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Random dude w/ Random Questions

This guy literally asked if

1. Do You have a Boyfriend

2. Do you want one

ummm noooo boys don’t fit my schedule sweety

3. Do you want babies

My friend thought he was asking me for my babies…. uhm


dangerousbanjo asked:

Where can I find the rest of the gifsets you made for faberry week? The one with beth? I really liked the first one and I would like to see the other two

I’m currently working on them both because I got busy with work this week :)


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1.) What’s your favorite song, or your top five?


1.Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran is by number one favorite song.

2.) If you had to choose being blind, deaf, or unable to physically feel anything, which would you choose?


3.) Best book(book series) you’ve ever read? Video Game you’ve ever played?

TFIOS HALEY. The Fault In Our Stars. Dammit…..Kingdom Hearts

4.) Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices? Sherlock or Supernatural? 

Harry Potter, but Lord of the Rings Rocks. I know nothing about either. DON’T PUT ME IN THAT POSITION I’LL GET KILLED.

5.) What is your OTP? Are your OTP’s?

Do you really want to get into this?

Klaine, Christian and Satine (Moulin Rouge) Sheen and Libby (Jummy Neutron) Ron+Hermione (Harry Potter) Natasha and Clint (Avengers) 

6.) What movie are you most excited to come out this year?

IRON MAN 3, THOR 2, but in all reality, I’m most excited to see Fall Out Boy

7.) Top five favorite shows:

1. The Walking Dead

2. Glee

3. Powerpuff Girls

4. Jimmy Neutron

5. (Sherlock which I’m going to start watching soon as well as Doctor Who)

8.) You’ve been chosen for the Hunger Games, what would be your strategy to win?


9.) What’s your idea of a dream breakfast?

Eggs Benedict with Hashbrowns 

10.) Last Book/Movie to make you cry

TFIOS DEAR GOD. It’s not a Movie, but AVPSY made me bawl like a child.

11.) What is the worst Fandom on Tumblr and why

Homestuck. No thought. 

12.) You’re now thrown into your fandomverse (Supernatural with the Winchesters, in the TARDIS with the Doctor, in 221B with the consulting detectives, etc…), what would you do?


1) Favorite Song?

2) If you could see anyone in concert right now, who would it be?

3) If you had to choose one fandom/bandom which would it be?

4) What’s the worst fandom on tumblr?

5) Do you watch danisnotonfire? You should.

6) Favorite Book

7) Last time you cried, and why?

8) If you could punch any American Town in the face, which would you punch?

9) What could you do to make me unfollow you?

10)  How do you feel about fanfiction?

11) If you could wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

12) Do you like my bloooooog(because I’m that girl :))

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  • She’s my best friend.
  • He blog is awesome
  • She learned how to use tumblr from someone awesome. (It’s me guys, it’s me.)
  • And she has a great blog. (Mostly humor and fandoms. Lots of fandom blogging)