I feel like being one of those people,

So, I had a lot of fun making my current icon for tumblr which is this:


It’s my own personalized Ham Ham sprite, with the template from a Hamtaro game.

If you’d like me to make you one of your own, with colours based on your blog or you or whatever, reblog this!

The end date will be January 4th.

Oh, and you don’t have to be following me, having your submit box open would be a good idea!

camadian-sularu said:

I also think Deanais one of those people where normal swear words get boring so they end up combining things and making interesting words like "go climb a wall of dicks" or something

(Your example. We like it) 

"Son of fuck nugget!" Deana growled as Samantha pulled the needle through her skin again, stitching her up after their most recent hunt. 

"What…?" Samantha said, raising a brow. 

"Son of a fuck…bucket? Or somethin’? I don’t know." 

"You say things and then forget them two seconds later." 

"In my defense, there’s a god damn whore cow needle in my arm!" 

"A whore cow….?" 

"Shut up, Sammy! I don’t think. I just talk." 

"Pretty sure you could’ve stopped after I don’t think…" 

"I swear to God! If you weren’t the one sewing my…Ahhh! Jesus Christ on a pogo stick!" 

"Now that one I’ve heard," Samantha said, standing up. "All done." 

Meet The Blogger
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Name: Veronica

Nicknames: Noir, Vero, Ronnie, Vee

Birthday: September 20th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: ??? 

Height: 5’7”

Current Time Zone: Pacific

Current Date: September 15th

Last thing I googled: “jesy mckinney model” WELP

My most used phrases: “Get out.” “You’re cute.” “You’re a dork/loser”

Favorite Beverage: Grape juice

First word that comes to mind: What. (GDI SELF)

Place that makes me happy & why: My sister’s house usually gets me in a good mood cus sister is pretty cool. :D

Number of blankets I sleep under: One. But I sleep on top of one too.

Last movie I saw in the Theater: Frozen. 

3 things I can’t live without: Phone, Laptop, Tablet. 

Something I plan on learning: Budgeting skills. :(

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camadian-leah replied to your post: OH YEAH HUG HER BITCH YOU’RE STUPID

All I see on my dash is all this, then porn, then this again so it makes me think you’re ranting about this, pausing briefly to say “If you really think that only women’s bodies can do that, you’re stupid.” the going back to ranting again ^_^

XD I’m watching Torchwood, actually. Just hit the climactic Ianto dying part in the series, so I was screaming at Jack and calling him stupid for not saying I love you too.

feels man

still crying