I found this incredible video of a cuttlefish trying to blend in into a rather difficult surrounding! Its really amazing to watch. And never forget, cuttlefish are colorblind. How they can manage such a camouflage is not very clear yet, but its considered that they can match their pattern by detecting contrast differences.

One of eight Tiger issued to schwere Panzer-Kompanie Meyer in July 1943. It carries the name “Strolch” (Vagabond) and is painted with a dark yellow with small dark-green and larger dark-brown splotches. A single digit turret numbering system was chosen for this small combat unit and the shield with a Baltenkreuz (Baltic Cross), painted on the front plate, was adapted. This unit, named after its commander Oberleutnant Meyer, was formed in July 1943 and rushed to Italy in response to the Allied invasion of Sicily, and in early 1944 was consolidated with schwere Panzer-Abteilung 508.