Review: Grey’s Anatomy Mid-Season Finale - ‘Risk’

or the first time since season 5 they have lives entirely apart from one another, but they still find that one quiet moment to come together and simply soak in the familiar comfort of each other. While the music of the scene is overwrought the emotions at play are not. Callie, often given to big and loud feelings, is muted in her defeat, and Arizona, too often a stony-faced is instead there with a gentle smile and soft expressions of concern. (x)

Grey’s Anatomy After Show w/ Kelly McCreary Season 11 Episode 8 “Risk”

Kelly being funny/cute/awesome!!!
Kelly defending Meredith (to people who clearly dismissed everything Derek’s said and done)!!!
Kelly acknowledging the importance of Calzona and the breakup/how she thinks JCap and Sara took the news and A LOT of talk about Calzona in general.
Kelly intentionally and subtly but then accidentally not subtly dropping hints about what we’ll learn about Maggie next half!!!
Kelly reaffirming the adorable perkiness that is Sarah Drew!
There’s also Amelia/Arizona, Amelia/Maggie and Amelia/Owen talk [we already know which is canon so but it’s nice to see other people didn’t immediately ship Omelia and actually wanted Amelia with a woman]
Talk about ‘can Callie be happy?’ and how much better Arizona’s character has been since the break up.

And for true Grey’s nerds, there’s a nice gem from Kelly about how JCap likes her scrubs customized.

As a fan this was just refreshing to watch, these people interviewing are hardcore fans. I side-eyed a lot but mostly was going "YES!" for an hour.

I can’t help but find some parallels to this conversation and Arizona and Callie’s relationship (if you couldn’t tell, I’m really into reading between the lines).

What do you think Callie takes away from this? Does she feel like she gave up on Arizona too easily? She made Callie fully realize her sexuality.

I find the last line very compelling. What are we to you, trash? He’s broke, so you’re just gonna throw him away! Move on to the next one?… This is a very good point. They are broken right now, and she’s just gonna give up on them and move on? I don’t know. Very interesting!This goes along with her telling Arizona that she feels like she is doing everything wrong.

Also this line: Look, I know. I know how bad you feel. I do. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the possibility of walking yourself. It seems like she’s saying, she feels bad for leaving Arizona, but she shouldn’t give up the possibility of moving on because Arizona hasn’t yet (GOD I HOPE SHE DOESN’T MOVE ON). Hmm. What do you think?

And I like the next conversation with Callie and Owen where she brings up her concerns in code.


Rick: So, what happens now?

Callie: Well, listen, take some time and, uh, we’ll get you up as soon as you’re ready.

Rick: I’ll be ready when Jordan’s awake. He’s going first. How long til he can walk?

Callie: We’re not sure when he’ll wake up. It could be days, months.

Rick: I’m just not gonna give up on him.

Callie: Oh, that’s if we’re lucky. Look, I know. I know how bad you feel. I do. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the possibility of walking yourself. I’m sure that Jordan would want you to.

Rick: Yeah? You know what he wants? See, he is my best friend.

Callie: Oh, no, no, no, I didn’t—I didn’t mean it like that.

Rick: See, when I got shipped home to rehab, I was ready to give up. I wanted to quit every day. But Jordan, he had this—this stupid plastic football that he used to throw at me every time I complained. At my face, hard. And every day, I got a little bit better just so I could throw it back at him. He saved my life. He’s gonna wake up. And when he does he’s not gonna see that I—that I stole what’s his. What he earned.

Callie: I’m so sorry, we just, we don’t know how—

Rick: What are we to you, huh? What are we, trash? He’s broke, so you’re just gonna throw him away! Move on to the next one? Screw that. He’s gonna wake up.


This song choice for the Calzona scene tonight gave me too many feels