I got really bored and decided to play around with my Stylish Theme. In response to said boredom I have made the Bubblr Theme Into the Doom Aspect Theme to match my homestuck aspect, which is the witch of doom.

However I did not make this on my own, I had a little help from an already existing theme on stylish and from a tumblr user who made these really awesome aspect themed backgrounds. (which I will credit and link the real theme and the owner of said pixel backgrounds to because Seriously I couldn’t have done it without said theme or said pixel backgrounds and they deserve more attention than my dinky little edit lol.) 

Original Dashboard Theme: Bubblr Theme
Creator: Calorescence

Pixel Background Creator: Cairovercoat

Click on this to go to Pixel Backgrounds

So please, go to those links and give them the right about of likes/reblogs/love they deserve!

Also please don’t ask me how to share this because seriously it took me forever just to get it to even look like that and I really do not know how to share it lol. I highly doubt I could figured out since I have the technical skills of a hamster. Sorry folks :/

bravearmin replied to your post: bravearmin replied to your post: Marco…

oh that’s really interesting! can you link me to where he says that?

http://calorescence.tumblr.com/post/60174319464/q-a-with-isayama-as-tweeted-from-the-recent (ctrl+f if you want to find part about Marco)


I can’t find the one interview I have in mind when he said how he creates snk and what is already decided on and what not. He basically said that he has written somewhere when he’s going to disclose another important information, but everything else isn’t really decided yet.