yeahokaybyecya asked:

do the rest of the questions 💖

i am awake and off mobile so here we go

Movie: 2001 space oddysey

TV Show: arthur

Song: mat zo- the sky

Animal: flaminog

Color: red? yellow?blue? green im gonna say green

Word: help

OTP: i really dont ship much??? fred/daphne or wii fit trainer/little mac i dont evem know

Candy: peach rings

Thing to Do: animal crossing

Quote: Sometimes, being OK is good enough.

Magazine: the one with me on the front idk any magazines

Holiday: holidays are evillllllll

Accent: i really dont like european accents

Number: 25

Clothing Store: factorie

Season: SUMMER but this summer was SHIT

Book: where is the green sheep

Actress: k i genuinely dont have one and cant think of one

Actor: ditto

Food: i guess peach rings, same as candy

Drink: sydney water is honestly the best tasting thing dunno what they put in it

Letter: the letter of the day is C

Cereal: the one with all the sugar

Fruit: apple?Band: like actual band? right now san cisco 

Sound: kermit the frog saying orange

Smell: tbh orange juice with pulp even smells better than without

Country: straya

Person from history: wario

Artist: monet?