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Trailer Weekend Report

I caved in.  This past weekend we joined the world of RV camping. I am so thankful we decided to go that route, because I seriously think we would have died of heat exhaustion in the 100 F weather had we brought our tent.

We proudly hitched the trailer on to our truck and off we went to the North Carolina Outer Banks. We found our campsite and pulled right in. We got off the truck and started looking around us. “Wow! Look at those huge buses!” My kids marvelled at. Apparently we had rented the smallest travel trailer in the whole world! Well, in the whole campground at least.

When I said I caved in, I didn’t mean we went the whole nine yards.  We simply rented one for the weekend to use it as  our “dry run”. Only thing, it appeared we went a little small.

Due to my total ignorance about RV camping, I was amazed to see what kind of  impressive “houses on wheels” the market has to offer. Amazed to realize that with the exception of a handful of novices like us, these people belong to their own world and they are dang serious about it, sporting flat screen TVs bigger than our house one, or displaying their own family name sign by their front door.

Us, on the other side, barely had any room to move around, and we had to resort to actually doing one “activity” at a time, such as cooking or sleeping or going to the loo. We are definitely going bigger “IF” we decide to buy our own. But, then again, I believe this small toy we sampled would adapt perfectly to the more “modest” lifestyle of European camping. Not so much in my husband’s opinion.

I survived. It was actually OK, but I am still not sold. My hubby hopes I will change my mind one day.