Imagine: you’re on your period and you get really bad back pains so you always make your boyfriend Nate come over and rub your back and you and Nate participate in blow job week because you get like hella horny and it’s really hard to control yourself while on your period but you also have a nice sweet lazy day together that you always have to blow him at some point he never pushes you to do it you always just go for spontaneously and Nate loves that.😍💕

Type Of Boyfriend He Is


- Really supportive

- Always has your back

- Dedicated

- Loves commitment

- Will do anything to prove his love and loyalty


- Trustworthy

- Genuine

- Considerate

- Committed

- Very protective


- Romantic

- Will always crave more in the relationship

- Makes sincere efforts to show how much he cares

- Will always listen

Jack G:

- Intense

- Passionate

- Protective/Possessive

- Understanding

- Gives you lots of gifts


- Protective

- Supportive

- Romantic candle lit dinners

- Bouquet of flowers


- Flirting

- Possessive

- Romantic

- Constantly showering you with kisses


- Passionate

- Shows his sensitive side

- Trustworthy

- Affectionate

Jack J:

- Fighting

- Picking an argument

- Teasing

- Very open about how he feels about you

- Very faithful


- Extremely expressive about his feelings

- Will show his love in many ways

- Loyal

- Never creates drama


- Surprises you on a regular basis

- Never shows that he is jealous even if he is

- Caring

- Loyal

Imagine: you and your boyfriend Sammy are stuck at your cousins stupid birthday and you decided to tease Sammy while he was right next to you by calling him his favorite name ‘daddy’ and you dirty talk to him to convince him to leave so you can have a little car sex instead of being stuck with the cousin you hate. 😏💍💖

Good Morning Text He Sends You

Nash: I went to sleep last night with a smile because I knew I’d be dreaming of you.. and I woke up this morning with a smile because you aren’t just a dream. Good Morning, babe!

Cam: Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for, Good Morning baby! <3

Carter: God gives us dreams at night so that we can turn them into reality during the day. Good Morning babe, see you soon!

Matt: Look outside the window: sun rising for u, flowers smiling for u, birds singing for u bc last night I told them to wish you u good morning!

Taylor: Wake up hot stuff! I really miss you!

Shawn: From morning’s first light to evening’s last star, always remember how special you are!

Jack G: Just letting you know the hottest man in the world just woke up! Morning babe (;

Jack J: Can’t wait until the day I can wake up right next to you <3

Sammy: Come over baby, I need you here (;

Dillon: What does breakfast sound like? Call me as soon as you wake up cutie (:

Nate: Heyo babe, you wake yet? I miss your beautiful face.

Kenny: Good morning babe. I hope you slept good, you deserve to wake up happy x

** warning, this is smut also known as its gonna get dirty lmao***
“(y/n) (y/n)!” Your best friend squealed running towards your locker.
“What?” You groaned, your head throbbing from the headache you already had.
“The games tonight! You going?” She asked, looking at you as you pushed your history book in your locker.

Tonight was the big football game. The team your school was going against tonight was One of your schools biggest rivalry and apparently the football team was really pumped for it.

You on the other hand hated football. You honestly did not understand it at all and you didn’t see a point in it.

"Why would I go tonight? I never went to any of the other games so why would I now?" You questioned.

"Well, I was invited to the after party and I was really wanting you to go with me. Like I even convinced my mom into buying two matching black dresses for us both." She said. Your eyes widened. That was one of he things you’ve always wanted to do. High school party. You’ve never been invited nor have you ever been to one.

"Fine, but if I look bad in the dress I’m not going to the party nor the game" you said closing your locker.
“Yes sweet! Come by my house at five!” She said before jogging to her next class. You sighed, walking to your math class.
You honestly hated this class.
Because Matthew Espinosa was in there.
Ever since 8th grade you hated Matthew.
In 8th grade you were dared to ask Matt out. Of course you liked him but this was just a dare so in a way you had an excuse if he said no.
Unfortunately though you had to do it during lunch while he was with a group of his friends. At first you were confident walking up to him, you could say you weren’t that bad looking but you felt like absolutely shit when you got done.
All his friends laughed at you as if you were a jerk and he said “I don’t date nerds. They’re too snotty for me” he said making everyone laugh around him. You could tell he didn’t actually mean it and that he was just trying to impress his friends, but you still thought it was a crappy move and you wanted nothing to do with him after that.

Now its your senior year and you have yet to speak a word to Matt.
But unfortunately he was in your math class and he sat right behind you as well.

"Late, again Ms. (Y/l/n) " your teacher said as you walked into class. You just rolled your eyes while everyone else’s eyes were on you. You looked up to see Matt smirking at you but you just glared at him before you sat down in your seat.
“Alright class we have…. “
*later on that evening*
“I can’t believe I’m wearing this” you said as you looked at your figure in the dress.
It was so short you knew that if you bent over you would be able to see your ass.
( click here to get visual on the dress : http://data.whicdn.com/images/2261988/tumblr_l0y9i97Cfi1qzvdj7o1_500_large.jpg?1274003651 )

"Come on you look hot in it!" Your friend said.
You shrugged, you did honestly look good. You just knew if your mom saw you in this shed murder you.

"Well I’m not wearing this to the game," you replied.
“Just do what I’m doing. I’m wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt over it” she said.
She had a good point. It was freezing outside.
You both wore your school’s colors and black sweat pants and headed out for the game.
*after the game*
One the game was over, your friend drove you to the after party, you were so nervous you could hardly even think properly.

"Alright we are here" your friend said as she parked her car at the big loud house.
“Damn” you said to yourself. The house was huge, and you could see people everywhere, some drunk already. You both quickly slid the sweatpants and sweat shirts off before climbing out of the car. Quickly making yourself inside.

"Hey baby girl glad you made it" one of the popular jocks said wrapping his arm around your friend. She looked at you grinning before walking away.
“What the fuck? ” you whined realizing you were all by yourself. You pushed your way through the crowd making your way into the kitchen before grabbing a few cups of whatever it was in them.
Yup. Definitely alcohol.

At first you just walked around trying to see if you people you knew.
You knew some but they just weren’t the set that you actually talked to. You sighed before walking up the stairs, trying to find a bed room with a bathroom. After a good awkward rooms of others making out or even more, you finally made it to a bedroom that was empty. All you could do was walk in, lock the door, and flop on the bed.
Once you got away from all the noise, you had just recently realized how bad your headache was.

"What are you doing in my room?" Someone said. You quickly sat up to see no other than Matthew Espinosa standing at the door of the bathroom, staring st you.

"I-im sorry I w-was just-"

"If you wanted to fuck me why didn’t you just ask?" He said with a smirk.

"Ugh" you said before standing up making your way to the door.
Right as you opened the door it slammed right back shut, matt’s hand placed on it.
“Wait, ” he said, a lot closer than you thought. You felt his hot breath on the back of your neck.
“You think you can just lay on my bed, your legs wide open, with this tight ass dress on and red laced thongs on and not expect to get punished for it? ” he said in your ear.
You honestly were getting turned on so you decided to be a tease.
“I thought I was too ‘snotty ’ for you?” You teased seductively.
“Baby the only thing you are right now is a fucking tease. “
You reached behind you grabbing his already forming bulge.
” I am?” You asked innocently. ” I would have never guessed” you said gripping it even tighter. He groaned in your ear before lifting you and tossing you onto the bed.
You watched as he unbuckled his belt buckled before towering over you, his lips plastered against yours. Your hand moved roughly through his hair as his hands roamed every inch of your body.
You were so turned on by now you couldn’t help but to grind your hips into his. You quickly flipped you both over, kissing down his law line.

"You wanted nothing to do with me when I asked you out, but Now that I don’t want you, you can’t keep your hands of me. "

“Your actions show differently” he said noting the fact you were still grinding on him. He quickly lifted you over him, setting you next him.
You felt his fingers slip under your dress. He started rubbing you vigorously, you moaning loudly.
“Come on baby, I see the way you look at me in class, you know you want me just as much as I want you” he moaned in your ear.
“Then fucking show me how much you want me” you said sternly, not being able to take all the little fore play that was going on.
In one quick move Matt had managed to move your dress up, slide your panties to the side, and pull his dick out before plunging hard into you.
“Fuck Matt!” You yelled, pain and pleasure hitting you all at once.
“Teasing girls need to be punished” he groaned in your ear as he thrust fast and hard into you.
“Punish me daddy” you moaned, tugging at his hair. He stopped moving, just looking down at you.
“What?” You said, looking at him confused.
“That’s the first time a girl has ever called me daddy” he said with a smirk.
“You looked like you’d prefer to be called daddy” you giggled, a smirk now forming on yours.
“Well I mean if you gonna say it you better fucking scream it” he said before plunging back into you.
You gripped tightly on to his back, feeling the back muscles under his shirt tense up.
“Oh yeah daddy just like that” you moaned loudly just like he told you.
” oh fucking.. God” he stuttered. You could feel his dick twitch inside you so you quickly pushed him off. “These should go, better advantages” you said before You quickly yanked his pants down while he took his shirt off. You quickly unzipped your dress and threw it over your head as he literally ripped your underwear off before you slid back down on his shaft, rocking your hips back and forth.
“Oh my god baby just like that” he said, his thumb digging in your hips. All you could do was throw your head back. You had never felt something so good. Every last thrust he hit your g-spot.
“I’m close Matt” you moaned, your hands placed firmly on his chest. You watched as he watched himself go in and out of you, his for head beamed with sweat.
“Wait baby girl, I’m going to make sure everyone knows who daddy is tonight” he said before pushing you off of him and bending you over. Your face was right in the pillow as Matt rammed into you from behind.
“Scream my name baby girl, ” he said pulling st your hair.
“Oh fuck yes Matt, ” you screamed. You both came at the same time, extremely out of breath.
“I can’t believe that just happened” Matt said, laying naked next to you. You sighed, sitting up before grabbing your dress, putting it back on.
“Where you going?” Matt asked as you slip the dress up your slim figure.
“Well you’re one of the most popular football players, I’m just a ‘snotty geek’. Obviously I was just a one night stand” you said, putting your shoes back on.
“Wait” he said grabbing your arm.
“Look (y/n) I get where you’d think that but in 8th grade I was a complete ass whole. But I’ve changed. I’ve realized my reputation shouldn’t natter because I’ll be done here in less than 5 months. But I want to spend more time with you. And not just fucking either. I want to really get to know you. ” he said pulling you down towards him. You giggled as you realized he was still naked and sweaty.
“Stay here with me” he whispered.
“But what about the party?” You questioned snuggling into their arms.
“I don’t care about them. My parents won’t be back until next week. Maybe you could stick around and we can clean up and then, date tomorrow?” He pleaded.
You kissed his lips,

"I’d love to, daddy."

(I’m so lazy, I didn’t go back to fix any grammar stuff cause I wrote this on my phone, but if anything is bothering you too much message me and I will become unlazy and fix it.