I LOVE tea, especially Wulongs, Pu Ers, and Japanese Green Teas. This Wulong, the Dong Ding (cooked with charcoal), is excellent. This is the description of the tea.
”From the famous mountain Ding Dong and cooked in the traditional way on charcoal, this tea has a nice mix of dark leaves. Its fragrance is rich and diverse and evokes the typical aromatic complexity of wulong, having notes that span toasted grains to flowers. Its liquor is full and soft, and the fruity finish (plum) is sweet and spicy.”

The Gaiwan (zhong), is the accessory (in white on the picture) used to prepare delicate teas such as wulongs, white teas and chinese green teas. 

For more information, visit , my favourite tea house in Montreal.


misadventured-piteous-overthrows said: Hey, did you say you were growing Camellia sinensis [Chinese Tea]? Could you post a picture? I just bought seeds and I’m curious what yours looks like.

It’s dark out (because it’s after 16:00, FML), so I can’t take a picture right now, but here are the pictures I took when they arrived in the mail, and when I planted and mulched over them.

I didn’t manage to get seeds to germinate the first time around, so I ended up buying two plants online. If you have any luck, let me know how and what you did!