As a calzona shipper, this episode pissed me off so much

So we have 2 couples that have problems in this episode. Merder and Japril.

Merder started off with Meredith threw the post-it in the bin and the whole episode was about meredith talking about what she’s feeling and in the end she called derek and they talked. 

As for Japril Jackson told April about the buddha baby and they argued but it’s a healthy argument. they were communicating telling each other how they feel. 

These things never happened to Calzona. All we got was the yelling the blah blah blah and the walking away. The writers always put Callie and Arizona on the opposite side of each other. If they wanna create drama so bad why can’t it be Callie and Arizona against the world. Their dramas and all the fighting were written poorly and sometimes out of characters but with other couples they handled them so good. 

greyswhore asked:

as a die-hard Calzona shipper i wholeheartedly agree with you. & ofc i ship the other couples too but i too have felt Calzona got the short-end of the stick when it came to their drama & how they handle it & i can only pray the writers fix that when they bring them back together. no more tossed aside fights & more "we are in this together & will come out of this together" fights.

You know what pissed me off the most? the writers+shonda, they are the one who decided to put Callie and Arizona through this poorly written crap they called “the journey” “the ride” the whatever and they said ohhh they are better off not being together now because it’s so toxic. Well WHO PUT THEM IN THAT STATE IN THE FIRST PLACE HELLO.

i’m so freaking mad right now because i saw how capable are they in writing good dramas and good arguments and fighting scenes. and i hope hope hope that they realized their mistakes and fix them as you said.

anonymous asked:

I think you read my mind lol I had the same exact thoughts going through my head while watching the episode of "WHY CAN'T CALZONA GET TREATED LIKE THIS?" No matter what Shonda says, they just aren't treated the same. Japril are getting the dream storyline I've always wanted for Calzona, drama they face together. And hey, glad to see MerDer's marriage and vows are respected!

none of which happened with calzona. lol. i don’t know whether i should laugh or cry. this is a joke

So Shonda tells us to be worried about MerDer but they are fine and work out their crap by the end of the episode. She tells us she has hope for Callie and Arizona, but it looks like they won’t really interact for a good chunk of the rest of this season… I’m so confused. Fucking lost, sad, and confused. Sometimes I really hate being a fangirl