Hello! JAPAN! campaign 
Shining Production

The campaign posters has been posted in 13 different locations according to the characters hometown except Camus and Cecil (Well, of course! There’s no Silk palace or Agna Palace in Japan! xD) The purpose of the campaign is to promote the characters as real idols

(Too bad I can’t find Reiji’s poster with good quality all over the internet OTL)


The new iOS app Photo Notes is absolutely wonderful. 

Why? Because you can …

  1. Add personalized notes to better capture the details of each shot and add context and meaning back into each image
  2. Automatically tag your photos with location, time and date
  3. Adds keywords that you can use to easily search and find specific photos 
  4. Groups photos into themed decks for better organization and retrieval 
  5. View photos that have been grouped based on location, keywords and other notable themes
  6. Create shopping lists by placing photos of the things you want to buy in a Shopping List deck
  7. Document every individual step of a recipe and add the instructions right under the photo to make cooking easier 
  8. Add notes to those photos of whiteboards after a brainstorming session, then search for it by keywords
  9. And so much more!

It’s basically like having your own virtual photo album to skim through! Sounds awesome right?? 

Click here if you are interested in downloading this FREE app - I know I was! I haven’t stopped using it since!

Not convinced yet? Click here!

Anti-Racism Educator And Activist Tim Wise Launches #WhiteLiesMatter Campaign (EMBEDS)

Anti-Racism Educator And Activist Tim Wise Launches #WhiteLiesMatter Campaign (EMBEDS)

Like Chris Rock said not too long ago, white folks need to own their own history. We have to admit it, recognize it and accept it as fact, who we are and all we’ve done – yes, of course the good, as we always have, but we can no longer pretend the bad was never there. We certainly cannot pretend that such a hush-hush past, having never been previously admitted, recognized and accepted, would have…

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Bernie Sanders just fired the opening shots of his “political revolution” in Vermont 

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) may be a Brooklyn native, but on Tuesday he showed why he’s Vermont’s favorite son. The independent senator and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination took the stage here at Burlington’s Waterfront Park to ceremonially kick off a campaign that has been gaining speed and support faster than even the truest believers could have imagined.