cambion3, you are the Mage of Space, a Derse Dreamer.

Nintendium Laptop
Made from pure Nintendium.
Recipe: Nintento + Laptop
Special: Your Nintendium Laptop has the Unbreakable quality. Let’s see your guardian break this one.

Nintendium Headset
Also made from pure Nintendium.
Recipe: Nintendium Laptop + Glasses
Special: This also has the Unbreakable quality, it should be perfect for those times you get ambushed and choke slammed.

chaoticconjurer asked:

Hi, the punny Mage guy here. I had a question; How would the aspect of Space negatively affect a Mage? I RP being claustrophobic, but that's about all I can think of.

after consulting with mod Helio, here’s a few ways things turn bad

  • really good at the logic behind frog breeding, but extremely unlucky with it
  • things that normally wouldn’t hit the Mage hit them
  • using space tends to backfire on them
  • any weaoons involving space (guns, bows, lengthy swords, etc..) tend to hurt them by accident due to poor luck
  • tripping and falling due to not recognizing how far away from something they are (or just hurting themself in general)

-Mod Natsu