The Signs as Ways to Burn 100 Calories

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Aries - Play laser tag for 13 minutes.

Taurus - Type for 30 minutes.

Gemini - Walk the dog for 17 minutes

Cancer - Read a book for 38 minutes.

Leo - Go shopping for 20 minutes.

Virgo - Go hiking for 11 minutes.

Libra - Skateboard for 10 minutes.

Scorpio - Dance for 10 minutes.

Sagittarius - Play soccer for 7 minutes.

Capricorn - Do homework for 27 minutes

Aquarius - Write for 25 minutes.

Pisces - Jump on a trampoline for 13 minutes.

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I know that eating healthy is always the best choice, but I wanted to know if I can still lose weight while eating unhealthy foods some days as long as I still stay under my caloric goal.

Is a calorie a calorie a calorie?

Hypothetically, could I lose weight eating just cookies and pizza?

Please let me know your thoughts!

The Truth About Fat, Sugar, Calories

 There’s been a series of programmes here in the UK called The Truth About… and each episode is about different topics like fat, sugar etc. I watched the Sugar one and boy was it an eye opener. I never expected to have sugar in so many of the things we eat that SHOULD NOT have sugar in it. 

I’m not sure if people outside the UK can access the BBC Iplayer but if you can then definitely worth watching. Especially the sugar and calories episode. The links are: 

Sugar Episode

Fat Episode 

Calories Episode