Beachedboats on the river Conwy, there was a look of abandoned destitution to this place. Flotsam and jetsam, river rubbish, high tides marked by old boots hanging from trees but gangplanks looked used, the traffic of the occasional foot marked by scuffs and foot prints.
Inspirational journey

Fellow campers!

Im headed out to Arches NP next weekend and am wondering what you guys do for food while camping for long stretches. I’ll be car camping and have one of those duel burner coleman stoves (and a campfire!). But I’ll be gone for 4 days and in the middle of nowhere so I’m worried about refrigeration/tying to find ice (that just sounds complicated). Im a fan of mountain house and other bagged dehydrated foods but its super expensive. So does anyone have any easy recipes for at home dehydrated foods that I can take on the road or any ideas for foods that keep well (even the obvious ones! because I’m probably forgetting). Thanks!