Camila playing ping pong with Austin Mahone! 

5H boyfriends
  • Boyfriend everyone likes:Keeps their relationship between them, rarely mention 5h on social media, treats his girlfriend amazingly.
  • Boyfriend people used to like:Kept relationship fairly private, treated her right, only interacted with fans sometimes then…slut-shamed, made her cry over a m&g
  • Boyfriend people tolerate:Brings up 5h a lot, enjoys the fame a little too much, makes sure we know when he’s with Lauren, attempted a twitlonger.
  • Boyfriend no one likes:Only connected through family, retweets 100+ people saying they love him in less then an hour, tried to trend a ship name, slut-shamed, was homophobic.
  • Boyfriend who will never actually get the girl:Austin Mahone