his co-workers and friends, is in critical care in a hospital, we manage to raise over twice the expected cost of his hospital fees, having achieved the goal of $50,000 within the span of just a few hours

I’ll never doubt this community’s ability to prove how incredible it is but I’ll always be amazed, every time, by the extent of its generosity. I’m proud to be a member of the Rooster Teeth community and today’s yet another day that proves just why that is


Today while I was out and about I met this woman and her dog.
She’s living on the streets with her husband and her dog.

Here’s her story:
She was living in an apartment sharing with 4 people while going to massage school. Her husband was going to school for medical assisting. A few months ago, their apartment switched management and their rent spiked up $4000 more than the shared $2400. This forced them all on to the streets.

When her friends found out she was homeless THEY TURNED THEIR BACKS ON HER. Her family was no help.

"You find out who your true friends and family are during hard times."

But get this! She has 2 children too! 3 and 4 years old. They were taken from her because of her situation. (Her mother called services on her) She’s desperately trying to get back on her feet so she can go back to school and get her children back.

I started a campaign to help You can donate here

Please signal boost!

"What’s your biggest goal in life?"
“I want to make it out of the hood. I don’t have to go that far. But if I can just live an inch outside, then I’ll feel safe and know that I’m straight.”


Adrian is the student government president at Mott Hall Bridges Academy. For anyone who hasn’t seen already, we are currently holding a fundraising campaign to provide the students at Adrian’s school with an annual visit to Harvard:


From now until the end of our fundraising campaign, if you donate 25 dollars or more we will toss in two free Project Unbreakable notebooks personalized with a note from both Kaelyn, director of Unbreakable, & Grace, the founder! 

Just select the “Supplies” perk! 

Donate HERE.



I have been selected to participate in a month long residency at Arteles Creative Residency in Hämeenkyrö, Finland - from the 1st till 30th of May. This residency will allow me to collaborate and learn from ten other international artists — Super exciting opportunity.

Every pledge will receive a reward, with choices of stickers, zines, original illustrations and prints. By supporting this project not only will you be receiving parcels of drawings and thank-you/love-you-letters in your postbox, you will also automatically be upgraded to ‘Official Patron of Illustration’ Status.

Pozible Campaign Link Below, 

Thanks for Watching & Pledging- Also, BIG thanks to Tatanja Ross for creating this video, 10/10.


Heichou supports #CCSakurabana

Check out donation pool and perks

Instructions in Japanese 日本語マニュアル

Twitter page in Japanese (日本のTwitterページ)

Japanese support website (日本のサポートページ) 

Photography & Edit by: Mistiqarts [WorldCosplay]

hand-crafted Leather harness Plameni DarkArmoury
and Stefan Vujcic

This is Jessica F’s ‪#‎BRAVEstamp‬. She’s 17-years-old, and has been dealing with bullies her whole life. But she’s brave. Brave enough to stand up for herself, brave enough to stand up for others, and brave enough to share her story.

To support amazing young people like Jessica, donate to the campaign to get the Born Brave Bus back on the road. This revolutionary experience reached and inspired thousands before, and we want a chance to do it again.

If you want to support this cause and create a change, you know what to do. Support Jessica and everyone she stands for. Support BTWF.


We’re happy to announce we’re officially launching the AoJE Indiegogo Campaign!

Watch the above video to hear me say things about the show, watch some snippets of behind the scenes silliness and see me give you a very comprehensive summary of Bronte’s novel with finger puppets. Yes, you heard me. Finger puppets. 

To learn more and contribute check out the official campaign here

We have some awesome perks and incentive videos! (Seriously guys. I’ve seen the final cuts of the videos. You want to unlock these videos.) 

And don’t forget that sharing, subscribing, reblogging, and tweeting are also super important. If you like the show please share!

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and….

Don’t forget to subscribe to our production channel to catch the newest Incentive Videos as they’re released!

Or watch the show from the start :)



We have a special announcement to make.



Campaign Challenge #2 Comes to a Close

Well, cousins, we came up a little short of our previous challenge’s goal (we’re standing at $3427 as of the writing of this post, and our goal was $4000), so, sadly, geekhyena remains woefully un-puddinged.

We’re still incredibly grateful for all the support we received over the past week, however, and this little upset hasn’t deterred our spirits one bit! We think this fandom is capable of truly magnificent things when it works together and has a common goal.

In fact, we’re so confident in the fandom’s abilities that we’re launching right into our third campaign challenge, hot off the heels of our last.

So here’s the deal this time: if our fundraiser reaches $4500 by noon eastern time on February 3rd, 2015, we will drag geekhyena back to the pudding bucket and recommence with the dyeing-and-dumping we promised before.

We realise a lot of our followers have already donated, so we want to remind everyone that signal boosting is just as important as the donations themselves.

So if you’re wishing you could help but can’t donate, please share the word around in any circles you think would be interested. Part of a book club? Maybe some of your fellow clubbers are Young Wizards fans! Does your school or place of work have some kind of online space, like a facebook page or forums? Share a link to the con! Even kind friends and family might be convinced to donate a few dollars if they know how much it matters to you!*

Thanks again for all your help, cousins, and dai sti’ho!


Sorry haven’t posted in a while… been hard at work on getting a campaign together to benefit domestic pigeons and the people that provide care and rescue for them.

Check out the start of what we’re about in this, the Year of the Pigeon! - at

but steve and bucky taking college classes together after steve hangs up his shield and bucky puts down his (metaphorical) sword and really learning about the world and their country in a setting where they don’t have to worry about anything else but learning. steve being genuinely baffled at the reckless behaviour that drove the american economy bonkers, outraged at foreign policy and military spending and being so endearingly, annoyingly vocal about his discontent that one day bucky just yells, “then stop complaining and do something about it!”

and steve is all, “fine, i will,” and that’s the story of how steve rogers ends up running for - and succeeds in becoming - president of the united states 

(and bucky’s obnoxiously smug and proud over the whole thing until the press aptly dubs him president rogers’ “first gentleman” and his horrified expression when he sees the title splashed on both domestic and international headlines is so iconic that it becomes integrated into the american history and culture)

(it also spawns several hilarious and long lasting memes, courtesy of clint’s unparalleled skill at being a little shit)

Texting for Dollars on the Trail

It’s been tried before, but on Thursday, the Federal Election Commission approved raising money by text message. In the past, text fundraising has been rejected because it would be difficult to meet the FEC’s 10 day reporting requirement (Source). OpenSecrets postulates that campaigns will follow the method used by charities and other organizations have used: texting a word or phrase to a number and making a contribution that will be added to the phone bill (Source). The FEC ruling would cap text contributions at $50 per month. So, expect to be receiving a text message if you have ever given your cell phone number to a political campaign, party, etc.

To raise money for charity, I’ll be cooking a three course meal for ten in my humble abode every month this year. If you want to attend the first dinner party in London’s Olympic Village on Sunday January 25th, please send an email to 18+ only, BYOB, all welcome, suggested donation of £20. All proceeds will go to the Human Rights Campaign. 

It is estimated that, by the year 2020, mental illness will be the second largest problem world-wide…

Just behind heart disease..

And ahead of cancer.

1 in 4 people will be touched by mental illness every year in the UK alone, yet people still don’t openly talk about it and some even refuse to accept it’s existence at all. As a result, only 1 in 5 will ever seek the help they need because they are afraid of being labelled… because one you’ve been labelled, you become your label.

We are human beings, not our illnesses and we deserve help and support.

I’ll stand up to stigma attached to mental illness, will you?


Now arriving on the CTA: the squirrel truth.

Ads that feature satirical squirrel “facts” began popping up on the Red Line this month after a Chicago comedian successfully raised more than $4,000 through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

“Facts” on the ads include: “Squirrels live in trees. Bees live in trees. Are squirrels actually killer bees…in disguise?” and “No squirrel has ever been appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court…yet. Stay vigilant, humans.”

It’s probably because squirrels are THE BEST.

See what I mean?