The discovery that many Asian-American girls were vulnerable to being lured into the sex trade led to a change in how the medical and legal systems treated these girls.

An estimated 100,000 to 300,000 American-born children are sold for sex each year. The escalating numbers have prompted national initiatives by the F.B.I. and other law enforcement agencies, and new or pending legislation in more than a dozen states, most recently Georgia, which enacted a toughened human trafficking law this month.

The Oakland health clinic is confronting an underground within an underground — the demand for Asian-American girls, with Cambodian-Americans among the most vulnerable. Many immigrant Cambodian parents struggle with poverty compounded by the experience of genocide and its traumatic aftermath, depression. The emotional fallout is ricocheting through generations.

“Oakland is an open-air sex market for young children,” said Sharmin Bock, assistant in charge of special operations for the district attorney’s office in Alameda County, where Oakland is.

“Asian women are exoticized in our culture,” said Elizabeth Sy, the co-founder of a program for at-risk girls called Banteay Srei that grew out of Dr. Chang’s clinic. “Many Southeast Asian girls come from new refugee populations. Recruiters target these girls because they know they are struggling with issues of cultural identity.”

Girls from many Southeast Asian families chase “an Americanized idea of love,” Ms. Sy said, growing up in emotionally distant households in which, she said, “parents never ask ‘How was school today?’ or say ‘I love you.’ 

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Why Asia Needs To Be Redefined

#1 What is Asia?

According to White people, Asia is everything eastward of Europe. Thus making the Middle-East, Central Asia, Siberia, East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia all as “Asians”. And Pacific Islanders? They just get tagged along with them too.

#2 Why does it need to be redefined?

Because not all “Asians” are “Asians”. You have the Islamic, the Buddhist, Taoist-Confucian, the Hindu, the Christian, the French, Dutch, British, Russian, Spanish, American colonized Asians, you have the Tibeto-Burmese speaking people, the Sino, Khmer-Vietic-Mon, Tai-Kadai, Hmong-Mien, Altaic (Japanese/Korean & Mongol), malay-poly speaking people from different ethnicities. You have an entire Indo-Aryan and Dravadin, semetic, siberian, etc. etc. speaking people from different cultures, histories, influences and so on.

There are a huge diversity of “Asians”. There’s a difference in linguistics, ethnicity, culture, history and identity between all “Asians” from Indochina, Vietnam, Indian subcontinent, all the Pacific Islands, Korean Peninsula, Japan, Eastern China, Siberia, Southwest China, Tibet, Central Asia, Middle-East, and so on, from different backgrounds on so many levels. So why are we all grouped up as “Asians”?

Redefine Asia.

#3 Why is it a problem?

Because to have a Chinese/Indian guy to represent all of “Asians” (East Asian/South Asian) is upsetting. They have a totally different background, religion, language group and ethnicity. You can’t have a Chinese guy represent the Muslim Filipino, the Lao Buddhist, the Christian Korean. You can’t have an Indian guy represent a Buddhist Nepalese, a Islamic Bangladeshi, a Tibetan Monk, etc. etc.

We all speak different languages, have different religions, different cultures, come from a different ethnicity and different history.

Redefine Asians.

Cambodian telecom firm cooperates with Huawei to build 4G network

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PHNOM PENH — Cambodian telecommunications company EMAXX signed a … , Secretary of State at the Cambodian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications … communication and information network in Cambodia, consisting of the construction of … to enhance Cambodian telecom user experience and to enrich Cambodian people…


ALS ice bucket challenged accepted.

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Gillette’s ad featuring “Shave your Beard” by beloved classical Khmer singer Ros Sereysothea!